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Meat Crafters

Anyone tried the cured sausages from the Montgomery County company Meat Crafters? If so what do you recommend? I see they are partnered with Simply Sausages which I've found very good.

Vienna - Wachau Valley on a Sunday

In the Wachau on Sunday I would heartily suggest Florianihof. The food is great, there is a small outdoor patio and the wine list is among the nest on the river.

I would avoid Krems for food, most is bad or overpriced especially Und.

Otherwise, I could also recommend Loibnerhof owner by relatives of the wonderful Weingut Knoll next door. I prefer their fall and winter menus, but the outdoor dining setting is pleasant and the wine list superb.

Jun 10, 2012
Trip Klaus in Europe

Visiting Austria. Any tips on wine tasting?

If you have the opportunity you should stop in the Wachau area about 45 minutes outside of Vienna. If you have the time stay at the Landhaus Bacher in Mautern and visit some of the estates. However, unlike the new world most of the top estates do not have open tasting rooms. You must call or e-mail ahead for an appointment. While, the winemakers are happy to present their wines, because they can be quite costly and production is limited they do not simply have large tasting rooms open to groups of visitors. A couple who is visiting the area and is interested in wine should be welcome most places. Some places where tasting is easier and open are Jamek, which has a restaurant with all the wines available by the glass and the Domane Wachau cooperative in Durnstein which is large enough to have a shop and tasting room.

In the nearby region of Kamptal, there is the wine museum in Langenlois, which has tastings and is also home to one of Austria's top wine producers Willi Brundlmeyer who has a tavern in town where the wines are available to taste by the glss at reasonable prices. Also in Kamptal is the Schloss Gobelsburger estate which can be visited by appointment.

Jun 21, 2011
Trip Klaus in Europe

Visiting Austria. Any tips on wine tasting?

Where are you visiting?

Jun 17, 2011
Trip Klaus in Europe

Mondsee, Austria in June. Any dining recommendations?

Thanks for the info, been to Taubenkobel (and am returning) and saw Gut Purbach on the TV. Just looking for something I haven't had.

Jun 02, 2011
Trip Klaus in Europe

Mondsee, Austria in June. Any dining recommendations?

Sturmi, any recommendations for Rust and the Burgenland area?

May 31, 2011
Trip Klaus in Europe


Haven't been to Burgenland in a few years. Where do I need to visit? I will be staying in Rust.

May 17, 2011
Trip Klaus in Europe

Burgos for roast lamb

This all depends upon your purpose. If you want to visit Burgos for other reasons than just a meal I suggest Meson del Cid over Ojeda. As a former resident of Burgos I always found Ojeda to be uncomfortably hot, their wine ill kept and their service poor. Also, if you are alone it is possible to have a menu at Meson del Cid with Castillian garlic soup, morcilla, 1/4 lamb and Burgos cheese. Beside it is across from the wonderful cathedral so request a window seat. If you are staying in Burgos overnight I would suggest visiting the two great tapas bars on Calle San Lorenzo, Pancho and Meson los Hereros. I would not suggest a stop at Landa as its is overpriced and poor (after maybe 20 meals there).

On the other hand if you are not tied to Burgos for other reasons I would suggest you take the N122 and stop in either Roa (Nazareno) or Penafiel (Mauro) for your lamb.

I also support the Tinin sggestion in Segovia province.

Mar 26, 2011
Trip Klaus in Spain/Portugal

XO Taste

Noticed today a sign in Germantown MD for an XO Taste waiting to open. Is this attached to the one discussed here?

Best place to stay in Penedes in terms of eating and drinking

It would be better if you could spend a night in both but, if you only have one night I would probably stop in Priorat. I would go to Penedes in the morning stop at Albet i Noya and maybe another cava house, then find lunch (using others suggestions) then go to Falset or Gratallops. Try to get an appointmenty with Alvaro Palacios or Sara Perez and then have dinner at Irreducibles with all the great wines of Sara, her husban and brother. Then walk to my hotel Cal Llop.

