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Ideas for a birthday party (table of 6) for this Sat night (Canoe is closed, Auberge du Pommier is booked)


Best bouche de Noel?

Nadege has a few. You can view them on their website. I have never had one but enjoy their croissants and cakes

Venue recommendations for an office Christmas party in downtown core for 50-75 people

I recently held a 50th birthday at Luce on King (on king west just two lights west of Bathurst). It is a very nice venue and everyone had an awesome time. The owners were very accommodating in terms of food/appetizer platters. We had rice balls, deli platters on the bar and staff walked around with trays.. It is also a cash bar! 50 or so guests came.

ISO Vegan or Gluten Free place in TO I saw on a video...

My guess is you saw the "You Gotta Eat Here" HOGTOWN VEGAN episode. It is on youtube.
They also have a restaurant in Kensington Market called HOT BEANS that does Vegan burritos, tacos, nachos etc.

Alimento on King street west - Delicious and nice service!

Oh and as for the prices - very comparable to the other italian restos in Toronto. A large pizza (oval - 6 decent slices) salad and 2 drinks came to about $45.

Alimento on King street west - Delicious and nice service!

The answer is yes to all of your questions.
It is a store with a restaurant attached. The restaurant area is a decent size and looks like it could accomodate that many people. They serve liquor - and actually have a good selection of italian beers/cocktails. Location is king/brant. There is a Lot across the street (paid parking), street parking, and I'm sure other areas you could find a spot close by.

Alimento on King street west - Delicious and nice service!

We were thinking the same thing the whole time, which is exactly why I posted this. With the quality of food and great service this place should be packed!

Alimento on King street west - Delicious and nice service!

Just wanted to compliment both the food and service at Alimento.
Ate brunch there today. The green salad was dressed to perfection with apples/beets/goatcheese. I was expecting a boring plate but it was so perfect!
Also, the pizza was comparable to the best i've had in the city. Service is top notch and the free samples in the store are generous.
We had a free lamb skewer, lamb sausauge, espresso and italian ice.
The roast porchetta from the deli section of their store as well as in house olive oil and cheeses have all been delicious too.
This place brings me straight back to Florence and Rome.
I really hope it does well :) I will be a regular for sure!

UNWIND CAFE - kensington market/toronto western hospital area

Thanks for sharing that blogto post. The author had the same sentiment I did :-)

bored with clam dip--football season, need inspiration PLEASE

What about the infamous spinach dip?
I am surprised no one has mentioned it.
Knorr dry vegetable soup mix is what I use as the base, I'm sure many variations exist if you search it

Sep 22, 2011
pancake in Home Cooking

UNWIND CAFE - kensington market/toronto western hospital area

Felt compeled to come on here and support this small cafe on the outskirt of the market.
I have eaten there a few times, and love the vibe of the place.
Staff are nice and relaxed, and the food and beverages are delicious.
I am in LOVE with the espresso based drinks they serve (amazing latte).
The sandwiches are fresh, simple, and just hit the spot. All are heated on a panini press.
You can add a side salad (had the beet salad - another delicious choice. It was mixed with citrus and goat cheese). Other salads I saw were potato, bean and pasta.
Seems like they do a daily soup and a daily muffin, along with a few other small baked goods as well.
Also an extensive catering menu - apparently they are willing to deliver :)
A great addition to the neighbourhood. I hope to see them succeed!

Vegas Wedding - need advice, local input

I'm wondering if a buffet will corner off a section for you? The bellagio has an amazing amazing buffet and it's reasonably priced. Might not be the intimate gathering you are hoping for but the price is right and the food (good!) and plenty.

Jun 13, 2011
pancake in Las Vegas

Your favourite Farmer's Markets and vendors?

St. Lawrence, Saturday early morning, the north market. My faves- the corn sold at the entranceway, and honey from the honey man (located on your left hand side when you enter the north market from the front street entranceway.

Chobani Greek Yoghurt

Summerhill Market definately has it. I see it there all the time. The single serving cups are 2.99 each.

Summerhill Market
446 Summerhill Ave, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

Recs for meal to end Passover? Need for really good bread.

Another great sandiwch based meal place = negroni.
Just look it up on here - pretty much every chowhound loves the place.
The bread there is pretty delicious!

Meatloaf style gyros - where can I get these in the GTA?

Really? I will have to check this out as soon as I can! Thanks

Meatloaf style gyros - where can I get these in the GTA?

I guess I have to browse around the Danfourth. So far I've had no luck except when it was The Taste of the Danfourth.
Is King Soulvaki still open? I looked online and could not find a listing for it.
Thanks for the help!

Meatloaf style gyros - where can I get these in the GTA?

I'm craving meatloaf style gyros and cannot find a place in Toronto that seems to serve them.
Thanks in advance!

Vegan pizza that delivers to yonge and eglinton - late at night

Try magic oven. Not sure how late they are open but awesome menu for vegans


Where is Bunners located?

Open Window Bakery closing?

Wow! Is this really true for all locations?
A married couple ran the one in my old neighbourhood since from when I can remember. This would be so sad for them!
Not to mention, they did alot of things really well! The chocolate cake was so delicious, and those gingerbreads irresistable.
The whole mom and pop feel of the place will be missed :(

Paratha Roti or "Buss-Up-Shut" in downtown Toronto

So your best bet is to call ahead at Ali's or Carribean Roti Palace.

Roti Palace
1845 Finch Ave W, Toronto, ON M3N2V2, CA

Paratha Roti or "Buss-Up-Shut" in downtown Toronto

Interesting! My SO is Trinidadian and his family calls it "buss up shot" as does a cookbook we have.

Paratha Roti or "Buss-Up-Shut" in downtown Toronto

It is called "bust up shot". It is Trinidadian and it is delicious!
You can get it at Carribean Roti Palace on Bathurst. The KEY is you have to order it a day in advance. Most places do not make it on the fly.

Terroni's for a First Date?

Terroni pizza is delicious. I find the adelaide location quite cool and the vibe upbeat. I guess it depends what kind of date you want this to be. Sometimes a cooler, more relaxed and loud atmosphere is what girls like (tends to put less pressure on the date itself - doesn't reem too serious too soon either).

On another note, equally tasty and more cozy and romantic is Cafe Nervosa in Yorkville. Definately more intimate and will allow conversation to flow. For Yorkville the prices are very affordable and the food delicious. Service here is definately better and more flexible then terroni (oh how I wish Terroni would serve diet coke)

Cafe Nervosa
75 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R1B8, CA

Jamaican oxtail recipe

Looking for an authentic jamaican oxtail recipe. Any help would be much appreciated!

Jan 04, 2011
pancake in Home Cooking

ISO Authentic Italian Bread

La Rose is worth a visit. They do a nice Ciabatta that sounds similar to what you are describing but I'm not sure they have exactly what you are seeking.

ISO Authentic Italian Bread

La Rose Bakery in Etobicoke also offers a variety of fresh baked breads everyday.

Where can I buy the best fresh salsa in Toronto?

Agree with RotaryMobile. This was the first thing that came to my mind as well. Not sure if they sell it in containers though?

scones in Toronto

Cobb's bakery sells awesome raspberry and white chocolate scones! So tasty, almost abit too indulgent for breakfast though :) More like a sweet treat. They have other flavours too - cinnamon, etc.