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Restaurant recs for Kennett Sq/northern DE

Sovana is can't-hear-yourself-think noisy between noon and 1:30 and the tables for two are minuscule. Might be a little better in the patio area. Gables is quiet. The main dining room is quite dark. At lunch, the bar area is bright and has big comfy chairs at a table with room to spread out. There's also a patio with plenty of light.

Hartefeld has wonderful views, fairly good food, and is bright and peaceful. For downscale but good food, self-serve Centreville Cafe on Route 52, seldom crowded and nice-size tables. That's just south of Buckley's Tavern where you'll get an entirely adequate meal and, if you sit in the back dining area or outside, abundant light.

ETA: Since your title says Northern DE would be OK, how about Krazy Kat's? No better way to say you REALLY appreciate the time and expertise. Main dining room is dark, but the one with windows is well-lit. You probably could ask for a larger table even though there are only two of you.

Apr 29, 2015
Red Oakley in Philadelphia

Menus featuring ramps and morels right now?

Ramps were on the lunch menu at Sovana Bistro in Kennett Square on Thursday. Sorry, don't remember the specific dishes, but I'm pretty sure there were at least two.

Apr 25, 2015
Red Oakley in Philadelphia

Restaurant Recommendations Midtown West


Mar 18, 2015
Red Oakley in Manhattan

China or stoneware - what is a good forever pattern?

Pfalzgraff has a lot of all-white patterns. http://www.pfaltzgraff.com/white-dinn...

I'm not sure how you can predict the likelihood of a pattern's being discontinued, though. Maybe choose one that's been in production for a long time, and use Replacements and eBay if it ends up discontinued, just as you have with your Johnson Brothers.

Mar 05, 2015
Red Oakley in Cookware

near Carnegie Hall

We like Basso56, at 234 West 56th Street. Interesting Italian, very good food and service, reasonably priced. It's right next door to Patsy's, also Italian but a "red gravy" place that's famous for being one of Frank Sinatra's haunts.

Mar 01, 2015
Red Oakley in Manhattan

Why do most food blog recipes suck?

I know you mean, "if I WERE a cookbook author, I'd hire a COPY EDITOR so HE OR SHE COULD catch all the little details that slip through the cracks."

Bless you for recognizing the value of an editor. These days it seems like nobody knows the difference between good writing and dreck. And if readers don't know the difference, why would authors care?

Party sides and nibbles--hot and bored!

These are scrumptious and always a huge hit. Very easy, too. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/in...

Jan 08, 2015
Red Oakley in Home Cooking

What do you not order in restaurants...

A burger. Nothing can match the grilled burger my husband cooks on our grill.

Thanksgiving Guests! What are you bringing?

I've had Thanksgiving at my house for 12-16 for the past five years, ever since Mom moved to assisted living. This year my sister volunteered to take it on. Good thing she was serious!

So I'm taking two appetizers, smoked salmon done by DH and a simple dip. Also cashews seasoned with rosemary, cayenne and a couple other good things (thanks, Ina Garten). I've made the cranberry sauce, the peas with onions, and the Brussels sprouts. I also baked a pumpkin pie, a first for me. And we're bringing the wine.

I'm truly grateful to my sister for offering to do it this year. I cooked a lot today, but I'll just be an assistant tomorrow.

Nov 26, 2014
Red Oakley in General Topics

Need a gravy boat/container that keeps it warm

A few years back, it finally dawned on us to use an insulated coffee carafe for gravy at Thanksgiving. Ours holds about 24 ounces, and it gets refilled at least a few times during the meal. (There are 12-16 at our Thanksgiving table.) If you go too small, you'll still be popping up and down to refill.

Oct 22, 2014
Red Oakley in Cookware

Spence 312 in West Chester...?

Spence had some amazing food (seemed like they were trying to compete with Gilmore's) but it was always at least slightly schizophrenic. Fine dining till 10, then raucous bands after that. It just didn't work.

Maybe a new concept in a new location will have more appeal.

Oct 19, 2014
Red Oakley in Philadelphia

Retire where?

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Or nearby Lewes. Normally mild winters -- last year was a frigid anomaly. Farmers Market is only seasonal, about six months a year. Houses are not cheap, but property taxes are. No sales tax in Delaware.

Best of all, the restaurant scene is aMAZing for the size of the community.

Oct 16, 2014
Red Oakley in Not About Food


We're in an area where all the lots are as big as ours and some are quite a bit bigger. Our property includes a path to a nearby pond. We've always had way too many deer. Some years we see a herd of 14-16.

I think the season is split in two, but it spans several months. I know it just started again for does. We'll see our hunter into late January, if I remember correctly.

They put a stand in a tree, maybe 20-30 feet up, which gives them pretty good visuals.

Sep 30, 2014
Red Oakley in Philadelphia


How much land do you have? And are deer a problem?

We have a 2.4-acre heavily treed property in Chester County. An Amish bow hunter from Lancaster County comes and hunts every year, in season.

Last year, our hunter got seven deer, including a 9-point buck. In return, we got a lot of nice venison prepared by their local butcher. My favorite is venison scrapple, which is fairly low-fat but seasoned so it's scrumptious. And venison bologna which looks and tastes just like Lebanon bologna, one of my faves since childhood. My husband likes the venison steaks and roasts.

I'm sure that if you have deer on your property and put the word out, you'd have a hunter ready to help. Total win/win for all of us, and I never would have guessed it could happen on a hectare.

Sep 29, 2014
Red Oakley in Philadelphia

Living in Newark, DE.

Grilled buns. Oh, yeah!!

Welcome to Chowhound.

