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Smokey J's Q House - BBQ in Berkeley

Two of us went on Friday, and again on Sunday.

Friday - hours after we left, we were thinking about that spice rub. Delicious! We shared the ribs, brisket, pulled pork, rib tips (LOVED IT), pulled chicken, and garlic potatoes.

Sunday - we tried ordering the rib tips, but were told they weren't being served that day. So we got a full rack for 3 and the frito pie. We didn't finish the rack, but even the next day - it had great depth of flavor and lots of smokiness.

Note - if you don't like a lot of smoke, be wary of the pulled chicken. It had a lot of smoke flavor that I could see overwhelming some people.

Also, I preferred the regular sauce to their spicy sauce. Regular has more vinegar tang and seems brighter.

Jun 28, 2011
pter in San Francisco Bay Area

Macarons in Bulk in SF Bay area?

Maybe try this?
We had ordered 600 from them last week.

Jun 22, 2011
pter in San Francisco Bay Area

My Dumpling Opens in Milpitas Square

I went by there in a group of four for lunch today.
They seemed fairly busy, all the tables were full, with two parties of 5-6. We only waited about 10 minutes for a table to free up, so service was pretty quick.

We ordered:
Juicy Pork Dumplings
Fish Dumplings
Green onion pancake-thin
Fried Golden Milk Buns
Chicken Cold Noodles
Shrimp Fried Rice

Dumplings were good, but seemed a little dense. I didn't particularly enjoy the fish dumpling, although my wife liked them. I had a large piece of chive in mine, and a large single chunk of water chestnut. My favorite dishes were the fried golden buns and cold noodles, but that may have been due to the weather.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Service seemed friendlier than typical Chinese places. Looking forward to going back to order other stuff from the menu.

Jun 16, 2011
pter in San Francisco Bay Area

Double shot of pie: Pizzeria Delfina (Filmore) and Bao Necci/Danilo’s

I think there is a difference. I've been to both several times with different parties, and we've always enjoyed the California branch less. I've never had anything particularly enjoyable at that branch, except maybe the asparagus off the fritti menu. Even the margherita pizza was forgettable.

May 16, 2011
pter in San Francisco Bay Area

Off The grid

I like El Porteno's empanadas, and generally get at least one every time I've been by. That being said, I tried their asparagus special on Friday and it was off-putting. Even though I received a hot one from the heater, the vegetables inside had wilted and become more of a mush than anything else. It was disgusting too look at after the first bite, and impossible to finish.

May 16, 2011
pter in San Francisco Bay Area

Smitten Ice Cream

I stopped by over the weekend with my family and did get a chance to try the rhubarb crisp, salted caramel, and vanilla (everything they had on the board).

No custom flavors like I had read about previously was kind of a bummer.

Vanilla was definitely the best of the three - easily the crowd pleaser.
Salted caramel was too sweet for all except the kids.
Rhubarb crisp was ok - refreshing after the salted caramel, but on it's own it wasn't all that special.

We walked around for a bit afterwards, and ended up driving to BiRite a few hours later.

May 12, 2011
pter in San Francisco Bay Area

Jody Maroni's at Bay Street in Emeryville

Thanks for the report! I was getting excited, and will probably swing by in the next few weeks instead of immediately :)

Sep 17, 2009
pter in San Francisco Bay Area

Hayward Farmers Market - Sat. NEW location by City Hall

In case anyone wanted a falafel fix, I noticed the Flying Falafel setting up a booth there this past weekend.

May 18, 2009
pter in San Francisco Bay Area

Diedrich coffee in the East Bay?

I remember having some amazing coffee from Diedrich's in Huntington Beach. Is there somewhere that serves Diedrich's coffee in the East Bay? Say between Hayward and Milpitas?


May 08, 2009
pter in San Francisco Bay Area

Tacos Al Pastor - Vertical Spit with Pineapple - Anyone in the east bay?

I'll have to try the al pastor next time at Los Portales. So far, I've tried the chile verde (skip) and carne asada (ok).

May 08, 2009
pter in San Francisco Bay Area

El Taco de Oro: Fooled Again by the Suckiness of Alviso (Also, World’s Worst Bulletproof Device)

A group of us went there today (restaurant, not the truck).
I had 4 regular tacos - cabeza (beef cheek) was the best, followed by the carnitas, then the lengua, and the carne asada was just ok.

Very filling, and a great deal for $5.

May 08, 2009
pter in San Francisco Bay Area