Feb 06, 2011
Trip Klaus in Spain/Portugal

beer and kids in Prague & Germany

When you arrive in Cologne you will find three top Kolsch pubs: Fruh am Dom, Sion, and Peters Brauhaus.

Children are ok in any, however, Peter's my favorite does not have a garden, nor as much seating as the other two, so it would be best to reserve a table, which can de done at their web site. As the name says Fruh is just across from the Dom and should have available space and Sion is only a couple of blocks away. All are worth a visit to get an idea of Kolsch.


Feb 06, 2011
Trip Klaus in Europe

Best place to stay in Penedes in terms of eating and drinking

Jake, sorry all my visits to Penedes were day trips so I can't suggest any restaurants or bars, but here is a web site with suggestions.

I have been to the Torres winery which was a bit commercial for me but better than their downtown Villafranca location which is like a Hollywood backlot with blocks and blocks of airplane hangar sized industrial complexes.

My favorite winery in Villafranca is Alemany y Corrio. Great wine but not much to see as it's an old car mechanics garage. Better choices for a visit are Pares Balta just outside of Villafranca and Albet i Noya in Sant Pau D' Ordal.

Jan 26, 2011
Trip Klaus in Spain/Portugal

Galician wine bars in Madrid and/or Barcelona

On my last visit I found Orixe in Madrid at 17 Cava Baja to have a nice selection of Galician wines by the glass and bottle. At the time they had Rafael Palacios's 2nd wine from Valdeorras by the glass and his As Sortes by bottle.

Jan 24, 2011
Trip Klaus in Spain/Portugal

Places to eat and sleep between Barcelona and Madrid

Jake,I would go back and see the comments on this board about visiting Priorat if you haven't already been. Then I would hed to Baja Aragon and visit the Venta D'Aubert winery in Valderrobres and either stay and eat at the simple, modern and clean Hotel Salt in Valderrobres or the Relais and Chateaux- La Torre de Visco nearby between Valderrobres and Fuentespalda.

Try to visit Venta D'Aubert when the German winemaker Stefan Dorst is there, it's well worth it.

There are plenty of great restautrants if you choose to hug the coast and go through Tarragona, but I prefer to go through Priorat, then Terra Alta toward Teruel and then on toward Madrid.

Jan 19, 2011
Trip Klaus in Spain/Portugal

Islington (London) Gastro/ Real Ale Pubs

Thank you for all the help. I am alone and plan to move from one to another. As for the match, I am a neutral PL fan, so just going for the experience.

Just a note of thanks to The Draper's Arms for tweeting this thread.

Jan 07, 2011
Trip Klaus in U.K./Ireland

Islington (London) Gastro/ Real Ale Pubs

After the Man U/ Tottenham match and a stop at the Hope and Anchor for nostalgia's sake. Staying in Islington for a night on the 15th and looking to visit local gastro and real ale pubs for small plates and either good real ale or wine. Thoughts on:The Compass, Charles Lamb, Angelic and Draper's Arms. Any other suggestions appreciated.

Jan 06, 2011
Trip Klaus in U.K./Ireland

asador near madrid

While Nazareno in Roa remains my favorite Asador (and Mauro in Penafiel my second) I wholeheartedly agree with the El Yantar recommendation in Pedraza. As Erica says the location is brillant and the lamb is among the best in the country.

Dec 07, 2010
Trip Klaus in Spain/Portugal

El Ermitano - Benavente (Zamora)

Depsite just losing it's star, I've heard very good things about this restaurant along the A6 on the way to Galicia. Anyone been?

Dec 07, 2010
Trip Klaus in Spain/Portugal

German wine suggestions for Berlin visit

In the most generic terms sadly you will find that Berlin is like most of Germany and has little regard for it's great wines.In almost all cases stay away from glass (offen) wines or schoppen wines which in most cases are the worst of the worst. As you prefer dry wines you need to keep an eye out for "Trocken" wines especially the Grosse Gewachs, G.C. or Erste Lagen which will be the best single vineyard wines the country has to offer.