Sep 29, 2014
Red Oakley in Mid-Atlantic

Good BYOB near Glen Mills, Media or Wilmington areas?

I don't think Moro is BYOB.

Sep 25, 2014
Red Oakley in Philadelphia

Good BYOB near Glen Mills, Media or Wilmington areas?

In Glen Mills, if you like sushi, Masamoto on Route 202, just south of Route 1, is good, and BYOB. Very casual, so depends on how fancy you want for a BD celebration.

Sep 24, 2014
Red Oakley in Philadelphia

Bite on one or both sides?

My dentist told me that people typically chew primarily on the side of their dominant hand. Are you right-handed?

I'm left-handed and I chew mostly on my left side.

Sep 16, 2014
Red Oakley in Not About Food

Power Outage - FRidge/Freezer - what to keep ...if anything

Two helpful charts here, one for the refrigerator and one for the freezer.

Sep 16, 2014
Red Oakley in General Topics

Guiltiest Guilty Pleasures

I'm 68 and I'd never had a Tater Tot until a few weeks ago. Now I am absolutely hooked! Every couple days, I heat 9 or 10 in the oven for a snack and I am in heaven! I'm still on my first bag, but I vowed I'd throw it out today. But I just caaan't!

Sep 16, 2014
Red Oakley in General Topics

Dinner near Longwood Gardens

We've had Sunday Brunch three times at Junto. Service is excellent and the food is pretty good -- some dishes better than others.

We've tried two pastry-type dishes, one a grilled bun and one an apple tart and weren't impressed with either. A southerner friend said their grits don't pass muster.

But the chicken liver on toast is quite good (partly because of great rye bread) and their "back to basics" entree, called Old Glory, is terrific. My scrapple one morning was the best-cooked I've ever had, and the eggs are always perfect.

It has not been crowded and because it's BYOB the bill for two ends up well under $25 before tip. We take a big batch of Bloody Marys and have a thoroughly enjoyable noon-day meal.

One of these days we'll get back for dinner, which certainly does look interesting.

Aug 20, 2014
Red Oakley in Philadelphia

R.I.P., Matt Haley, James Beard Award Winner and all-around great guy

Matt Haley, who owned eight outstanding restaurants in coastal Delaware, but also made a huge impact on lives throughout the world, died on August 20 after a motorcycle accident in India. He received the James Beard Humanitarian of the Year Award just a few months ago.

His death is a huge loss to the Sussex County beach communities but also to the less fortunate people he championed, ranging from Georgetown, Delaware, to Nepal. Although he was very open about it, many people were not aware of Haley's backstory, which involved a prison term for drugs in his earlier days.


Aug 20, 2014
Red Oakley in Mid-Atlantic

The decline of the Italian Hoagie

Ah, OK, sorry. I always order both; obviously got confused about which was the extra. Either way, strange.

Aug 11, 2014
Red Oakley in Philadelphia

The decline of the Italian Hoagie

When I got an Italian sub at White House, I thought it was very odd that they charge extra for hot peppers. Is this common in Philly/Jersey Shore? Not used to it in Delaware.

Aug 10, 2014
Red Oakley in Philadelphia

Interesting Breakfast Place Near U Delaware?

Deer Park Tavern at the top of East Main Street has brunch on Saturday and Sunday if that works. The place has been around forever and the food is pretty darn good for a college tavern.

Aug 03, 2014
Red Oakley in Mid-Atlantic

What happened to Eberly Poultry, closed ?

This is very sad. My husband used to visit Eberly once in a while with a friend who was a serious amateur chef. We always enjoyed whatever the guys brought back for the freezer. Hard to imagine they'd just close with no explanation, but that's what it looks like. I wonder if the local paper would have any more info if you called them.

Jul 12, 2014
Red Oakley in Pennsylvania

Need to feed a hungry lacrosse team in north OC.

Grotto Pizza at 124th St. if you don't care about seafood. http://www.grottopizza.com/locations/...

Phillips Seafood at 141st St. if you'd like crabs or other seafood. (But plenty of choices for those who don't like seafood.) http://www.phillipsseafood.com/locati...

Jul 07, 2014
Red Oakley in Mid-Atlantic

Philadelphia area coffee roasters who sell their beans retail?

We've been ordering from Pike Creek Roasterie for many years, both espresso and a mild morning blend, and we've been very happy. They roast when you order and the beans, or custom grind, arrive within a few days. Shipping charge is reasonable.

Jul 04, 2014
Red Oakley in Philadelphia

Monte Cristo?

Are you willing to DIY? Here's the Bennigan's recipe.

Most other recipes have a simpler, egg-and-milk batter. So maybe Bennigan's is really on to something. (Never have eaten at one, so never had the Monte Cristo experience.)

Jun 29, 2014
Red Oakley in Philadelphia

Rehoboth-Lewes Best Independent Markets

For seafood, Big Fish Market, next door to Big Fish Grill on Route 1 just south of the Rehoboth Ave turnoff. GREAT takeout, too!

For meat, Hickman's on Route 1 a little north of Rehoboth.

Lewes and Rehoboth both have a one-day/week Farmers Market; here's the schedule for all of Sussex County: http://dda.delaware.gov/marketing/Far...

Every day but Sunday -- pretty good produce, plus a lot of other goodies, at Fifer's Market, at Cullen St. and Route 1 on the Forgotten Mile between Dewey and Rehoboth. My sister loves the produce at Tomato Sunshine on the northbound side of Route 1 north of Rehoboth.

Hope you have a great time!

Jun 25, 2014
Red Oakley in Mid-Atlantic