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Pork tenderloin sandwich in KC

Wow, hard to believe no one's mentioned Christie's Tasty Queen in KCK for their moist, hand-pounded, hand-breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches. It's an old wooden diner/malt shop, been around 25 years, and the PTs are my fave around KC. With fries it's about 6 bucks (4.95 for the sand), open 10 to 8. Christie's is at 1405 S. 55th st, a mile or so south of Turner Diagonal (which is also 32 HWY) a little south and west of I-70 and 635. You get into "downtown" Turner and it's on the east side, a green and white shack. Hadn't had one in years, then found myself nearby today and had one for lunch; could hardly finish it was so big (but I did!). Good as ever!

May 08, 2009
piggyboy in Great Plains