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Help in Aspen?

I'm headed to Aspen to take in the last week of ski season yet it's been years since I heave been there. Any reccomendations on great places to eat in town? What about a nice Easter Sunday Brunch?

Many thanks!

Apr 06, 2009
madigank in Southwest

Nationals Ballpark Area?

Dear Chowhounders,

Any suggestions for fun restaurants/bars to visit nearby the Washington Nationals ballpark prior to an evening game?

Many thanks!

Cooking Lesson in Venice or Surrounding Areas?

Any sugguestions for an affordable cooking class in Venice or within an hour outside of the city?

Oct 02, 2007
madigank in Italy

Wine Education

Any suggestions for educational wine experiences for the wine novice in the DC/NoVa area?

Steak Tartare in DC?

Restaurant Eve in Old Town Alexandria. Had it this past Friday and it was amazing,

Michigan State Help

Dusty's Cellar in Okemos is your best bet. Wonderful food and wine. I grew up in East Lansing and always have at least one meal there when I am home.

In Search of Salad with Halloum

I have lost my recipe for a wonderful field green salad that includes halloum (a salty, Middle Eastern cheese) and has a wonderful tarragon dressing. Can anyone help or perhaps suggest an alternative with halloum?

Jan 25, 2007
madigank in Home Cooking

Detroit and Michigan traditions?

Agree with Coney Islands (Chili Cheese fries especially) and Vernors....yet would like to add Chipatis from Ann Arbor to the list. Anyone who went to school at University of Michigan in the last 20 years knows about these babies....HUGE salads in a bread bowl. Looks like a giant pita with great, spicy Chapati sauce. Check em out at Pizza House in A2.

Jan 22, 2007
madigank in Great Lakes

Uber Swanky DC restaurant

CityZen by far is the best. An elegant, trendy affair!

Who is extending Restaurant Week?

Mie n Yu is extending their menu....

Family eatin' in Dupont Circle

Bistro du Coin is great! Authentic and welcome to families!

People-Watching Home Base Needed!

I'm headed to NYC for the weekend from DC and am looking for a great bar or restaurant to sit for possibly hours, drink, nosh and people watch. Somewhere in NYC that is not a tourist place, but rather embodies New York and allows my friend and I to have nice, casual conversation with a knowledgeable bartender without feeling like we're being hurried. I'll be there for the weekend, so the dynamic may change. Any suggestions???


Jan 13, 2007
madigank in Manhattan