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Bonefish Boca Raton - Horrible treatment of Customer

Follow Up - Robert the Area manager contacted me with in 24 hours of me sending them a letter., He assured me that he would be following up on the matter and was heading to the store later that day. He sent me some gift cards as an apology. I am glad to see they have followed up. I will be using it in the Boynton location, as I am still too embarrassed to go back to the Boca location.

Bonefish Boca Raton - Horrible treatment of Customer

We tried, We even asked for the other manager so we could talk about it, since the manager we were dealing with was being so rude.
The other manager didn't want to come, even the waiter was telling us she was sorry.... We weren't rude, we didn't yell....well voice got heated after he threatened to call the cops...

Otherwise, Im usually a guy who keeps quiet, always afraid something will be done to my food for complaining too much...

All we asked for was a poached sea bass.... To those who think it was a wrong day for a special order, my wife medically can not eat certain things....does that mean she shouldn't be allowed to go out to eat on Holidays?

Bonefish Boca Raton - Horrible treatment of Customer

I have been wanting to write this lsince this past Mother's Day, but have not had the opportunity to do so.

My Parents, My wife, my son and myself had gone to the Bonefish Grill in Boca Raton. We are regular customers there, at least 5-6 times a month, plus happy hours. Unfortunately this last experience will be the last time I frequent your establishment at this location, as we were so embarrassed by the the way we were treated.

This all stemmed from my wife's order. My wife has certain dietary issues which require no seasoning. Our request was a poached piece of Sea Bass, with no Oil or Seasoning, hold the Chick Pea, Vegi Garnish, and some steamed vegetables. - We have ordered this dozens of times before.

It took a while, and we understood it was Mother's day, and busy, so when the order seared, with seasoning, and the chick pea garnish on the plate, we had asked for it to be redone. The manager came out, and at first he was very hospitable, offered to take care of it, and confirmed how my wife wanted it, again.

It took an additional 1/2 hour for her to receive her food, at which point, we received a BROILED piece of fish with all the seasonings again, sauteed vegetables, and the garnish again. When we complained about this again, the manager started giving an attitude. We also noticed that our table was getting a lot of attention from all the servers. Walking by eyeing our table. It started to become apparent that the manager had told the staff that he thought we were trying to get out of paying. This was clarified when the manager threatened to call the police on us if we didn't pay.

We told him to go ahead and call the cops, we had no intention of not paying, but we were not going to pay for a dish that they could not prepare properly.
At this point I believe he realized he made a wrong assumption and offered to comp the entire meal. We did not have any interest in that, and insisted to pay for everything we ate.

I do not recall his name, he was the South African/Australian Black Manager there. Additionally we had asked to speak with a different manager. That manager refused to come. This restaurant was a favorite of ours.

Completely Disappointed Customer

Coming to Houston Next Week

The crawfish sounds awesome...Im all about having BBQ for Lunch, so no problem there either. How about for some good tex-mex breakfasts?

Feb 22, 2013
SaminSFL in Houston

Coming to Houston Next Week

Im going to be staying in the Galleria area @ GW Marriot. I will have a vehicle, and I want to eat where the locals are eating. Local food, the Best BBQ there something similar to Saltlick in Houston also? Taking all suggestions, I love all types of food, so tell me what is Houston known for?

Feb 21, 2013
SaminSFL in Houston

Shake Shack opening

East Boca on Glades rd by PF Changes across from FAU

Help! Top Notch Chinese Needed

Im sorry to say, if you are looking for NY Chinese food down here, you arent going to get it, you might get close. One of the better ones I have found is In Delray Beach called Hunan Garden on Military and Linton Blvd, South East Corner,

Otherwise, I head south to either Silver Pond, or Hong Kong City,...

Sheila's BBQ and seafood is still open, just moved.

Ate there 2 other times also...both times a disappointment...its a shame, they had Great BBQ, and AMAZING conch salad

Is it Safe to Buy Stone Crabs from Roadside?

Hey Chowfriends... I have recently seen a few places selling Stone Crabs on side of the road for cheap pricing.... I havent stopped because it just seems wrong...too good to be true it probably is scenario. Any comments or indications that I might be wrong on this? Are they Safe? Thanks for the answers in Advance..

New Opening Delray - Voodoo BBQ

freaker, have you tried the BBQ truck in Boca on 441 yet? Its only on Weekends South of Sandlefoot....Im curious as to your opinion..

