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Rosehill Venue Lounge

Here's the rest of the pics.

Rosehill Venue Lounge

Okay, so the future inlaws went to their tasting w/Noble today... and... they loved it! These were the dishes they got:
Hors D'ouvres
- Mini Frites in cone w/spicy mayo (picture)
- Veal sliders (picture)
- Seared tuna "chopstick" (no picture)
- Caprese skewer (no picture)

First course
- "Baked" greek salad (picture)

- Seared sirloin steak with lobster & mascarpone whipped potatoes
- Salmon (i forget what it came with)

- Apple flan with vanilla ice cream
- Key lime dessert of sorts

They said that the food was really superb - everything was the "best" they had ever tasted. Tina was really on the ball, which they liked too. They liked the plating as well. All I heard was great reviews - sorry this isn't more helpful.

Rosehill Venue Lounge

Anyone get a quote from the new preferred caterer - a la carte - yet?

Dinner "Specials" in Los Angeles

It's only at the regular bar. They've extended it to include Thursdays as well.

Oct 12, 2009
supergeek in Los Angeles Area

Mozzarella: Where does Mozza get theirs?

Yes, Bristol Farms carries it too.

Oct 12, 2009
supergeek in Los Angeles Area

Rosehill Venue Lounge

I wouldn't be surprised if they did that.... I started contacting caterers more than a year in advance, which was probably not the best move in some regards. I noticed that as time went by, some were willing to go down in price though.

Rosehill Venue Lounge

Hey all - the tasting's on Tuesday so I'll post my FI's parents' reaction. I'm hoping for the best because otherwise we'll be stretching our budget. Backup is L-EAT.

Thanks for your advice, JPJ! It's really useful. Sillytrixy - I'm also getting married at the Rosehill, in August 2010. E-mail Noble for a quote - I told them the budget I was trying to work in and they met it really well... even with upping the servers from 3 to 6 (for a party of 100).

L-EAT also told me about the rentals (particularly the dinner plates)... it's one of those things we don't care about, though, as the big plates will only be on the table for a short while and we'd rather reduce our rental costs as much as possible. I know, attention to detail, but since we're paying for most of the shindig and are pretty young/new professionals, a lot of the wedding planning has involved prioritizing where we can cut ends and what we should splurge on.

Sequel, according to Kirby, was one of the more reasonable ones but their quote was on the high end for me. It seemed like most had the same labour rates - though I immediately ruled out Daniel et Daniel because their bottom line was way too high. What happened w/Rose Reisman - it's not on the list anymore. Kirby's been really helpful with everything and I'm happy that he's open to allowing caterers not on his list too!

Rosehill Brides - how's the rest of your planning going? Are you planning to use the in-house DJ or do another sort of musical arrangement? Since I'm out of the country I'd love to hear how others' planning is going for the venue (we haven't even seen it in person yet!)

ALSO... JPJ et al - beergal (who used to post here) had L-EAT cater her wedding and she seemed happy with it, at least before the event. They were doing mexican apps for her wedding because her and her husband liked that cuisine.

Rosehill Venue Lounge

JPJ - Did you do a tasting with either of them? What did you think? Also, when are you getting married?

My FI's parents have a tasting with Noble this week - will post results for you, torontobound. Our only backup is L'EAT whose budget came in okay but wasn't as "exciting" for us. We also noticed that Noble's staffing seemed low, so we asked them to ramp that up and it was still substantially below all the others.

The funny thing is that Noble has been the most responsive to us - very quick and addressed our points to a T, so we're hoping the tasting goes well.

Presidential's contact didn't get back to us when we let them know of our budget. With the 15% landmark fee, the upfront catering cost had to be lowered. Then Amazing Food Service's contact stopped working for them. I noticed that there is a new caterer on Kirby's list - anyone check him out?

Interesting Wedding Locations in Toronto

Hi Atomeyes -

At first I planned on having my wedding be kosher, and asked about that. Steamwhistle, for example, will let you bring in a kosher caterer and Rosehill has one as its preferred (though it doesn't have an outdoor space - Balfour Park is behind it, however). It seemed like a lot of venues were accommodating about getting Kosher catering even if they don't explicitly list it. (Another place we considered briefly, in Kleinburg, is Copper Creek which looked like it had a nice spread but it's a golf course so kind of traditional).

Interesting Wedding Locations in Toronto

Hey Torontobound -

I don't live in TO (we're in California) so my fiance's folks are doing our tasting with Noble. We have a tasting booked for mid-October and can let you know how it goes! Have you booked your place already?

Mozzarella: Where does Mozza get theirs?

I was at Pizzeria Mozza on Monday and was sitting at the bar. They do use Gioia burrata (the guy was scooping it out of a tub). Like all the other posters said, you can buy it at Bay Cities, though Gioia only ships them out on Mondays and Thursdays, so your best bet is going there on a Tuesday or Friday. Also, you CAN pick it up at the factory at South El Monte (did it today!) and it will have been made fresh that day, but you have to order before 11am the day that you want your product, since they don't keep extras on hand.

Aug 13, 2009
supergeek in Los Angeles Area

Dinner "Specials" in Los Angeles

I've realized that as much as I'd love to try a ton of restaurants in LA, I simply can't afford it. But I have been hearing of many places having a special menu one day a week at a discount. We went to Osteria Mozza and had the Amaro Bar Menu 3-course meal ($35 including wine!) which was great. And Lucques has the $45 Sunday suppers. What other great restaurants offer these types of specials, where you can get a great meal at a more reasonable price?

Jul 31, 2009
supergeek in Los Angeles Area

Interesting Wedding Locations in Toronto

Thanks everyone! We decided to go with the Rosehill for August 2010. We liked that they have all of the tables/chairs and place settings, so this saves a lot on rental costs and the hassle of bringing all that in (apparently all we need to rent is linens and wine glasses for the table). This seemed to make it the most reasonable, and the venue's beautiful too.

Now we just have to pick a caterer... we're trying to decide between Amazing Food Service (one of their preferred ones) and Noble Culinary (the manager's fine with us using them). Any thoughts?

Interesting Wedding Locations in Toronto

My fiance and I are starting to plan our wedding. We currently live in Los Angeles, but have family in both New York and Toronto. We've settled on having the wedding in Toronto as there's more family there, but definitely want to hold it downtown, since we'll have a lot of out of town guests and don't want them to have to rent cars or be removed from the nightlife.

Because we're doing all the planning from afar, my fiance's mom is going to be helping us a lot in terms of visiting places. Right now we're trying to narrow down the list to interesting locations that we can afford on a relatively tight budget. We'll have between 85 and 100 guests at the shindig.

The locations that we like the most (from pics/advice from friends) are:
- Steam Whistle Brewery
- Rosehill Event Venue
- Fermenting Cellar
- Berkeley Church

I have some information on Steam Whistle (friends got married there, know about the 15% landmarks levy) but don't know much about the others. I believe that the first three are BYOC and the last one provides catering.

So here are the questions that I have:
- Does anyone know the approximate costs for rental at Rosehill/Fermenting Cellar?
- How much is it per head at Berkeley Church?
- For the first three venues, which caterers are the best when also factoring in cost? (We'd like to keep it as close to $100/head as possible including rentals & service/gratuity).

Also, does anyone have recommendations for places with a similar aesthetic to the venues listed above? Or any reviews of those four spaces? Also, do all heritage buildings charge a 15% catering markup? Unfortunately, we probably won't be able to make it to Toronto before Christmas time, and we'd like to do an August 2010 wedding so we'll need to book a place ahead of time.

Any thoughts are welcome - we need all the help we can get!