Specifically, I would suggest visiting Weinbar Rutz which does have excellent rotating glass wines. From their bottle list I would suggest:

Pfalz Region -Riesling grape

A. Christmann: Idig 07
Burkin-Wolf: Pechstein 05

Franken Region-Silvaner grape

Wirsching: Iphofer Julius Echterberg 08
Max Muller: Sommeracher Katzenkopf alte reben spatlese trocken 08

Baden Region -Spatburgunder grape
Salwey:Eichburg 07

Reinstoff does not have an online wine list, and I have not visited but they have a good reputation so I think you could trust their recommendation.

Some of my favorites to look for: the Spatburgunders from Frederich Becker in the Pfalz and Rudolf Furst in Franken. The trocken Rieslings from Keller in Rhinehessen and Rebholz in Pfalz.

Renger Patzch- Weisburgunder Spatlese Schneider in Baden

Majellchen- typically terrible list but the rose Spatburgunder from Leitz in Rheingau is the best on their list.

For your holiday sekt I would look for the "pi-no" Brut Sekt from Rebholz in Pfalz.


Nov 11, 2010
Trip Klaus in Wine

December in Munich and Nuremberg

Weisse Brauhaus is on Tal Strasse just off the Marienplatz and a short walk from the Sendlinger Tor, and I agree is the best place to enjoy weisswurst and Schneider's excellent wheat beers.

I agree with everything above about Andechs am Dom, I have spent 10 of the last 12 Christmas holidays parked on a bench under the heaters or inside when available enjoying their regional and seasonal menu with the excellent dopplebock (my personal favorite German beer). To sit inside is very difficult without a reservation especially upstairs. The basement is a little too close for me.

If you must visit the Platzl area near the Hofbrau, I would suggest the Ayinger restaurant across the courtyard over Hofbrau. Much better food and beer from the Aying brewery just outside of Munich. (If you look around you'll see I have often recommended that people visit the village of Aying about 30 minutes away on the S bahn, where the food and beer can be enjoyed for less in a great environment at Liebhard's with a local village Christmas market all in one)

Also near Sendlinger Tor is the Altes Hackerhaus, which offers a great goose special at holiday time accompanied by the beers of Hacker one of the Munich originals.

If you want a formal holiday lunch in a two star I highly rcommend the restaurant at Alois Dallmayr again just off Marienplatz.

For a formal dinner I actually prefer Koenigshof to both Tantris and Schubecks.

Nov 07, 2010
Trip Klaus in Europe

Dinner near public transport from BWI?

Try the traditional chinese menu at Grace Garden in Odenton a few miles south off the BW parkway on Rt 175 for what many in the area consider the best Chinese in the Baltimore/Washington corridor.
Probably a cheap cab ride.

Grace Garden
1690 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD

Unique/ Signature Dishes in DC

Recently I came across the TV show Unique Eats which was featuring the pasta dishes of Mark Verti of Veti's in Philadelphia who recently won a James Beard award and I believe (based on two phenomenal meals) would earn two Michelin stars if the guide covered Philly.

It got me thinking about DC. Do we have any truly unique or signature dishes?

Two that came to mind were Michel Richard's 72 hour sous vide ribs, but these were created before sous vide became all the rage, and Jose Andres' foie gras cotton candy. But again this has been around for a while and has been exported to LA among other places.

Is it Komi's goat dish?

Is its something Cathal Armstrong is doing at Eve or RJ Cooper was doing before he left Vidalia?

I have been to Volt many times and cannot think of a signature dish.

I don't mean something like Ben's chili dog. Likewise, while we have among the most or best Ethiopian restaurants in the country we can only compare whose Doro Wat or Berbere is better. We have great versions of Parisian or Belgian cafes, steakhouses and pizza parlors but none are doing something truly unique.

Often we have one off novelties like the mac and cheese sticks at Churchkey, or the wonderful homemade products of people like Red Apron or Copper Pot.

But, what are our unique or signature dishes here?

1509 17th St NW Ste 1, Washington, DC 20036

1990 M Street, Washington, DC 20036

Christmas in Vienna

Last year I ate at Zum Weissen Rachfangkeher around Christmas, but I'm not sure of the date. I'm surprised I don't see the restaurant recommended here. Wonderful meal and best wine card in Vienna.

