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Best cupcakes in T.O.?

I went to Prairie Girl at King and Victoria this week and the cupcakes were delicious. We tried six of the minis and I want to go back and try the rest. We had red velvet, coconut, banana cake with peanut butter frosting, chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, lemon, and vanilla cake with strawberry frosting. There's a lot of frosting pm the cakes and they are pretty sweet but the minis make a wonderful treat. I think they have 12 regular varieties and then a special flavour. I will definitely return.

Options near Bloor & Kipling?

Taste of Thailand on Dundas across from Kipling Station has great thai food. I second Paul and Sandy's Real BBQ.

Yonge and Eglinton restaurant for date

I really like the gnocchi in gorgonzola sauce. I normally despise gorgonzola with a passion but is it very light in this sauce. My partner likes the sicilian kiss pasta, and we've had the Fuoco pizza before which was good. Honestly I've never had a dish from there that I didn't like. We also typically split the antipasto plate or the calamari to start. Hope that helps.

Quiet place Midtown/Uptown with a good Wine List?

Il Sogno on Yonge north of Davisville has pretty good Italian food. It is quite a small restaurant but there is free corkage on Tuesday and Thursdays so you wouldn't need to worry about their wine list not being adequate enough. There's also a huge LCBO on the walk up from Davisville.

Il Sogno
1993 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 1Z8, CA

Yonge and Eglinton restaurant for date

We enjoy going to Il Sogno on Yonge north of Davisville. Simple italian, cozy atmosphere and free corkage on wine Tuesday's and Thursday's.

Il Sogno
1993 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 1Z8, CA

Union Restaurant

We were there last night too and had an amazing meal as well. There were 4 of us and we were seated at the chef's bar at the foot of the kitchen. We also started with the elk sliders which were amazing, and then we had the charcuterie platter, which was also excellent. I am not a big mustard fan but the 'triple crunch' mustard and dijon on the platter were spectacular. For our mains, two of us had the sausage pasta of the day, one had the fish and the other had a chicken supreme. I thought my pasta was spectacular and thought everything in the dish was perfectly seasoned and worked well together. I had a bite of the fish which I found to be a bit too fishy for my taste and a little boring. Unfortunately I didn't try the chicken but was told it was wonderful. For dessert we had a sample plate of the desserts that day: chocolate brownie/cake, carrot cake, bread pudding and apple crisp. They were all pretty good but nothing spectacular. We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals but I do agree it is quite loud. We were not even in the thick of it since we were by the kitchen but I could appreciate the noice level since the tables are so close together.

special dinner...cant decide.

The SO and I went to Splendido at the beginning of December for our anniversary and we absolutely loved it. Our service was excellent and when we mentioned to the server that it was our anniversary, he casually introduced himself to get our names and then came back with a personalized card from the chef, server and owner wishing us a happy anniversary. Obviously a pre-signed fill in the blank card but the extra touch was appreciated.

On to the food as it is the most important. I had the rabbit pappardelle as an appetizer and it was honestly one of the best dishes I had all year. It was so flavourful without fbeing too rich. The SO had the special pappardelle with butter and shaved truffles to start. We both had fish for the main, him skate and me bass and they were both great, but the appetizers were the stars.

We split the sticky toffee pudding for dessert which was excellent. They also were showcasing Tawse wines which we had by the glass and were excellent. Not sure if that showcase is still on.

Overall it was an excellent experience and I would recommend Splendido to anyone (and have been) for a special occassion.

Chef for all Seasons? Deal through teambuy today(Nov 26). $75 for chef at home for 2 people

Thanks for the tip. I just bought one of these as a gift for my dad.

Good food in Caledon

I definitely agree with this place. I've only been for lunch in the cellar but all of the food was fresh and excellent.


We ordered North Face pizza to bring back to our hotel room and we thought it was great. We had lasagna which was average but humungous, as well as an 8 inch pizza wtih chicken, spinach, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes and green peppers. The crust was reminscent of Pizza Hut (in a good way) without being overly greasy and it had a really great sauce. I would definitely go back there.

Jasper, Banff, Yoho

We were in Jasper last night and dined at La Fiesta and loved it. It is definitely not a fancy restaurant but the staff are young and extremely friendly. I had the mahi mahi on the recommendation of the bartender and it was excellent. They also serve the best mojito that I've ever had. I'm not sure if they take reservations but I would recommend going around 7 because they were turning away people around 8.

good eats in Etobicoke

I went to Green Mango once and absolutely hated it. We've been going to Taste of Thailand on Dundas for a while now and it is the best thai I've had in Toronto.

Best store-bought BBQ sauce?

I totally agree. Bullseye sauce is surprisingly really good for being a pretty generic brand. It is not sweet at all and has some nice smokiness to it.

casual family style restaurant near Old Mill Inn for rehersal dinner

You can try the Oregano Grill at Dundas and Burnhamthorpe. It's small enough so you'd almost have the entire place to yourself.

sushi recos in etobicoke

I would not claim to be a sushi connoisseur by any means, but we always go to Momiji at Bloor and Royal York. It's a very nice venue and the few rolls that we always get are really good with fresh ingredients and well made rice. I've never been to Zen or Kumai so I cannot comment on the comparison between them and Momiji.

