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Live Crawfish finds and price check for 2012

I know you are more interested in where to buy crawfish but i wanted to mention that SAM'S BOAT has the best crawfish in town. They are monsters already. Seriously, i had a few that bordered on small lobster size.

Not a place I would typically go although I had 3 different people (1 from louisiana) recommend the place in less than a week.

That being said, my wife and i have gone twice within 5 days and both times were blown away.

Mar 29, 2012
Sean P C in Austin

Bachelor Party 12-14 Guys


I have read quite a few of these threads already but figured i would give it another try. Things change in Vegas all the time so you never know.

We will be going to Vegas for a Bachelor Party in April. I am looking for a fun place to kick off the first night for 12-14 guys. We are hoping to have a nice drawn out dinner with exceptional food and great drinks. We would prefer to go somewhere with louder music, pretty ladies,etc. Oh and not somewhere stuffy that we need to worry about being too loud and bothering other tables. Pretty respectful group, just sayin.

In the past we've kicked off similar trips with Blue Ribbon in the Cosmo and N9NE in the Palms. Loved Blue Ribbon and kind of thought N9NE had gone down hill.

Open to sushi, steak, italian,seafood etc. I have heard good things about STK in the Cosmo. Supposedly the food is great and they have a DJ spinning during dinner. Definitely not what I would enjoy at home, but it's Vegas so that sounds like a good time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Feb 01, 2012
Sean P C in Las Vegas

Fat Tuesday Celebration with Crawfish--Central Austin?

Does anyone recommend a cajun place for crawfish and music on Fat Tuesday.?

My wife and I got married in Nola and it just so happens her b-day falls on Fat Tuesday this year.

Would love to eat some delicious mud puppies (preferrably spicy and cleaned) and kick back a few Abitas.

Preferrably Central Austin but we have no problem driving a little for a really good time.


Mar 01, 2011
Sean P C in Austin

crawfish for Fat Tuesday in the city of Austin???

thanks for the quick replies--.

Feb 16, 2010
Sean P C in Austin

crawfish for Fat Tuesday in the city of Austin???

Hey all,

Sorry for this last minute post. I am looking to have some delicious and spicy crawdaddies tonight for Fat Tuesday and I just realized that I did not know of any good places in town. Where are the best places to go and get an serving of crawfish, corn, and potatoes?


Feb 16, 2010
Sean P C in Austin

Dallas-Recommendations Please

Going back to Tex Mex, I would recommend going West Lemmon Ave from Oak Lawn by your hotel to Mia's... It is just up the way and it is by far the best Tex Mex in Dallas. This is Mama's restaurant and the M Crownd (mi cocina, taco diner, etc.) all spun off from her great recipes. It is not a trendy place whatsoever, but they have great salsa, enchiladas, and ***brisket tacos to die for.
There are many great tex mex spots in Dallas, but I would check out Mia's before you even consider going elsewhere.

Have a great time in Dallas, I just got married in NOLA on May 16th at St. Louis Cathedral and I already miss your city.

Jun 04, 2009
Sean P C in Dallas - Fort Worth

Best of Negril, Jamaica

Hey all,

I was just wondering if anyone knew of the best places to eat in Negril. I am going there for my honeymoon next week. We are all about fine dining, but also love local grub including jerk chicken, pork, and rice dishes.

Any feedback would be great. Thank you!

Best Po Boy in New Orleans?

My vote is for Crabby Jack's. There is always a line out the door, but they make the best shrimp or oyster po'boys. I would definitely check it out.

May 12, 2009
Sean P C in New Orleans