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Desperate for Dinner - Etobicoke

Hi all,
I need a restaurant for an early dinner (4ish?) on Monday. It is the day of an important celebration and the first dinner my family will spend with my partner's. I'm looking for a mid-priced restaurant ($15 mains) in Etobicoke, that a bunch of people dressed up wouldn't feel out of place in. This may be a tall! Bonus if there is a gluten-free option for his mother.

Christmas Party Cancelled - Need new plans for downtown Toronto Friday night

I should have been more specific - $30 for the meal, excluding tax, tip or adult beverages.

Christmas Party Cancelled - Need new plans for downtown Toronto Friday night

My partner's work Christmas party has been cancelled for Friday night (in no small part to Rob Ford, but I digress) and we need new plans. Small group of 4-6 of us are looking for a nice place to go to dinner downtown Friday night. I'm a bit of a foodie so I'm trying to veto the suggestion of going to Fran's and go somewhere a bit more exciting. Budgets are limited - I'd say $30 a person and I'm really unsure where to go with that kind of budget. Ideas?

Windsor-style pizza in Toronto?

I'm another former Windsorite who now lives in Brantford. It's not T.O but if you ever happen in to Brantford there's a small place called Pizza Spot, on Colbourne Street (close to the 403) and it is pretty close to Windsor style pizza.

Even better though, I have heard that you can get Armando's pizza frozen to take back if you ask at the pizza shop!

A Graduation Situation - Hamilton

Thanks for all the help so far! Any other suggestions would be great!

A Graduation Situation - Hamilton

I need your advice. I am graduating on June 15th in Hamilton and my family is coming up from Windsor for the day. We need a place to celebrate later that evening. The parameters are:

- Around the Hamilton/Brantford area (have GPS, will travel)
- No thai, chinese, sushi etc (My parents aren't overly adventurous eaters)
- Not very expensive (around $12-15 entrees)
- Semi-formal so we don't feel out of place all dressed up
- Not a seafood place (I'm horribly allergic :( )
- Must be open on a Monday

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!