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ISO recs for dinner near Deerfoot Casino

Karma on 130th ave is pretty good. It's casual-ish and serves pretty good indian food at decent prices. Good wine selection too.

Oct 12, 2013
grumblebee in Prairie Provinces

ISO recs for dinner near Deerfoot Casino

I was going to say The Ranche too. Definitely not diner food, but it isn't a chain and is in a beautiful location... and the food is ah-may-zing!

Oct 12, 2013
grumblebee in Prairie Provinces

The All-Mighty Condiment

Pimento cheese.

Crackers, crudites, bread, chips... no matter. The STAR is that delicious, creamy, fatty, spread of awesomeness.

Sep 11, 2013
grumblebee in General Topics

Your flaws as a cook. Here are mine.

Baking or recipes that require PRECISE measurements are my downfall. I get impatient. I hate making them. They annoy me to no end. I have, and always will be, an "eyeballer." I have tried to change my stripes, but the instant I start measuring stuff the enjoyment of cooking goes out the window and I get frustrated...

Sure, it'd be lovely to make wonderful little pastries, desserts, and finicky foods... but guess what? That's not my style.

I can create and plate "complicated" dishes, but I do it freestyle. Measuring is for chumps. LOL.

Sep 09, 2013
grumblebee in Home Cooking

Boyd's Seafood Restaurant is closing (YYC)

I worked there for 3 1/2 yrs and was there up until the very end. I am sad to see it go. It was the best seafood in town. And I'm not just saying that because it kept me employed for that long. I was a customer LONG BEFORE i was ever working there. :-( Cant believe its gone now.

The owner has already confirmed that he is moving the business to Invermere. Doesn't really do much good for the majority of Calgarians, nor the staff. I guess we'll see.

It won't be re-opening in Calgary though -- I do know that.

Feb 01, 2011
grumblebee in Prairie Provinces

A Check on Rude Behavior

To the person who wrote in about the guy w/ the credit card: I'd be careful to notice whether or not he is tipping the full amount that people have included w/ their cash. I work as a server and half the time when a person takes everyone's cash and puts the tab on their card or debit they end up pocketing part of the tip and leaving less than what the group, collectively, was going to leave. (us servers DO notice things like this, so dont think you are pulling a fast one) Just the other day this happened where I overheard the women @ the table discussing how much tip to leave (both said they would leave $5... so that would be $10 total right there... not including the "gentleman's" tab/tip) Anyway, come time to pay, the women go to the washroom while the man settles the tab. He takes the cash and tips me $5 for the entire check. So not only did he pocket half my tip but he didnt even tip on his own meal!

Anyway, not saying your friend is like this, but I'm saying this happens more often than you'd think. :-(

Jun 04, 2010
grumblebee in Features

Calgary, Eau Claire area: Rivoli Chophouse

Went there tonight with a large group. I know big groups are difficult to coordinate in terms of meal timing, etc. But we had a reservation and they knew we were coming.
Every. Single. Meal. was dreadful. One meal was entirely forgotten, and when it was brought to the servers attention we were informed that the cook had prepared the wrong dish, having misunderstood the server.
The vegetables were limp, anemic and cold, and my salmon was so overcooked that I, quite literally, could not even cut into 1/2 of it. (it was so dried out that it was HARD... like it had been done in a microwave and cooked too long) And this place is supposedly a "chophouse" so how come all the beef entrees were BURNT and extremely overcooked. (not only that, but COLD, to boot) It was one of the worst restaurant meals I have ever had in my life -- and I am generally not a picky person.
Some of the meals were sent back and when they returned, the vegetables were a different type and there were no potatoes because apparently they had "run out" of potatoes. So the food that we originally got, with potatoes, was cold... sent back... and our replacements were missing items we were supposed to have in the first place!
The server was very attentive and apologetic. And being in the restaurant industry myself I know how difficult these situations are. She handled it very well and I felt bad for her because I know how frustrating it is to serve food that is coming out of the kitchen all wrong.
Unfortunately, our good server cannot make up for the poor food quality. The entirely empty restaurant, aside from us, should have tipped us off from the get go that this was probably not the most popular place in town.
Oh well! Live and learn. And this lesson = never going back to a "chophouse" that can't even cook their signature dishes correctly

Nov 12, 2009
grumblebee in Prairie Provinces

daytrip from calgary?

i like the Black Cat Restaurant in Longview. The homemade spaezel is reason enough to go!!! a real gem... :)

May 09, 2009
grumblebee in Prairie Provinces