Jump Cafe?

I don't know about the "can't miss" but I would miss the mushroom soup appetizer. Pretty blah.

ISO a great Mac and Cheese

The mac and cheese at the Drake is great, but not sure if it is what you're looking for. Definitely going for more trendy than homestyle, but cheesy and tasty none the less.

Did anyone go to summerlicious 2009?

I went to Jump today for lunch since it is by my office and Canoe and Bymark were booked. I had the thai beef salad and the snapper. Both were good but not great. The taramisu was meh. I couldn't taste any marscapone as it seemed like it was all whipped cream, and I think they soaked the cake in grand marnier because I could taste some orange flavouring that was not appealing. For $20 it was average but I expected a bit more. My companions had the mushroom soup, which I've had before and did not recommend to them. They should have listened as none of them were overwhelmed. They also all had the ravioli as a main, which was good, but again not great. The chocolate torte was excellent, super rich, and the panna cotta was definitely better than the taramisu.

Can we revisit the PATH?

I ate at Tamarind Kitchen today for lunch after reading about it on here. I had the butter chicken and some type of peas and mushroom curry. The butter chicken was very nice and the peas and mushroom were ok. I should have gotten the lentils instead. It comes with a tiny little salad which was completely bland and tons of rice. My food was not very hot but I would go back.

Best of Bloor West/High Park?

I personally really like Dr. Generosity for brunch. The Yellow Griffin is good for a huge and interesting burger, but definitely a bit of a dive inside and it can take forever to get a burger when it is busy. Momiji in the Kingsway Village is my fave sushi place. It's not exactly BW but it is just a bit further west on Bloor. I also really like Henry VIII Ale House which is also in the Kingsway Village.

Currently good sushi restaurants. ?

I second Momiji. I am definitely not a sushi connoisseur but I absolutely love this place. Although it is not downtown it is still accessible from the TTC.

etobicoke grocery/restaurant suggestions

We just started going to Medium Rare and it is wonderful. We had some turkey sausages wtih sundried tomatoes that were excellent. The casing wasn't too tough which is what normally turns me off sausages. They are also gluten free for those celiacs out there. We typically get his New York striploin and it is amazing. Each one is about 16oz but he can cut to your liking. We get one between the two of us and it is more than enough.

Globe Bistro - May 2009

My SO and I went to Globe Bistro on a Friday night as I had heard good things based on feedback from the Board. All in all we were very impressed and would definitely go back...after we were served that is.
We sat down and were served bread, but 15 min went by before our waiter appeared to take our drink order. We were about 2 min away from leaving so it's a good thing he finally showed up when he did. Other than that mishap, the rest of the evening was excellent.
My SO started with the Crispy Seared Creemore Rainbow Trout - Black potato pierogi, pickled Savoy cabbage, sour cream foam (12) and I had the Chèvre & Beluga Lentil Salad - Poppyseed crusted chèvre croquette, romaine heart, white truffle vinaigrette, blood orange, pine nuts (12). My salad was excellent and very generous on the portions, as well as a beautiful presentation. I would definitely order this again. I had a bite of the SOs trout and it was good, but a little mild on the flavours. Round one to me. We each had a 3oz glass of the wine pairing.
For mains I had the Cericola Chicken Coq au Vin - Tawse braised leg, chive boudin blanc, Northern Woods mushrooms, lovage pomme purée (25) and the SO had the Atlantic Cod - Fingerling scallion hash, braised rapini, saffron red peppers, bagna cauda sauce (25). I enjoyed my coq au vin and would order it again. Also a very generous portion. I had a bite of the SOs cod and I wasn't a fan. The fish was cooked nicely but we are both not rapini fans so that may have thrown us off. Round two to me. We also had the wine pairings with our mains but the 6oz this time. Both wine pairings worked well with the meals.
For dessert we shared the Maple Crème Brulée - Cumbrae’s smoked bacon doughnut, bacon brittle. We were both pretty full at this time but this seemed too good to pass up...and boy am I glad we got it. We are both craving bacon doughnuts now. Truthfully the doughnuts were a bit undercooked so a little doughy in the middle but with a strong bacon taste that worked quite well. The bacon brittle was perfection. Exactly like dipping a perfectly crisp piece of bacon in maple syrup. The creme brulee was quite tasty but a little sweet. Also a huge portion and we couldn't finish it all.
I was very pleased with our meal...other than the opening mishap. Our meal was $170 inc. tax and tip, and that includes our two spirits at the beginning not mentioned above. The venue was beautiful and I would definitely return...especially for that dessert.

good eats in Etobicoke

My family has been going to the Oregano Grill at Burnhamthorpe and Dundas for over 10 years. Great mediterannean food and the owners are amazing people.