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Best pumpkin bread?

Today at 11 AM the Virginia Bakery had no pumpkin bread and didn't seem to know they had ever had it. Maybe I got the wrong clerk -- only one was behind the counter. At any rate, better call first.

Black beans at El Pollo Loco

Yes, sugar, barbecue sauce, some sort of smoke flavor, beans, and maybe a bit of ham? The online Pollo Loco menu said at the time that they were NOT vegetarian. Those beans were on my top ten list of food favorites. I've tried to replicate
them at home with no luck.

Oct 23, 2006
mmontgo in Chains

Black beans at El Pollo Loco

Those beans were wonderful! At my location in
Northern California, when I asked a year ago why
they were gone and if they would come back, I was
told that the supplier in New Orleans had been
put out of business by Katrina, and that the
beans would NOT be coming back. Pollo Loco should get the recipe and have some other place make them, darn it!

Oct 21, 2006
mmontgo in Chains

Where to find Southern sweet tea - Maggies & Chick-fil-A

Can you tell me where in El Cerrito Maggies is, please? I can't find it in the phone book or

Re sweet tea: when I lived in the South, those
(Yankees)who couldn't step up to sweet tea often
asked for "half and half." Many restaurants had two pitchers going, sweet and non-sweet, and would
make up a glass with half of each in it.