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Pimiento Cheese Spread

This is the best & easiest PC recipe I've tried. A few suggestions: double it; I like it with Kerrygold Reserve Cheddar (from Ireland); use a good quality mustard; hand-grate the cheddar (with a traditional box grater rather than processor for better texture; then just stir it all together with a spoon). I also add a little bourbon (1 tbs per above recipe, 2 if you double it). I also add a little garlic powder and cumin and cut back on the Tabasco (my wife likes it less spicy). Or, just follow the recipe as is. It's really good.

Mar 31, 2012
rickopp in Recipes

A La Provence in Tallahassee, an early opinion

I too was there opening night. Though there was no advance publicity (other than owner Bill Bertoncin alerting Albert's regulars via a sparce web site), the place was packed. Though there's no way they could have expected the huge crowd, the kitchen & wait staff kept pace and did a phenomenal job. A layed beet salad was the bomb, as was a seafood fricasse. Great food, reasonable prices, warm & inviting. We'll be regulars.

May 16, 2009
rickopp in Florida