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Pairing wine with yakiniku.

Hi all,

We're having dinner at a nice yakiniku restaurant in Japan; I want to bring a nice wine, as the ones on the menu [while great!] are overpriced. Any suggestions for what would make a great pairing? Pinot Noir? Cabernet?


Jul 18, 2009
project_4 in Wine

Finding Confectioner's Chocolate in Japan

I just can't find the right kind of chocolate to make bonbons with. I mean French truffles, molds with hazelnut centers, all the kind of stuff I could make back home in Canada. I'm sick of only being able to find that really terrible, cheap, sugary faux-chocolate that they have all over the shelves during Valentine's day -- where can I get the real stuff? Valrhona couveture chocolate?

And how much is it gonna cost me?


May 09, 2009
project_4 in Japan