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Whitby - fish & chips

I tried quayside earlier today. I found it good-not-great. I'm comparing to my regular, masters superfish in London. Batter here was just slightly oily for me, and batter to fish ratio a bit too high, especially for the £10 price, which is more than I pay in London. Chips were well cooked, but I prefer the fluffiness I get from masters. Still a reasonable attempt though.

Btw, when I looked at their "chip shop of the year 2014" sticker in the window, it seemed to be the award for the innovative marketing category, rather than good cooking?! :)

Jun 16, 2015
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Whitby - fish & chips

Thanks! We are staying 20mins drive from Pickering, so hopefully we can pop in and try it.

Jun 07, 2015
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Whitby - fish & chips

Harters, I'm curious which chippy you've got in mind in pickering?

We'll be up in the North Yorkshire Moors in a week or so and if we get to Pickering we might try it.

Will definitely get to Whitby, so Quayside sounds like a great hint, thanks!

Jun 07, 2015
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Six Nights in London

Leighton House has some unusual & lovely rooms and interesting rotating art exhibitions, so is definitely worth a visit if you're in the area for Launceston Place.

Also in the area, 18 Stafford Terrace may be interesting if you fancy visiting a period house with fittings and furniture largely preserved as-is.

As a disclaimer, my sister-in-law works at these both, but I enjoyed them before I met her.

May 26, 2015
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Lunch around Kings Cross

Morito/Moro, Quality Chop House, Ottos

May 05, 2015
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Top-end kitchen/cookware shop in London?

Yes, I think you'll need a few shops to get all this. For a lot of it I think Dentons at Clapham North would be able to help out. They're a trade kitchen shop, but also open to retail. So they have none of the celebrity-endorsed rubbish, just good quality stuff for commercial kitchens, at sensible prices. (My dough scraper cost under 30p!) Certainly stuff like muslin cloths, thermometers, non-non-stick pots and pans and commercial appliances etc they can help out with.

There's another similar place in Soho, I think it's on Shaftesbury Avenue. I never use it though, so can't say if it's any good or not.

For the really specific stuff, you might have to try other specialist places.

Mar 15, 2015
deansa in U.K./Ireland

MORO (London)

June, how was it? What did you order?

Mar 03, 2015
deansa in U.K./Ireland

MORO (London)

Hi June, if you want tapas, Morito is the one to go for.

Most things are really good, my favourite is the lamb with aubergine puree. I had the fried chickpeas recently which were great too. One of their more famous dishes is the beetroot borani. The bread is also really nice, basted with meat fat and sprinkled with herbs. But really just go for whatever takes your fancy.

Moro is more targeted towards big plates and is the more formal of the two. The disadvantage to Morito is the seats aren't as comfortable as in Moro, if that's a big concern to you.

You can book Morito at lunchtimes. However for weekday lunch, I normally find if I don't turn up too late I can get a spot as a walk-in.

Feb 27, 2015
deansa in U.K./Ireland

My lightbulb moment

Another infuriating thing they do, also endemic in these sorts of places, is this type of conversation:

"Can you suggest something nice for me to order?"
"Oh everything is amazing!"

The waiter clearly knows all the dishes. But I have to read a vague menu containing only ingredient lists and no information about how they are prepared, and then try to guess what each small plate will be like and what it will go with. It wouldn't hurt for them just to keep in the back of their heads a couple of nice flavour combinations to recommend.

But in the end it was the toilets that got me. I have never before felt like I was about to be a victim of a horror-film massacre between courses, and I wish there was some way I could un-see what I saw.

Jan 25, 2015
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Another London Food Question: Spanish that's not primarily tapas

Depending on where you are in Central London, Pizarro would nicely fit the bill (or be a horrible trek!)

Dec 14, 2014
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Wonderful "not fancy" asian places in London ?

I'm keen too klyeoh

Nov 07, 2014
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Restaurant Le Taliet [London]

My friends who live down that way tell me it's permanently shut.

Oct 24, 2014
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Terra Vergine (London)

limster wrote it up here:

Aug 05, 2014
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Salisbury by the Cathedral, and the Avebury area of Wiltshire?

Red Lion in Pewsey is pretty good. Also if I remember rightly George and Dragon in Devizes is quite nice too. Was last at both about a year ago.

If you head down Devizes way, make sure you stop by the Caen Hill Locks, amazing sight to see. And of course check out some of the white horses. Lovely part of the world!

