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LaManda's Restaurant in White Plains

We go to LaManda's all the time. It is classic red sauce Italian food in a 1940s family atmosphere. Not fancy, but we love the food and the people. The owners now have a more upscale restaurant in Scarsdale I believe and they did move some of the old line waitstaff there. I remember a time when there would NEVER be a female wait person at LaManda's. If you go and you want a little quiet go at 4 pm! Otherwise relax and get into the atmosphere! Try the salad, the mussels, the pizza garlic bread, the shrimp scampi and my favorite, the pasta with mushroom sauce. This restaurant is like an old friend!

Best Traditional Diner in Westchester

I, too, love the Star Diner. It hasn't been mauved or supersized,
a true dining car type diner. The cops eat there, need I say more?

Best Traditional Diner in Westchester

I agree, this is the BEST diner in Westchester. It's where the Cops eat, so you know it's good. Great atmosphere, fast and excellent diner food. They serve grits too!

White Manna was Great

I Love White Manna also. If you ever come up to Mamaroneck NY, check out Walter's Hot Dog stand, around since the 1930s, and voted best dogs in the state! Also great pagoda architecture.

Check it out B4 the summer ends!