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Good Caribbean-style hot sauce?

The Tropical Roasted Habanero Mustard is GREAT! I'm a junky for this kind of thing and I am hooked on the roasted habanero mustard right now! I got it at Earth Fare in Boone, NC. Well worth all 288 pennies.

Best Pizza in Buenos Aires?

The onion pizza at guerrin is called a fugazetta and it's the house special!

Best Pizza in Buenos Aires?

GUERRIN IS BY FAR THE BEST!!! great atmosphere too. I liked some of their recotta cheese pizzas. Its perfect with a giant quilmes after a boca or river game!

Valpariso lunch

Hope its not too late but DEFINITELY go to the upstairs of the farmers market (old yellow and iron building designed by Eiffel) and eat at one of the seafood places. Its as much Valpo character as you can find. The best one is Rincon del mar I believe. It will be packed out the door everyday of the week.

Moving to Charlotte. Afraid of the food

i really dig an interesting breakfast place. Anyone ever eaten at Melanie's in Boone? Its normally a 45 minute wait....but worth every minute

Sounds like some pretty good recommendations. I would love to see some more on the sandwich/ deli side though!

May 14, 2009
jdubyapepper in Southeast

Good Restaurants in Montevideo, Uruguay?

Just do the No Reservations tour of Montevideo. AB hit it spot on with his choices. Mercado for steak and chivitos at Marco's in Pocitios neighborhood.

Food freak must haves in BA

Soooooo much amazing food. A great take out parilla, Procuitto, on Junin between corrientes and rivadavia. Its really cheap. Some great sushi places in Palermo and Puerto Madero. Try the old ice cream places on Corrientes. Vesuvio is a little older but Cadore is better. Absolutely DO NOT miss Guerrin Pizza on Corrientes. There are hundreds of 100 year old cafes or confiterias that offer a pretty authentic BA experience. If you wanna see a lot of Americans go to the Parillas at Puerto Madero. Its really hard to find a bad local place in Palermo. Go to a River Plate or Boca Juniors game and get a choripan outside the stadium and drink plenty of quilmes before the game!

Moving to Charlotte. Afraid of the food

I'm moving to Charlotte in June and I wanna find some unpretentious great restaurants to eat at. I'm the type that would rather starve than eat at a chain like Applebees, Ruby Tuesday's, or Cheesecake Factory. Some of my favorites are street food, greek, burgers, deli, vietnamese, GOOD sushi, and I love a breakfast place with a little creativity. I'm gonna need a go-to chinese restaurant that I can count on for a cheap lunch as well. A good dinner place in the $25- 40 entree category would be good too.

So now that I've explained my situation, I need some recommendations on where I can try to find some new staples. Charlotte is so much bigger than what I am coming from that I need to do plenty of homework before trying a million crappy restaurants.


May 11, 2009
jdubyapepper in Southeast