Jun 01, 2014
deansa in U.K./Ireland

On the District, Circle, or Piccadilly lines [London]

Hi June, I revisited Launceston Place fairly recently, and I enjoyed the food even more with the new chef. I'd happily recommend it.

Apr 08, 2014
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Foodie walking tours

The TFC in Dalston (Ridley Road) is the best one I've seen in their chain, it's huge and you can often get bread straight out of the oven, as well as browse their huge olive/deli counter. The Camberwell one is still pretty darn good if you're in the area though.

Jan 16, 2014
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Pubs in London

+1 for craft beer company in leather lane. But they do get very busy later in the week.

If you're out that way, a couple of minutes walk is the Gunmakers, which is a lovely pub that has nice real ales, and is quite a bit less manic than the Craft is. (Gunmakers is closed sat-sun.)

Dec 12, 2013
deansa in U.K./Ireland

[London] Banh mi?

Sad times. Panda panda has changed their menu to remove the Vietnamese items, including banh mi. They are now reinventing themselves as a standard British sandwich shop & coffee bar (albeit also selling bubble tea.)

Dec 04, 2013
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Apero: great new restaurant in South Kensington

We had the tasting menu a month or two ago. The cooking was generally quite good, but some of the portions were far, far too large. One of the (many) courses in our tasting menu included two complete and huge breasts of chicken, served for only two people. We wanted a doggy bag for the last half of the meal!

Nov 13, 2013
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Afternoon Tea [London]

Sorry to be contrary, but last week I had afternoon tea in the Lanesborough, and they definitely had ham sandwiches!

Sep 13, 2013
deansa in U.K./Ireland

9 days in London...

My father's a huge fan of the crumble for dessert. It's pretty good.

Aug 08, 2013
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Chicken Salt/Hei Hei salt help please...

Scratch that - I walked past it today and it's closed down. Oh well, I suppose there's always online.

Jun 29, 2013
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Chicken Salt/Hei Hei salt help please...

If you're in London, the Australia Shop at covent garden sells Chicken Salt.

Jun 19, 2013
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Middle of the Road Indian Restaurant in London

I use an RSS reader to get all the latest posts, so I don't need to try to figure out what's new and keep checking back. I use feedly, but there are many others around.

There may be one coming up. My email address is on my profile page, mail me your email address and I'll let you know if I hear anything.

May 13, 2013
deansa in U.K./Ireland


I second both gemuse's suggestions. For good beer in a good setting, I'd also suggest the Meantime pub in the Royal Naval College - lager focused, but very good lager and the full set of meantime beers on tap.

If you find yourself a little bit further south, I've been wanting to try Zero Degrees, Blackheath for quite a while. I think they have a microbrewery on site. Would be interested to hear reports on what it's like!

Apr 13, 2013
deansa in U.K./Ireland


I've been a number of times to the Tooting branch and I rate their dosas. As you say though, they're not that great for kottu. For kottu in Tooting, I prefer Dosa 'n Chutney.

Apr 12, 2013
deansa in U.K./Ireland

London for 5 nights

Agree the comments below. However if you want specific suggestions near to Hayes I suspect people may be able to help more. But it might be worth clarifying which one. Confusingly, there are two Hayes in London! One's in West London, the other South East.

Apr 10, 2013
deansa in U.K./Ireland

London - Kaya toasts and Ipoh white coffee at Candy Cafe, Chinatown

Sedap only have it if they're serving kaya-based desserts that week, so call ahead to avoid disappointment.

You could also make your own if you feel like a little challenge - pandan leaves are available in Chinatown grocery stores.

Apr 07, 2013
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Antepliler tomorrow - is it worth going to Green Lanes when I'm near the Upper St one?

Never been to the upper st branch so can't compare, but going to green lanes is a bit of an experience - it has a very different vibe to the rest of London and feels really Turkish - so in my view is worth a visit.

I returned to hala a few weeks back. I think they brush the meat drippings over their bread, and it tastes absolutely phenomenal.

Apr 06, 2013
deansa in U.K./Ireland

Near Liverpool St station?

I haven't been yet, but the new Jugged Hare gastropub is a fairly short walk and gets good reviews. Only other new place that springs to mind is HKK, but that's high-end Chinese.

Mar 29, 2013
deansa in U.K./Ireland