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Cake frosting

thank you so much.
I was afraid to use my regular butter cream. I guess the flour acts as some kind of stabilizer.
I'm going to do a dry run tonite

May 30, 2011
happens in Home Cooking

Cake frosting

What kind of frosting can you suggest for a birthday cake that needs to stay at room temp for 20 hours?
I'm very slow and need to frost my grandson's cake (several shaped train cars) about 18 to 20 hours before serving.
Thanks for any help you can provide

May 27, 2011
happens in Home Cooking

What New York food could you not live without? A Q from CHOW

I've been in northern VA for nine years. Of course I miss the ability to find really good food in so many local places in NY and usually at fairly reasonable prices.
The two items I miss most are a really good Italian bread and seedless rye bread
Bread is Va is close to hopeless and has me baking my own ciabatta and baguettes more often than I would like. The bread here is either very squishy - looks like a baguette but has the consistency or hamburger buns or so dense as to be almost unchewable.

Oct 26, 2010
happens in Outer Boroughs

Frying Novice

I've always preferred corn oil for frying most things and peanut oil for oriental foods. It seems these have gone out of favor recently as few cooking sources recommend them. Can anyone explain why? Did I miss something?

Jun 04, 2010
happens in General Topics

Update of Lancaster restaurants

Thanks to all who posted within the past few months.
We enjoyed some excellent meals because of your suggestions.

Thursday evening we planned on going to Iron Hill Brewery and instead ended up in the Iron Horse in Strasburg. Our dinner was delightful A fortuitous error!

Friday, Lunch at Rachels was fun and good and we had a casual but tasty dinner at Country Table in MtJoy.

Saturday, We visited Cafe Chocolate and tasted some excellent and unusual combinations.
Dinner was the low point of the trip - Millers - I know you said not to but it was at my daughter's request.

Sunday we lunched at Jakey's - decent food but not warm enough. Very accommodating staff! I loved the corn fritters. They were different from many I has tasted/
At Sunday dinner, we finally found the Iron Hill Brewery and had wonderful dinner there. Magnificent sweet potato fries!!!!

Monday we enjoyed lunch at Dienners.

We have developed a taste for Oat cake which I'm going to try to duplicate for home eating.
Thanks for making our trip to Lancaster quite nice!

Country Table Restaurant
30432 Highway 77, Townville, PA 16360

Iron Horse Cafe
701 W Main St, Carnegie, PA 15106

May 25, 2010
happens in Pennsylvania

Lancaster area - reccomended restaurants and what to order

2 adults and a fairly well-behaved toddler are heading to Intercourse mid may for a 4 day break.
We would like to know about your favorite restaurants and the favorite foods therein. We don't mind a ride if there's something wonderful at the end of it.

Does someplace make Dutch Babies (very puffy oven baked pancakes) or German apple pancakes?

Is the Hershey Hotel as good as it was 25 years ago?

A friend mentioned whopee pies - where should we get them (or not?)

Anything special in your experiences would be welcome.

Apr 21, 2010
happens in Pennsylvania

Baltimore Kosher-Style Deli??

Thanks to all -
went to Attmans - It was just what we were looking for!

Baltimore Kosher-Style Deli??

Thank you again - this looks like just the place!
And they're only about a mile away

Baltimore Kosher-Style Deli??

Any idea of the Address or Phone number?
Thank you so much!

Baltimore Kosher-Style Deli??

Can anyone recommend a Kosher-style Deli in Baltimore that would be open for Saturday lunch?. Ex New Yorkers with tongues hanging out for pastrami sandwich on real seedless rye bread are going to a train show at B&O Museum on Pratt St. and we thought it would taste better with deli.

Why so many drink recipes?

I really greatly prefer your food recipes.

May 15, 2009
happens in Site Talk

Lemon-Garlic Vinaigrette

Where do you find lemons that have 1/2 cup of juice in them??
Can someone please check this recipe for accuracy - is it juice of 1 lemon or 1/2 cup of lemon joice - each of those will produce a different result!

Aug 12, 2008
happens in Recipes

Looking for lobster in Nassau

Actually, I thought that lobsters have always been from Maine!

Looking for lobster in Nassau

Great! Thanks ladies. - If you think of any others, please post - I'll be coming in by bus around noon on Friday. Appreciate your input

Looking for lobster in Nassau

Thanks Eileen. I appreciate the suggestion.
I've been away so many years I can't think of where to go. I vaguely remember some places in Bayville. I know there are places on the south shore too but I just don't recall any and of course, they have probably changed anyway.
Had a nice meal a few weeks ago in Babylon at the Clam Bar. I live in Northern VA and there aren't too many affordable lobsters lurking there at all. I'm sure Long Island holds more promise.

Looking for lobster in Nassau

I'm taking a friend out for a lobster this Friday nite. Would like suggestions for
A. . a place in Nassau County
B. a place that's fairly inexpensive or has a special offer

Looking for Recipe from the 1960s - Steak House garlic salad dressing

Steak House garlic salad dressing - it was served on a quarter head wedge of lettuce

This was (I think) the precursor to ranch dressing.
It was very thick, creamy white and redolent of garlic.

Anybody have a long lost secret recipe?

Sep 06, 2006
happens in Home Cooking

Recipe for Oriental Ginger Lobster?

I've been looking and haven't found a recipe for this tasty dish. Can anyone help me out?

Sep 06, 2006
happens in Home Cooking

Ginger Lobster in no VA area?

Yes I did forget to mention that it is an oriental dish. The one I remember was in an almost greasy, subtly gingery sauce.

I will definitely try Fortune as it's a place that I enjoy but always seem to forget about. Thank you for the reminder.

Ginger Lobster in no VA area?

I have developed a craving for this dish. Anyone know of a good place to get it - Tysons to Leesburg/Ccentrevills?