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sunday dinner in the delta? - moved from San Francisco board

Giust's is one of those hidden gems, Eat at the bar with the guys or the dining room for special service, Heard they serve stewed tripe last Wednesday of each month. Sunday brunch is very good, --bg in kc

Jun 05, 2009
bob gourley in California

Casual Steak in Kansas City

J. Gilbert's Wood Fired Steaks around 87th and Metcalf is the answer to both quality and attire. Try the bone-in cowboy ribeye.

Pork tenderloin sandwich in KC

Check out the new "Swagger" at 85th and Wornall. It's a former "working man's bar" and the person you might be sitting next to is probably downing a shot of tequila with his Bud Light ("a beer and a bump") while humming Johnny Paychek's signature song. The tenderloin sandwich I relished was with Cajun seasoninga although there is an alternate "plain" variety. Inadvertently cooked a bit more than necessary, it was accompanied by pure horseradish, a delicious sauce, and wasabi coleslaw (optional). and instead of iceberg, was garnished with fresh leaf lettuce, an unusual touch. This has been my only lunchtime experience with Swagger, but be assured I will return. Something tells me the chef has formal training and his well thought out menu might be a far cut above regular sports bar food. Don't take your ultra-sophisticated friend there unless she mixes well with regular people. I believe Swagger has reason to.

May 15, 2009
bob gourley in Great Plains

Prime beef (JoCo, KS)

You're a discriminating shopper. Sam's also has terrific ribeyes sold in pkgs. of three.

Late afternoon chow near Stanford Hosp

nm's "club salad" sounds like the "Cobb Salad"" served at Hollywood and LA's grand old Brown Derby. Derivation of the name is interesting.

Best Italian Restaurant in Little Italy

Of all the Little Italys in the world,this dame had to . . . never mind! Which are you referring to. Try any in SF or the Hill District in St. Louis.

May 11, 2009
bob gourley in Manhattan