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Chowhounder Road Trip to Richmond!

Don't miss Tim Carman's article in the W.Post, Feb. 10, about CH darling Peter Chang's plans to stay in one place for a while, cook food, and start a Szechuan cooking empire.

Rice Paper in Eden Center - Report

Steve: I suggest the group invest in its own lazy susan to facilitate sharing at restaurants that, like Rice Paper, are rich in food, but lack their own lazy susans.

Elisir : Water Surcharge -- seriously

I'm with the original poster. There are some items that should be included in overhead. Next, I suppose, is your choice of a 3 cent surcharge for a paper cup, or a 20 cent surcharge for glassware washing services.

Nov 25, 2011
shortorder2 in Not About Food

Cold Weather = places to try

I have a problem with Pan American Bakery. I have been in there six or eight times looking for saltenas, and they are always out. what is the right time of day to get those suckers at Pan American Bakery?


Last month the Washington Post did a story on places with cask-conditioned ales, if you want to venture for that sort of thing.

Quick question about Taqueria El Charrito Caminante

Why would you deny your contractors the radish? Did they do something wrong?

Han Gang - Chow Lunch in Annandale Report

Thanks for the report, Steve.