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Savannah - Tybee top 7

Dolphin (tybee)---great view & service, mediocre food
Tubby's river street & Thunderbolt---reasonable prices decent food with outside dining
AJ's---east side of Tybee,happy hour or lunch
Flying fish, Wilmington Island---good food & drinks, very casual, local hangout
Oyster Bar, wilmington Island---mid-range pricing great food & service (dinner)

Chart house--river street, pricey but great--probably best on river street (may need res)

1700 house (downtown), may need res, pricey but great food & service

don't bother with crab shack or lady & sons--both are overrated

Congratulations & I hope you enjoy your stay in our city.

May 10, 2009
cyriuslee in Southeast