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All Clad Essential 4QT vs Weeknight Pan

variance of materials aside, from a pure shape standpoint, what is the difference between these two pans.

I see the specs are listed different, but it seems like they almost just got measured different as well.

essential 4qt - 10 1/2" diam., 4" high; 6 lb. w/lid.

weeknight 4qt - 13" x 6"; 24" wide (with handle)

Is the bottom surface area of the weeknight pan just a lot smaller? It's obviously deeper and wider at the rim but it's hard to see in pics.

Feb 15, 2015
bobzemuda in Cookware

Commis Walk-Ins

...Weird edits from my phone.

Commis Walk-Ins

Perfect. I'll be alone also. I had some vacation to kill and figured I'd go pack in some food for an extended weekend. Coi is the capper Saturday. That seems like it might be an awkward solo meal, but I want to eat there.

Commis Walk-Ins

Isn't Caesar next to Chez Panisse in Berkeley?

Commis Walk-Ins

Thanks. It'll be Thursday (I'm in from St. Louis) but I might jet over on BART just to take a crack at it. if not, at least I tried.

Commis Walk-Ins

Curious about a couple things if anyone knows...

Can you walk in to Commis? If so, has anyone had luck doing this right when they open?

Are the bar spots directly in front of the kitchen reserved or do they use those for walk-ins?

St. Louis/Frontenac - ISO restaurant with vegan options

Cardwell's Frontenac is an option, but what are you looking to spend?

STL - Need Recs near Scottrade Center

It's open until 8:00PM

STL - Need Recs near Scottrade Center

I always hit 10th Street Italian when I go to anything at Scottrade as I can park in between and walk to both.

STL - Are there any decent Korean restaurants?

Hangook Kwan at Fee Fee and Olive is generally considered the best.

Seoul Garden on St. Charles Rock Road was good in the past but I've not been in a very long time.

There are also places that have a couple dishes that that they do well

i.e. U-City Grill does bibimbap
Shu Feng has good bulgogi

Late night dining in STL?

Franco serves dinner until 11:00
Remy's Kitchen & Wine Bar serves until 11:30

Does anyone miss Flaco's Tacos (stl) as much as me???

From what I gather the food is very different as it is different owners who also fondly remembered the original. I think both Bonwich and Froeb have reviewed it at this point.

STL...Off the Vine, Hampton Ave.

Well that's kind of what I was getting at. If it was the steak I was going to hold myself back because Luger's is, as you know, pretty much the bar with which all other's are judged.

We don't have a particularly good steakhouse in St. Louis in my opinion.

STL: organic beef in bulk?

grassland farms makes weekly deliveries to St. Louis every Sunday. Their beef is grassfed.

If you go to there is information about them and other grass-fed farmers in our area, and more will be added in the coming weeks as well.

STL...Off the Vine, Hampton Ave.

"was very similar to Peter Luger's in Brooklyn"

The steak or the steak sauce?

Cheese shops - STL

Of all these places, the Wine Merchant Clayton probably takes the best care of their cheeses physically as they have a true cheesemonger.

Their selection is smaller than some, but they do an excellent job helping you find the cheese that's just right for your occasion---even if it's just sitting around eating cheese.

Need Quick Rec for St. Louis

You totally got us. I didn't even think about the Monday thing.

And how was your 222?

Need Quick Rec for St. Louis

suck it up and drive to Edwardsville

Erato On Main

Kansas City Espresso recommendations?

If you do go to Broadway, don't go to the one they pictured in the NYT. The baristas weren't as good as the ones just around the corner at the roasting facility. It's literally within two blocks, and the roaster is just sitting out in the shop so it's got a nice ambiance if you're a coffeegeek. Considering your looking for shops in cities you travel to as I was, I'll gather that you are.

Feb 04, 2008
bobzemuda in Great Plains

St. Louis near the airport??

Oh come's a lot better than most cities airports. The biggest reason not to walk isn't that it's dangerous for any reason other than there are no sidewalks and you might get pegged by a car.

St. Louis Lunch

As much as I'd love to steer them to something that is actually good, and I really hate to say this because I don't personally care for most of it, but the original poster is looking for "St. Louis" food and that equals:

St. Louis style pizza
toasted ravioli
soggy salad
pork steaks
gooey butter cake
st. paul sandwich

As far as originality of the experience, I agree with Crown Candy and Blueberry Hill. While the food is not phenomenal, I think most out-of-towners find those places pretty unique.

St. Louis Lunch

I believe Five ceased to serve lunch when Newstead opened.

STL: NY/East Coast style pizza

La Pizza is your best option.

Dough is made fresh daily. Pizzas are tossed to order.

They're NYC transplants. Father and Son own it. The father used to work for Racanelli's in St. Louis until he felt they stopped caring about quality and had to quit and go off on his own.

Good eats around the St. Louis Airport area

As with most airports, it's not in the best or worst neighborhood, but there are really no fine dining options close. Staying close, however, these are some good things -- though not fancy things in any way:

Las Palmas on Woodson Road
Woofies on Woodson Road
Nick & Elena's PIzza on Woodson Road
India Palace on Lindbergh

Firefly Grill in Effingham IL

I've spoken to several people that have really enjoyed it but I've not been myself. Effingham is actually closer than Columbia, MO, so it's not that far as well. My wife and I were talking about driving their just this past weekend to check it out. Seriously.

St. Louis/U. City: Recs. re Chinese Noodle Cafe

I love that House Special Chicken at Shu Feng. I love spicy food and Liling always seems to get a kick out of making me pay for that. There are times they've made it so spicy I started sweating from the first bite on.

Araka vs. Niche: Parental Dinner

How is Terrene post Owens?

Araka vs. Niche: Parental Dinner

I wouldn't really call the food "bad" at Araka, but having been back once since my initial lunch, it has been sort of ho-hum. Still, when weighing against the rest of St. Louis' offerings, it's been well seasoned, properly cooked, and therefore still better than most of the offerings in St. Louis.

Land of Smile Thai - St. Louis

I agree masamun is a staple as well, but a bit heavy for a Wednesday lunch -- for me

Need fresh Sweeetbreads

Call some restaurants that you know of that serve them. You'd be surprised at how many restaurants are willing to sell you raw ingredients that are hard to come by in usable quantities for home cooks.