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You Haven't Had Oakland's Best Cheesecake Yet (Or Have You?)

His flavored cheesecakes are so delicious. My favorite he sells at the Aloha Festival, a coconut and macadamia variety.

Dec 02, 2013
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Ideas for adventurous 13 YO that won't break the bank

I think the best celebrity restaurant is Bobby Flay's place at Ceasars. The food is wonderful and inventive not "dumbed down" like so many celebrity places are in Vegas.

May 28, 2013
Moon Cake in Las Vegas

Top Chef Masters: "What Would Brian Boitano Eat" (8/8/12) [***SPOILERS***]

The thing that irritated me about the fried rice is the fact that it is an American imitation of an Asian dish. It is not Asian at all and I got the feeling she thought she was putting her spin on a Japanese dish. Talk about a lack of food knowledge.

Aug 09, 2012
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Top Chef Masters: "What Would Brian Boitano Eat" (8/8/12) [***SPOILERS***]

It seemed so condescending towards Chris and then he actually kissed him. I think Chris is a more inventive and skilled chef, so Art being condescending made me gag.

Aug 09, 2012
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Top Chef Masters: "What Would Brian Boitano Eat" (8/8/12) [***SPOILERS***]

I still hate Art. He seems so one dimensional. Shrimp & grits? I especially gaged when Art said, "I've kissed some ugly babies." and later we see him kissing Chris' head. When Art won, which I still can't believe, I was hoping Art's cheerleader would go home.

On the other hand, the quick fire dishes were really inspiring.

Aug 08, 2012
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Top Chef Masters Season 4 July 25th

You're my new hero.

Jul 31, 2012
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An Iron Chef's Showcase

Dominique Crenn was hardly an Iron Chef and you cannot call her performance on the show a triumph. She cooked weird food and was eliminated early.

Feb 17, 2011
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Point Richmond. At last … German food at The Baltic!

What a waste of $40!

The food was bland, the portions small and the service slow.

I had the grilled, smoked pork chop and it had a really strange smokey flavor. The spaetzel with it was so bland as was the red cabbage. My husband had the venison and it also lacked flavor. Both pieces of meat were small. I find catahoula coffee very weak, even Starbucks is better.

The worst part is that I only went there because of the rave reviews here. It makes me think twice about trusting chow hound.

Oct 26, 2010
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Sushiya Concord -- Lunch All You Can Eat Sushi

I was in Concord for Fry's and I wanted sushi so I gave it a try. It is true that I ate a lot of sushi for $15 but it was far from great. It was barely good.

For the nigiri, the fish was fresh but the rice was so over seasoned it was falling apart and the taste overwhelmed the more delicate fish. I know S U said the rice isn't "giant belly filling lumps" but that is not true for the maki rolls. They are rolled with waaaay too much rice.

Then there's the service. One guy cranking out all the sushi and two waiters just standing around waiting (and waiting) for this guy to finish a tray to bring to a table. There were only two other tables there besides ours and it still took a looooong time to get an order. I can't imagine what they do when there's five or six tables. They are definitely counting on people getting tired of waiting rather than eating their fill of sushi.

If you want all-you-can-eat sushi try Edoko on University in Berkeley or Hana Sushi on Van Ness in San Francisco. They're both worth the drive.

Dec 03, 2009
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