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Any standout fish markets on Martha's Vineyard

Hi all,

We're planning a week down the Vineyard and I'm overwhelmed by the amount of fish markets. I plan on grilling a lot and I'm looking for the freshest local fish. Any suggestions?

ISO: The perfect sausage pepper and onion roll

I'm really struggling to find a great roll for a sausage pepper and onion sandwich in the city. You know, no crunch, nice cornmeal on the bottom, just like Fenway.

any suggestions?

Dog friendly dining South Shore

We're venturing to the south shore today with the the hounds know of any restaurants we can grab a nice lunch with him?


Visiting downtown Boston with our Labrador. . . dog friendly spots anyone??

The last I heard Picco was no longer dog friendly...I guess some miserable customer dropped a dime on them one day.

Island Creek Oyster: Lobster Roll or Roe Noodles

Going tonight and I am very torn between these two very different dishes. any help!?

Where to buy mini bottle of champagne or prosecco?

We're looking for a store in or around Boston that sells mini bottle of champagne or prossco which we can re-label and use as wedding favors. Any help?

Post 390 lunch?

Any feedback for the lunch at Post 390 and specifically has anybody tried the lobster roll?

Casa Romero?

Casa Romero claims to be one of the few places in the city that uses 100% lime juice in their drinks. I respect that, but think a lot of places are doing that now. Can't comment on the food

profiteroles: back bay or south end

I'm not willing to compromise on the ice cream :-)

profiteroles: back bay or south end

I got re-hooked on profiteroles filled with ice cream while up in Stowe over the weekend. Does any have a great version is the back bay or south end?

Carrot Cake in Boston?

I am really craving GOOD carrot cake. I'm in the Back Bay...any suggestions. Restaurant or bakery accepted!

good carrot cake is hard to find :-)

Is there any good egg nog left in Boston?

Pls provide this bulletproof recipe

Is there any good egg nog left in Boston?

Well my friends it seems as if the egg nog well has run dry. None at WF, kickass or russo's. Sad day

Is there any good egg nog left in Boston?

I'll check it out. I've Definitly acquired a high brow taste for egg nog after trying shaws farm for the first time this year

Is there any good egg nog left in Boston?

I'm looking to make one final run on some egg nog for new years. Savenor's is sold out of the most amazing Shaws farm egg nog. Any suggestions for existing stock?

Al Dente, Santarpio's or Regina???????????

Rule #1 of Santarpio's: ask for WELL DONE

Rule #2: Do not ask for a salad

Al Dente, Santarpio's or Regina???????????

Wow, really? The bread is almost better than the sausage. I don't usually look for 'salty' as a quality in my bread. It's crunchy and soft and could pair better with nothing but the cherry peppers.

Al Dente, Santarpio's or Regina???????????

-cheese pizza -well done
-sausage from the grill
-miller lites

DONE, enjoy

Decent Scali Bread in Back bay or South end?

just curious if I could find any above average scali bread in the SE or BB?

Scali Cafe
147 Pearl St, Boston, MA 02110

Really good Balsamic vinegar, looking for suggestion

The balsamic at O & co is amazing! Second the suggestion

Bully Boy: standout product?

I'm looking to buy a gift for a friend from NYC and thought a bottle of Bully Boy would be fitting. I'm just wondering if any of their products stand out from the rest. My friend doesn't really discriminate when it comes to booze so he doesn't has a favorite 'flavor'.


ECG Hell Night Rec's

I post this almost every Hell Night, but I'm curious if anyone went this week and if so what was good...

Boston Bar/Saturday Night/ Birthday party 20-25ppl

Hi all -

I live in Boston and this question even baffles me. We're looking for a bar in Boston for 20-25 ppl to come and go as they please with no line on a Saturday night. I'd say...BB, South End, Beacon Hill. We aren't looking for a set food menu or anything, just drinks and apps if people want to buy them.

We're also looking for:

Maybe some outdoor space
Not packed like canned sardines or packed with college kids.

We're all 30 somethings who like to have a good time, but have out grown the packed bar situation (think Game-On before a Sox/Yanks game)


Figs on Charles St. wow, that was a bad experience

Wow, amazing timing as I was just about to start a thread about how I had the most amazing cheese (Oliver) pizza from Figs Wednesday night. I haven't been to Figs in years, mainly b/c I never think of it. We were walking home from Yappy Hour at the Liberty the other night and I called in a large cheese (well done) to go. To my surprise we had almost the entire pizza eaten before we arrived's only a half mile walk. The sause was absolutely to die for and the pizza was perfectly cooked.

Sorry you had an awful experience. Figs is now my new go-to pizza spot.

Finally had the roast chicken at Hamersley's

Agreed. it's one of those things that you can't really put in words as to why it's so good, but it just is.

Island Creek Oyster Rec's

Heading to ICO for the first time tonight...does anyone have any favorites?

Island Creek Oyster Bar
500 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

Bulk Lobster Tails (150)

Ok now we're more on track. I think I need to find a happy medium for this event, probably get a caterer and do all the booze ourself and hire a bartender(striperguy that suggestion would be appreciated).

If forced to eat something at The Seven's...

...what would you suggest. I have an affinity for this divey wateringhole. It's like an dive bar that the preppy go to when they want to feel like they're slimming in, although Harpoons are still $6. Anyway, I often find myself hungry while there but have never been brave enough to take the culinary plunge. Is anything safe?

Bulk Lobster Tails (150)

I'm not sure if I'm over ambitious, but I dont exactly find a poached lobster tail and grilling whole beef tenderloin all that difficult. Asparagus can be grilled off ahead of time and kept warm on the side of the grill. I sort of take these post as inspiration to do this myself. It's not that I want to have an inexpensive wedding, its that I want to have a sensible wedding during a time where the economy is terrible. We've been given the opportunity of having the 40k wedding noted above, but I'm genuinely embarressed to spend 40k of my futures fathers money on a one night. I don't consider myself the next Iron Chef, but I also don't fear cooking whole beef tenderloin to a medium rare anlong withlobster tail.

Iron Chef
435 Newbury St Ste 107, Danvers, MA 01923

Bulk Lobster Tails (150)

Good ideas. I emailed Tastings for a quote as well as a few other caterers that I know of. I'm really not on board with a clambake as my feeling is that you always want to take a shower or hose yourself off after a clambake; not dance and party. I guess we'll have to price out a few caterers and tent rental companies and see where we stand.