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On a Nostalgia Trip

Yes, that's the name--on Newbury up near Arlington Street. I can see the neon sideqwalk sign now.

Thanks for pulling that one up from the deep recesses!

Dec 19, 2013
jayjaymom in Greater Boston Area

On a Nostalgia Trip

Yes the jelly rolls and sweet salad at the Arlington Tea Room, with its single-spaced mimeographed menu! And T. Anthony's. And since we're doing this, how about the 3 bottle for 5 dollars at the liquor store on the corner in Brookline--student sophistication!

Dec 19, 2013
jayjaymom in Greater Boston Area

On a Nostalgia Trip

These look like great recommendations, thanks! Clearly, Kenmore Square has changed since I was at BU in the late 70s.

Dec 18, 2013
jayjaymom in Greater Boston Area

On a Nostalgia Trip

We'll be visiting Boston for the first time in years and I'm afraid it will be too painful to go back to Durgin Park, now that I've see the word Bordelaise on the menu.

So, there's Legal on the waterfront, maybe the Oak Room for a drink. Any other ideas for new Boston character and good food?

Dec 18, 2013
jayjaymom in Greater Boston Area

Friuli bottled water

I'd like to get some of this, and I'm wondering if anyone has seen it for sale in DC or online--save me some internet surfing or real world driving time,


New bakery opening in Cabin John Dec. 2013

Yes, those are the two I'm thinking of. I think the croissant at Tout Sweet are excellent and the baguettes at Fresh Baguette are pretty good--their croissant--not so much. Still, delighted that they are both here.

New bakery opening in Cabin John Dec. 2013

fabulous news, thanks for the heads up. There seems to be a surge in Bethesda bakeries--new patisserie in the Woodmont Triangle opposite Veteran's Park and new boulangerie on Bethesda Ave opposite Euro Motocars.

I think the patisserie has better croissants, but they are both worth visiting. And don't forget the St. Michel croissants at the Farm Woman's Market!

Breakfast at Momofuku's Ma Peche

I hear you--thanks!

Jul 23, 2013
jayjaymom in Manhattan

Breakfast at Momofuku's Ma Peche

Anyone know what the menu is? The website shows lunch, dinner, but not breakfast and I'm wondering if it's standard hotel stuff or something more interesting.

Jul 22, 2013
jayjaymom in Manhattan

achiote oil and aji panca

Thanks for the leads. I'm making peruvian chupe de camarrones--wish me luck!

achiote oil and aji panca

Any ideas where I can find these ingredients in the DC area? Maybe the Spanish aisles of the Korean grocery stores?

Visiting Miami for afternoon with 11 year old need advice.

What about Abuela's in the old David's spot? Walkable from the beach and steps off Lincoln Road

Restaurant Michael Schwartz

We went for a birthday and it was pretty perfect. Great space under the trees near the pool, interesting bar drinks and really good food.

I'm interested in going back for the $50 family meal special on Monday nights.

Peruvian groceries in Miami-Dade

Does anyone know where to get Peruvian groceries--particularly mirasol peppers?

coral gables restaurant "week"

Does anyone have any recommendations?

In town this weekend for Blogher

thanks for the Stubbs recommendations; it's part of the program--so low hanging fruit. I'll add Easy Tiger and Parkside to the list.

Jun 05, 2013
jayjaymom in Austin

In town this weekend for Blogher

Thanks for the tips, I'l add them all to the list--but, what is/are CFS?

Jun 05, 2013
jayjaymom in Austin

In town this weekend for Blogher

So there will be plenty of eats including food truck excursions, Franklin and Stubbs. But I'll have time on Sunday. I'm thinking Olivia, Umami Mia at Barton Springs, Curras Grill?

Anything else--within walking distance of the conventions center?


Jun 04, 2013
jayjaymom in Austin

Best Miami Tasting Menu Option

we did the tasting menu at the Pubbelly Italian restaurant--Macchialina and could barely finish it. Every dish was good, some were great and it was very generous.

