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here are the specs though:
needs to be open 11 or later
In the Valley
Quiet and Semi Romantic
Trying not to exceed $100 for the both of us (I can bend a little here)
She loves steak.

Thanks a bunch everyone!

Nov 07, 2006
leemike337 in Los Angeles Area

Embracing Burbank

My favorite Restarunt in Burbank is Cafe Colombia on Glenoaks. Great Ajiaco (soup that eats like a meal) also a breaded pork dish thats delicious. Baked goods like empanada, pandebonos, and bunelos. I go there every weekend. For Lunch I love the Corner Cottage, great tacos, chicken bowl, even burgers.

Sep 27, 2006
leemike337 in Los Angeles Area

Need some help for Valley Lunch

Thought I would bump with addition, Some place close to Burbank because thats where the movie is playing.

Sep 22, 2006
leemike337 in Los Angeles Area

Need some help for Valley Lunch

I want to take my wife somewhere new and not to expensive for Lunch this Sat. in the Valley. Somewhere between 405 and the 5 south of 118. Probably going to do a lunch and movie type of deal. She can be picky, I was thinking Italian, Steakhouse, or really good Chinese. Here's the catch, No more than $50 for the two of us. Thanks guys.

Sep 19, 2006
leemike337 in Los Angeles Area

taco joints

It seems whenever I feel I need to leave a comment it is about the Corner Cottage in Burbank. While they are mostly known for the amazing Breakfast Burrito, I must say I have never had a better chicken taco in my life. It is a little twist on the traditional style. 2 corn tortillas with 1 slice of cheese in the middle and grilled. Then Comes chicken, onion, tomato, cilantro, and the best salsa around all on top. Only downside people might see is you have two choices Chicken or Beef. At the east corner of Victory and Verdugo in Burbank.

Sep 06, 2006
leemike337 in Los Angeles Area

Alfredo Fettucini in Los Angeles or surrounding counties

Try Tonys Bella Vista on Magnolia in Burbank, I always get a Totellini with Alfredo, Prosciutto, and Peas. Its a delicious sauce and they serve the same over fettucini. Best of luck.

Sep 04, 2006
leemike337 in Los Angeles Area

Best Breakfast in LA?

Corner Cottage in Burbank, best breakfast burritos around. Simple, Eggs/meat/cheese/hashbrowns/salsa. Delicious and cheap. Usually there is a line later in the morning and they only serve till 11am. If you get there after 10 or on a Saturday there is always a line. Corner of Verdugo and Victory.

Aug 28, 2006
leemike337 in Los Angeles Area