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Port tasting in Oporto, Portugal

Could you give me a list of the micro port producers that you think are worth checking out? We will be in Porto in September.
Rick Tomb

Jul 26, 2013
DrT in Spain/Portugal


We will be in Montreal for my wife's birthday and our anniversary from 24 May through 28 May. This is our first trip, and were thinking of Toque, APDC, or la Porte. Any thoughts?

But we would also like to try a place which has a new, adventurous chef. La Salle de Manger seems to be getting mixed reviews now. Does anybody have recommendations about Cafe Sardine? Any other places? We eat about anything, and love offal but also well prepared vegetables.

Mar 31, 2013
DrT in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

One Night in Las Vegas

We will be in Las Vegas for one night in august before heading to the Zion NP area, and would like to try a place that is off the beaten path, that will not break the bank. So far, Raku, Table 34 and Rosemary's(?closed) sound best.
Any recommendations? And any places in Utah that people have enjoyed?

Table 34
600 E Warm Springs Rd Ste 180, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Jul 14, 2011
DrT in Las Vegas

Hungarian in Punta Gorda

We stopped today and gotthe cannoli's. They were excellent, filled on the spot with sweatened riccotta, crisp and as good as we've had in Italy. We will try the Hungarian before we leave this week.

Mar 14, 2011
DrT in Florida

Going to Vieques

I'll be going to Vieques next week for the first time, and would like to know if anybody has had experience with El Patio or the Shack. We are a group of 6, and for the first night want something casual and laid back, but with good food. Also, any recommendations about where to buy wine and what are the best rums in PR?

Jan 05, 2009
DrT in Latin America & Caribbean

Need recs for Boulder & Estes Park CO

Just got back from Estes Park. The food there is on the whole bad. The only place we've found that we like is Dunraven Inn. Sure ist's red sauce Italian, but Dale has worked hard on it, and its rich and full of complex flavor. He also brings in pristine fish, including sushi grade tuna. So after a day of hiking in the thin air, go, order a martini (they make good ones), have an appetizer of sashimi, then a pasta. You'll want the carbs. And they have a small but good wine list, with well thought out choices.

Sep 12, 2008
DrT in Southwest

Chowhound In Boulder, CO Needs Help

We just got back from Boulder and Estes Park, and have been going to Boulder for 10 years, since our son started at CU (he did graduate and works there now). We were able to go to Frasca, and despite some friends' experience, it remains an outstanding restaurant. Our only criticisms are that they need to pay more attention to portion size. In Italy, a person can eat a 5 course meal and be able to walk becuse each course is small! I also hope that when the staff goes to Italy again, they try real gelato. The stuff they call gelato is ice cream, good but not as intensely flavored. We also tried the Gold Hill Inn, an interesting but very uneven place. Great soup and rabbit, but a cheese course served after the desert and straight out of the supermarket.

But the place that truely blew us away gets little mention here. The Greenbriar Inn is at least as good as Frasca. The food is creative, delicious and fun. The chef loves veggies, and they grow most of their own. My wife had a vegtable Wellington with a purified cauliflower sauce that was so good that I almost licked the plate. The filet with gorgonzola had a veg Napoleon and truffled potatoes, making for layers of complexity nearing a Todd English level. And the wine list is amazing. We had a 1996 Barolo for $110, and the list is long, deep and full of such bargains. Why the foodies and winos of Boulder don't rave about this pace is beyond me.

Sep 12, 2008
DrT in Southwest

Pittsburgh Restuarants

i am also going to the burgh at the end of October, and want to take my parents out for a fancy meal for their 60th anniversery.
I know the low end, amazingly the same from my college days. But can you commnet more on the high end places?

Sep 27, 2006
DrT in Pennsylvania

Gelato in Sicily

I am going to be in Sicily next week (the Southeast for the most part) and would like to know if anybody has found gelato that truely blew them away.

Aug 29, 2006
DrT in Italy