Crete in May

check out Nikki Rose, who is very into local food:

Also, I was in crete 7 years ago and remember the market in Chania to be very nice--a handsome building, with varied local products, used by locals and visitors. Includes stalls and a restaurant.

Good luck!

Mar 11, 2013
jayjaymom in Europe

Where to eat in Vienna?

Thanks so much for this excellent report. I'll be in Vienna in a few weeks and will certainly use your comments!

Mar 08, 2013
jayjaymom in Europe

Pete Wells Kneecaps Guy Fieri. Is This a New Era for Food Reviews?

Times Square is for tourists and so is Fieri's restaurant. This review is for New Yorkers. He's really taking down all the lazy diners who don't realize how much real food there is out there.

Nov 15, 2012
jayjaymom in Features

What recipe is your Unicorn?

What a great question! I've been trying to make pumkin cookies that are flat and chewy, not cakey. I'm after the same texture as the classic Brer Rabbit molasses drop cookies that are rolled in sugar. Any ideas?

Nov 09, 2012
jayjaymom in Home Cooking

This Book Is Cool: Patience Gray's "Honey from a Weed"

This is a cool book. Thanks for inspiring me to pull it off the shelf and take a second look! Gray also has a lesser known first book, Plats du Jour, which was also ahead of the curve in advocating simple but sophisticated meals. Check it our here:

Aug 23, 2012
jayjaymom in Features

High tea in London, with a catch

check out Jean Cazals new book Tea Time. He photographs and describes traditional and new choices for tea in London--fantastic. And your husband will have no problem with the choices.

Aug 17, 2012
jayjaymom in U.K./Ireland

Below-the-Radar Local and Small Regional Chains That Are Worth Knowing About

In the Washington, D.C. metro area we have Moby Dick kebab houses. (The unsuitable name comes from that fact that the owner took ver a fish place and then stuck with the name.) They have great lamb, beef, and chicken kebabs, served with rice, fresh bread from a tandoor style oven, and home doog (a yogurt drink). They also have home cooking-style lunch specials during the week. Very generous, fresh, and reasonably priced.

Aug 17, 2012
jayjaymom in Chains

Persian/Iranian food, Washington DC

If you don't want to travel out to Vienna, the Moby Dick chain throughout dc, va, and md has pretty creditable kabobs and lunch specials. The bread is fresh from the oven and you can ask for tahdig. They also have homemade doog yogurt drink (as for that too)

Diner's Drive-In's and Dive's Type Stuff Near The Strip?

What does everyone think about the Peppermill? It's on the strip and kind of classic. I remember the breakfast there being great--generous coffe shop style.

Jul 20, 2012
jayjaymom in Las Vegas

David's on Lincoln Road is Closing!

Let the lamentations begin...

Yardbird Midnight Chef's Table--another report

As promised, here's a report from last night's dinner.

We started with Venison and Cherry Sausage served with a Tomato Mustard Jam. The sausage is made locally and served at Blue Collar; British style--made with breadcrumbs--and really good depth of flavor.

Then a muffaletta served with passed jars of olive salad from the Central Grocery in New Orleans--right from the source. This muffaletta included some pork pate.

Duck Tongues--oh yes--stewed and rich tasting vaguely Spanish. It's like eating marrow--really rich--with a bit of cartilage in it. I could only eat three--not because they were gross, but because they were rich.

Shrimp toast was kind of scampi on ciabatta. Incredibly sweet shrimp.

The last appetizer was serious genius. The flat part of the wing was boned and stuffed with a bacon-shrimp mousse and served with the house hot sauce, the white hearts of celery and Roaring 40s (?) blue cheese. Really good. The sauce had my lips burning in the most pleasant way.

The "entree" was a fried duck leg and thigh confit served with cherry gastrique and parsnip puree. Those ducks had to go somewhere. It was good, the cherry gastrique made it--a tart foil to the fat ducks and a clever take on a classic recipe.

To finish--ok, take a breath--lychee panna cotta, pinappel semifreddo, passion fruit gelee, a local fruit salad of mango splashed in rum, served with a long branch of coconut palmier.

Ok--make your reservations!