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South China Restaurant on Mt. Pleasant Ave. in Toronto. Have you tried their take-out?

I've been ordering from South China for years now. If you want "old school" North American Chinese food then this is the place. It's not fancy but they do not use MSG and they're very accommodating when it comes to food allergies. Now, I enjoy the occasional nouveau Chinese cuisine but when you have a craving for egg foo young with gravy on top or a crunchy egg roll or a nicely constructed beef "ho-fun" then this is the place to go to. They're open till 1am on M-Sat so this is great for those late night cravings. Oh yes- nothing beats their wonton soup when you have a cold!

Uncle Betty's?

We've been curious about this place for a while since we live in the neighborhood. Finally got a chance to try it out and all I can say is "where is the love?". Now, I'm not asking for a Michelin 5 star experience- just some good home style food in the 'hood. We felt rushed (and I'm not the kind of person that sits there for an hour after the meal has finished). It wasn't that late and there were still people milling around chatting. The only good thing I have to say about the place was the mashed potatoes were pretty good- the real deal -not some instant facsimile. Other than that this place needs some tweaking if it wants to be a neighborhood fixture.

Authentic southern BBQ spots in TO?

Buster Rhino's has just opened a location in the Distillery District - I found that out when they were at the recent food truck festival. Worth a visit.

Distillery District
55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

Buster Rhino's
2001 Thickson Rd S, Whitby, ON L1N, CA

Chinese Beef & Lamb House restaurant (Scarborough) - my review (w/ photos)

I'm excited to give this place a try. In case anyone's interested, here's their website:
The menu offerings look interesting.

Their second new location is at: 101 Ravel Road, Scarborough (416-498-9800
)Btw, there's also a 10% off coupon that you can get via that's only good for dinner and valid thru Jan 31, 2011 (cash only).

Porchetta + Co

I went there tonight with my sister and we both ordered the porchetta sandwich "straight up" and was good. Very good. The pork was tender, the crackling crunchy and the bun was warm (the splash of olive oil added an extra lusciousness to the sandwich). Yeah, I'd definitely go again.

Caplansky's - New Menu!

I tried the fried chicken the other night and they have a lot of hiccups to work out. For $14 all I got was 2 drumsticks and a small thigh. The batter on the fried chicken was greasy and it didn't stick to the chicken. The meal was supposed to come with a choice of fries or mashed potatoes and a side seasonal vegetable. I chose the fries. To be honest, the handful of fries were very good -made from fresh cut potatoes. The seasonal veggie side dish turned out to be a bowl of very garlicky and sour raw cabbage mixed with raw onions and some slivers of carrot for color I suppose. Now, I like vinegary coleslaw but couldn't eat more than a few mouthfuls. The chicken meal did come with a side tablespoon's worth of real maple syrup to drizzle but I came for fried chicken- not the accouterments.
It was disappointing.

T&T Waterfront Night Market

We also went Friday night. The venue was smaller than the one in Markham but I guess since it's the first time in a new space hopefully the next one will be better. The lineups were very long and the food choices were... well... ok. The roti at Kashmiri BBQ was cold and not what we expected. A store-bought pita stuffed with small pieces of chicken and lettuce wasn't worth the $5. Susur Lee's Cheeseburger Spring roll was good- for $5 you get a crunchy spring roll stuffed with a ground meat and cheese mixture wrapped in Boston lettuce - all served in a paper cone. Gotta try it once! What was good value was the green coconut drink for $2. An actual young coconut that is opened in front of you. So juicy and refreshing! The rest of the choices was pretty standard- curry fish balls, stinky stinky tofu.. I guess that since Loblaw's bought T&T they had to be there handing out their "President's choice chicken skewers. Nice view of the city at night by the water as you munch your way through the choices.

601 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA

Quick takeout lunch at Yonge-Bloor

There are 2 good places to eat on Charles Street - the Okonomi house whose specialty are these savory and generously-sized japanese pancakes. You can choose either the vegetarian, chicken, squid and I think bacon. The pancakes come in their own individual pan and they're smothered in a teriyaki-like sauce and a dollop of mayonaise. If you're daring, you can order seaweed and/or bonito flakes to sprinkle on top while the pancake is still hot. The atmosphere is circa 1970's but you're going for the food. The other place I reccommend is another Japanese restaurant 2 doors down called "sushi club". This place also does decent and inexpensive Japanese food. My favorite is the "Katsu Don" which is a bowl of rice topped with a breaded pork cutlet. This is smothered with sweet caramelized onions and an egg all combined together with a light sweet soya-based sauce. It's perfect when the rice is pipping hot and the cutlet crunchy while the onion and egg is meltingly soft. I call it my "comfort in a bowl".