BBQ Food Truck - Boca

Finally tried the BBQ food truck I have seen on 441 in Boca Raton, Just south of 18th St. JC's BBQ. I tried the 1/2 Slab of Ribs w/ Mac n Cheese n BBQ beans.

Ribs had anice smokey flavor, nice smoke ring, sauce a little on the sweet side, but flavorful, Ribs were a little dry so the sauce helped. They were tender, but not to soft, which I was very good, had a good seasoning as well.

Mac n Cheese was good, a little underseasoned, but otherwise tasty, standard baked mac n cheese

Baked beans were really good as well, also on the sweet side,

They are only there on weekends, but very good, and want to go back to try the brisket.

Boca BBQ Express

Have you seen the BBQ truck on 441 South Of Sandlefoot? Its beenthere on weekends only. Havent had a chance to try it out yet though...

Comin to Atlanta for 3 days Solo

Sam Thanks for the rec's Yeah I heard that about Fat Matt's and I agree....there should be no boiling involved in good BBQ.. iberian pig sounds crazy good also.. I am able to travel, and very willing to do so for good food.

Aug 22, 2012
SaminSFL in Atlanta

Comin to Atlanta for 3 days Solo

Sounds great Dim Sum is perfect,and Silver Skillet was on my radar, will definitely try that one as well....any other suggestions peeps? Will have to look into Empire State as well

Aug 14, 2012
SaminSFL in Atlanta

Comin to Atlanta for 3 days Solo

Hi everyone,

Im goin to be in Atlanta, by the Georgia World Congress Center. I have a vehicle and have no problem traveling. Any suggestions on MUST try while Im there. I love all types of food.. so open to any suggestions.. Some really good Southern Food, maybe some Dim Sum? Some really good breakfast places also .. Thanks!

Aug 11, 2012
SaminSFL in Atlanta

So where are you a Regular?

Talia's for Lunch.....

just move from Chicago.. any REAL sushi here?

Yakko-San in Miami

I NEED to eat REAL BBQ in South Florida. Where do I go?

New BBQ Truck sighting on 441 in Boca Raton, South of Sandlefoot. He is only there weekends and might be there during the week over the summer. Tried to stop last weekend, at around 4 pm and he was sold out. Not sure if its cause he is good, or he just didnt prep enough.. Will let you all know next weekend.

Fried Seafood suggestions FLL area

I know its a local Chain but La Granga has some pretty decent fried seafood, always fresh, and tasty


Ok, Stopped by the other day. Tried the Homemade Gnochi with Sausage, Eggplant, Onions, and red peppers, in a light broth like sauce. The Gnochi's were light and fluffy, very tasty, Sausage, Standard italian sausage, Sauce could have used more seasoning, but all in all tasty, I would try it again.

I NEED to eat REAL BBQ in South Florida. Where do I go?

NEw BBQ Truck sighting on 441 South of Sandlefoot in Boca, on East side, Have seen it a few times, but dont know what days it is there...Will be trying it soon enough though...

Fresh Sardines

Try Pop's Fish market Deerfield Beach?

Delray Affair Weekend - BBQ, Conch, Traffic Abundant!

Next tim eyou try mCrays, ask for the twist sauce...makes a big difference in the flavor ...FYI

Que in Palm Beach County

BBQ truck on Lakeworth sighting, stopped and tried the brisket, nice and juicy, not too much smoke, wasnt a big fan of their sauce, but would go back to try the pulled pork.

West of Jog Rd on North Side in a Strip mall parking lot

New food truck sighting Boca raton

New food truck sighting on Rogers circle in bOca raton between military and Congress off Clint mOore. Stay tuned for report

Texas De Brazil VS Fogo De Chao Miami Beach

I have been to both, and Texas de brazil is MUCH MUCH Better....better Salad Bar, Better quality meats, better service....My one and only experience at Fogo left me saying I should have gone to Texas de Brazil....

Kalbi (short ribs) in south florida?

Kalbi style shortribs are just flanken cut beef ribs, you can get them at publix,(not my preference) or go to your prefered Butcher...

Que in Palm Beach County

Only the West Boca location...East Boca Still Open

Pinon Grill

Im with you...Have you tried the Crab Fritters? or if they EVER have this as the special, the Scallops in the beurre blanc cant pass that up...

Looking for a good crab leg buffet

No its the one in Coconut Creek, and Yes, Sundays are Seafood Night, Crab Legs, Oysters, Peel and Eat Shrimp etc...