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Rome Dining Lineup


We are actually planning to stop at Basilica di San Paolo Fuori le Mura on our way back into Rome. What do you recommend around there?

Mar 17, 2008
KipCraven in Italy

Rome Dining Lineup

Thanks to everyone for their input so far, I will do some revising and rearranging, this is why this site is so great. We will look for another lunch restaurant in Tivoli. Both suggested restaurants near the Vatican look good. I need to see how much time we have during our tour for lunch. Are there any other suggestions for lunches in Trastevere and Monti/Esquilino area?

As for TWO full meals each day, we have been able to meet this kind of a schedule for many other tours in Europe and have survived. However, I will not say that we are not excessive, which is why we are talking about food three weeks before our trip. It also gives us a chance to sample twice as many restaurants. The secret is an early lunch, late nap, and late dinner.


Mar 09, 2008
KipCraven in Italy

Rome Dining Lineup

Forgot to ask what do you recommend in Tivoli?

Mar 07, 2008
KipCraven in Italy

Rome Dining Lineup

We have taken many trips like this and with all the walking we do and our appreciation for food we have been able to handle the two meals. It helps that dinner is much later then in the US.

Mar 07, 2008
KipCraven in Italy

Rome Dining Lineup

Thanks, I will swap Armando al Pantheon with Sora Lella. I will make sure to make lunch reservations at Le mani in pasta. I picked Alfredo's figuring that we would be jet lagged and too tired to really appreciate the first dinner.

Mar 07, 2008
KipCraven in Italy

Rome Dining Lineup

Four of us will be spending a week in Rome in early April, staying near the Pantheon, and I have developed the following list of restaurants from multiple sources. I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, and recommendations. We will be doing a lot of walking each day then returning for a nap to rest up for dinner. We will be using public transit or taxis as needed. I have listed the general area we will be sightseeing each day.

A few issues:
1. Saturday There was very little information about places to have lunch near Ostia Antica. I figured that we would continue on to the beach. Any better suggestions?
2. Monday I was looking at Trattoria Monti but half the web sites have it closed on Monday and the other half closed on Tuesday. Which is it?
3. Do we need reservations for lunches? Last year we were in Copenhagen and the restaurant we planned for the first lunch, even though it was completely empty, (we were early) was fully booked and we were unable to get in.
4. Are all the restaurants open on the days and meals I have picked?
5. How soon should we make dinner reservations? Are some of these restaurants harder to book than others?

Tuesday (Arrive from states/Jet lag)
L – Gusto
D – Alfredo alla Scrofa

Wednesday (Trastevere)
L – Osteria le Mani in Pasta
D – Ristorante Antico Arco

Thursday (Vatican)
L – Dino e Toni Hosteria
D – Al Presidente

Friday (Coliseum/Forum)
L – La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali
D – Sora Lella

Saturday (Ostia Antica)
L – Al Pescatore (Lido di Ostia)
D – Da Armando al Pantheon

Sunday (Tivoli)
L – Antico Ristorante Sibilla (Tivoli)
D – La Campana

Monday (Monti/Esquilino)
L – Ostaria da Nerone
D – Bastianelli dal 1929 (Fiumicino)

I want to thank all the people of this site for all the time and effort they spend to help educate the rest of us foodies.


Mar 06, 2008
KipCraven in Italy

Philly Phoodies in Athens

In mid November my wife and I will be on holiday in Athens on our first visit to Greece. Food and wine are a key part of our travels so I am looking forward to comments and suggestions from the experts on this site. We do not speak Greek, but have survived in the past in areas where we did not speak the local language (we will learn key phrases like please, thank you, where is the bathroom, and red or white wine). Fortunately the rest of the world is bilingual to make up for our shortcomings. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to visit the US and not be able to speak English.

We are interested in a range of experiences from gourmet white tablecloth to local picnic table. I will eat just about anything, but my wife is not quite as adventurous (stays away from shellfish and octopus) but is a real trooper. We will be staying in the Plaka area. If I do not count the first evening due to jet lag, we have six nights for dinner. I have identified the following possible restaurants.

• 48 The Restaurant
• Aristera-Dexia
• Varoulko
• Daphne’s
• Spondi (Or should we follow the chef to Jérôme Serres)
• Hytra

• Mamacas
• Taverna Tou Psiri
• O Thannassis
• Orizontes Lykavittou (Is the view worth it?)
• GB Corner (Is the old time hotel service and view worth it?)

Do you agree or have better suggestions or comments?

We are also planning a day trip out to Hydra. Any taverna’s open for lunch worth trying?

Do we need lunch or dinner reservations this time of the year? (Last year we stopped for lunch at a great tapas bar (Taktika-Berri) in Barcelona on a Tuesday and even arrived early, but they were fully booked. Fortunately we were able to sample the food at the bar.

Thanks for your input.

Oct 27, 2006
KipCraven in Europe