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NoVa Pizza inside the beltway?

I didn't know they'd opened in Del Ray...looks like it's in the shopping center with Bombay Curry and Del I said in the original post, I like the product a lot, maybe the service is better at Del's actually closer to home anyway...lots of good sounding suggestions above everyone...thanks...

Bastille, Alexandria VA

I've been to Bastille three or four's not classic French: i'd say modern American French if that makes sense. I thought the food was very good, and the atmosphere could definitely be termed as romantic. Fairly low lighting, not too loud, nicely appointed.

I remember a particularly good duck entree'...i think it was Duck Three Ways, with confit and sliced grilled breast, and some other preparation.

I've heard they have a special Sunday evening prix fixe dinner, which I've always wanted to try.

NoVa Pizza inside the beltway?

I love 2 Amy's, Pizza Paradiso, Red Rocks Pizza, but live in Alexandria, and am looking for similar quality pizza place close-in Northern Virginia, Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church...

I thought that Pizzialo on 23rd Street in Crystal City had a pretty good product, but i've found the service can be real spotty.

Any suggestions?