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Good Restaurants in Vienna, Virginia

I concur with your recommendation on sub's at the Italian Gourmet Deli...they are very good.

You post reminded me of a place near the deli and pie shop...anybody been to Nizam's recently? Older posts seem to be very positive. I have yet to check it out. Worth it?

Foodie Faves in Alexandria, VA?

The Majestic is our go-to place in Old town if Eve is booked. Both places have style and serve excellent drinks.

Good Restaurants in Vienna, Virginia

Church St Pizza is definitely open. 115 Church St. (left end of the building)

I am glad you mentioned La Malaguena. I have always wanted to try it out (but been a little intimidated since I have no clue about Salvadoran food). What are some of the best items to order? I assume they do take out...

Good Restaurants in Vienna, Virginia

I have been a Vienna resident for the past 5 years. Here I what I consider the best of old town vienna (not including Tyson's).

Shushi Yoshi - special rolls are unique (rice paper wrapped!) and fresh
Sakana - does the basics very well

Thai (we have so many choices here):
Natta Thai - Tiny place, so carry-out is my usual
Born - The duck won me over
Tara Thai - Consistent good (not as great as it used to be)

Plaka Grill - The only place I have been in the US to have authentic greek "fast food" (gyros, souvlaki)

I have yet to find a good place...

Bazin's - The closest to an upscale place you will find in Vienna

Nielsen's - Roast beef and avocado...nice

Chipotle - I am a sucker for their chicken

Rose Restaurant - We have switched from Shamshiri to here

Chuch Street - Just like the pies I grew up with in upstate NY