Oct 20, 2010
Trip Klaus in Europe

Munich: cheap and delicious?

My favorite local dishes at wonderful restaurants with great value:

Kasespatzle and fresh green salad with a Mass of Augustiner Edelstoff from the wooden casks at Augustinger Braustuben on Landesberger Strasse near the Hackerbrucke U/S Bahn stop. Much cheaper (12EUR for all) than near the Marienplatz or Dom and better environment.

Riesenschnitz'l (an 18" version) with frites and salad plus a stone krug of Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel at Liebhards in Aying a beautiful village only a 30 min train ride from the city center. All for 16EUR. You can have two more beers and not match the price of the Riesen only and 1/2 the size offered at the Ayinger Am Platz across from the Hofbrauhaus downtown.

Oct 19, 2010
Trip Klaus in Europe

Weekend in Baltimore

Although reservations may be difficult at this late date, I would suggest:

Wine Market: Pork Belly Reuben and Lobster Bowl with great inexpensive wine program.
Jack's Bistro: Crispy Sous Vide Pork Belly and other interesting food combinations.
Brewer's Art: Pork Belly app, Great full menu and locally made Belgian-style beer
Salt Tavern: Pork Cheeks no Belly

Brewer's Art
1106 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Jack's Bistro
3123 Elliott St, Baltimore, MD 21224

Wine Market
921 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21230

Best Peruvian in DC/MD

Sadly, it's true. However, I've heard that the same family opened Carbon the rotisserie chicken place also in Rockville Center. I haven't been yet. I will miss La Flor.

Three dinners in Baltimore - looking for casual spot with good food. Maybe a great NY style pizza?

Bin 604 owned by the same people as Cinghale ahs a very good selection and is very close to the hotel in Harbor East.

Be careful with a group at Iggie's, they have a bad reputation for their strict rules about who can sit where.

Mexican next to Pho Dat Trahn - Columbia?

I believe you mean Azul 17. If so, I seem to be in the minority about it. I don't like it. It's menu is more upscale in concept than places like El Azteca or La Palapa. Perhaps more akin to Diablita or Miguels in Baltimore, and not inexpensive.

I'm not a fan of paying for midling chips and salsa. I don't like that at lunch they don't offer things like the al pastor taco, because "the taco maker comes in at 4". Well who makes the other tacos that are available. I still prefer the tacos at R&R at the Shell Station. The chicken soup I found bland like something from a can. I have only tried one of the dinner entrees which I can't even remember. Frieds have both liked and hated their cebiches so I don't know what that means. So for me I don't have a single dish I can recommend. I'm not saying it was horrible, just expensive for the quality and too bland for me.

For a tequila lover the place is great with dozens to choose from and fresh lime and agave nectar for mixers instead of that premade junk. It becomes too loud and nightclubby for me later in the evening, but some people like that.

La Palapa
8037 Main St, Ellicott City, MD

El Azteca
12210 Clarksville Pike, Clarksville, MD 21029

One night in Baltimore - Cinghiale Osteria, Bluegrass Tavern, Jack's Bistro, Pazo or Woodberry Kitchen?

One person's lively is another person's noisy. The Enoteca can get quite noisy but not in a night club way. The tables in the enoteca are close and the walls, celings and booths are flat surfaced so noisy. On the other hand on weeknights the Osteria can be empty or almost empty. To call the Osteria seperate though is a misnomer. It consists of two rooms on either side of the Enoteca which are more enclosed but not truly seperate. Some like the softer seating and tablecloths, but it isn't really a seperate restaurant. I love enjoying weeknights (especially the Tuesday special) in the Enoteca but on a Friday or Saturday to book in the Osetria.

One night in Baltimore - Cinghiale Osteria, Bluegrass Tavern, Jack's Bistro, Pazo or Woodberry Kitchen?

The only advantage to the Enoteca is that bottles of wine are half-price on Tuesdays. The menus are the same in both.