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Sally's Fish Camp in Hartford


I also just confirmed. It has been sold.

Sally's Fish Camp in Hartford

Not that I've heard of. Seems to still be open. There are always rumours of their demise. The owner / management are really great people. It's a shame it hasn't taken off. As much as people are inconsistent with their views on this place, I've had a couple of enjoyable meals. I DO miss the old Capitol Fish House from 10 years ago.

Best Hotdogs in Conn.

I triple that!!!!!!

Apr 18, 2008
rrdrums in Southern New England

Another Hartford Restaurant Closing

I hear Coaches in Downtown Hartford is next - or at least changing to a different place.

Any deep dish pizza near Hartford?

Vito's on the Park at Bushnell Park in Downtown Hartford. Most authentic. Also, though not a true deep dish, try Lena's in Hartford on Park for a Stuffed Pizza.

sorrento franklin ave hartford

Bobby moved it to Rocky Hill. Same staff and singer. A few additional menu items.

Mama Roux's in Cromwell CT is closing

Kim has Re-emerged!!! She is working for the new Bistro 942 on Main Street in Hartford. Used to be the Euro Cafe. Great owners. This is right around the corner from Rosco's Big Dog's new location.

Feb 04, 2008
rrdrums in Southern New England

Restaurants Closing

Macaroni Grill in W.H.'s lease was not renewed, nor any other tenents there. There is going to be a huge re-development in Bishops Corner, including Stop & Shop and rumors are a Target. The owners are not renewing leases. Chains constantly come and go, so don't pity them. Most of the chain food is pre-made and bagged. Macaroni Grill is not in that mold, but your Ruby Tuesday's, etc... do. I agree that small businesses MUST be supported. Too many good restaurants are finding it harder to compete and don't have the financial backing of your big wigs.

Emperor at the Linden, Hartford - Anyone been?

Yes, after the Basketball player. And that building was previously co-owned by Mike Tyson. Prior to that, it was Spencer's. That was a really "happening" place.

Lunch and Dinner in West Hartford

East West Grille on New Park Ave, across from Home Depot. My absolute favorite!

Christmas in Hartford?

BTW, I heard Cheng Du sold to a new owner.

Christmas in Hartford?

Asian in Hartford would be Feng or Koji. Both great. The best Asian is in West Hartford. I'd call to see if they are open and to make reservations. East West Grill (1st choice), Cheng Du, Butterfly, Szechuan Tokyo, China Pan are all pretty good. I doubt anything else is open, but some may open as part of a special fundraiser (Cavy's in Manchester used to). The day after (the 26th), you are a good walk from the best hot dogs in the city!

Chuck's Steak House, Farmington, Ct.

Closed. I heard owner just walked in at night and said that was it...

Cool Dogs??

Invented by an Ice cream shop owner out in Cape Cod, MA. It is a spongecake like product resembling a bun, and a round roll of Vanilla Ice Cream (same shape as a hot dog). Condiments are equivalent of Sundae toppings, such as chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles, etc...

Jun 30, 2007
rrdrums in General Topics

Sally's Fish Camp in Hartford

Just ate there Saturday night (first time). I thought it was above average. The appetizers and drinks were great (we had several, including the crab and artichoke dip). The meals were 50/50. The fried platter was huge and enjoyable, the lobster roll boring and the stuffed lobster average. The desserts, including their apple crisp, were amazing. Some things were good / some not exciting, but overall pleasant. My big problem was that they were out of every special for the evening (at 7:00PM) and the cheesecake dessert. The staff and management were very friendly. We'd go back.

Best Hotdogs in Conn.

The place in Canton is Juniors. I was never impressed, nor with Doogies. I liked the Original Ranch House in Hartford on the Windsor line, though the place now scares me. I was a huge Rosco's fan. They're opening this summer in downtown Hartford after closing their other location. That's my favorite and I miss them. I also like the Glenwood in Hamden and Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield.

May 24, 2007
rrdrums in Southern New England

Woody's hot dogs on Pratt Street in Hartford, CT

I think Bogner, but can't confirm.

Thai Room - W Hartford - visit summary


I believe I wrote a very similar review when they opened (or meant to write). It was a few months prior to the opening of Hot Basil. While everyone was raving about Hot Basil (which I found average to slightly above average, but great decor and service), I thought Thai Room had the best food and especially the Tom Yum (I agree the best). The best Tom Yum I ever had was the old Spice Market in Simsbury which closed several years ago. I digress...

I agree the service was all over the place and the decor was vanilla. I DID try take out. It wasn't as good as in person (though take out usually never is) and my wife found metal in her pad thai (edge shavings from the aluminum tray). I still go maybe once every four months, but if I'm in that area, I still frequent East-West Grille.