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Best lemon meringue and or key lime in Toronto?

Hello! My boss is shaving a baby and demands the very best lemon meringue and key lime pie! Where should I go? A different place for each? Advice, please!

Vietnamese near Coxwell/Danforth?

Hey! Just moved to Queen/Coxwell. And desperate for decent Vietnamese. Is it just me or is nothing out here?

Best Portuguese Bakery in Toronto?

Heading to west end tomorrow hoping to pick up delish Portuguese bakery treats. Thanks!

Where to eat within short walking distance of ROM?

Hello! Looking for a decent, fresh lunch post-ROM visits and music class. Any recs beside Pho or Manulife? Reviews seem dismal. Thanks so much!

Has anyone tried Sophie - Logan and Queen East

I went by two Saturdays ago. The tourtiere was delicious and a generous portion, paired with a forgettable leafy salad. Wonderful latte and croissant. Middling waffle. Worst service I've had in Leslieville, possibly anywhere: Rude and surly. Bill wasn't broken down, came in one total and seemed incorrect, but who knows. Uncomfortable chairs.

Rude treatment at Le Petit Dejeuner

Have had the same experience with surly staff even during early Monday lunches. The waffles and frites are good, but the eggs and sandwiches not great. Definitely not good enough to put up with that attitude.

Victoria's is closing

Why? What's replacing it? A good cheap lunch spot for old-school grilled cheese.

Where Can I Find Empanada Wrappers in Toronto?

Where Can I Find Empanada Wrappers in Toronto? Hoping ot make some, and pizza dough wasn't great. I live in Leslieville but will travel! Thanks :)

Nathan Phillips Square Tasty Thursdays: Worth it?

Is there anything worth going for? Desperate for a new lunch routine.

ISO Delicious Chocolate Cake for a Birthday

I'm the office birthday lady, the cake lady. These are my one and almost only opportunity to be a "team player."
Tomorrow is my foil, my achilles heal--a chocolate cake only lady. I hate chocolate cake, have never bought it. My standards are high, but hers are not.
Advice, pls!


Hi! I work at Queen/Church. For months I've been hunting down Bibimbap for lunch. Able to do a 20 minute walk or a 10 minute streetcar ride. Any suggestions?
Or for dinner: I live Broadview/Danforth. Hoping to find somewhere closeby.

Three's Company--mediocre, go in with low expectations

I've been consistently recommended Three's Company at Pape/Danforth recently, for a few months now.
Accordingly, I went with high expectations. The poutine, featuring a greasy, brown-ringed fried egg atop bbq pork and orange-and-white cheddar topped freezer fries was okay.

My friend's spinach Benny was bland and soggy.

Hopefully this saves you a trip. Drinks on the menu were not available.

Three's Company
673 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

Best of Danforth Thread

What's the best brunch on the Danforth? Looking for anywhere between Broadview and Chester. Winter means I can't head down to Queen.

Blackstone meats on the Danforth

Sad to see it go. It was very helpful to have somewhere before Pape to buy specific quantities of meat from other than the dubious stuff at Loblaws or the poorly packaged at Big Carrot. Frustrating, because Royal on the Danforth is a bit far, as if Meat on the Beach. Occassionally, I want organic for my baby. I heard there is somewhere on Pape; does anyone know where?

Best whole milk or goat's milk in Toronto?

Hi there,
I'm looking for the most delicious whole cow's milk or goat's milk for me and my baby who is starting dairy soon. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hamburgers: Searching for a good hamburger restaurant in Toronto


Lady Marmalade - Queen E.

Brunched there today. Apparently the poutines are no longer available on the weeiend. Very kid-friendly. Fairly good cheddar & scallion waffles. Fun Coke Float. friend enjoyed her avocado, brie & bacon benny. Service poor: three tables seated after us had orders taken first and finished meals before we got ours. So good food, great value, a family friendly resto that suits Leslieville perfectly.

Best fruit/veg delivery in Toronto?

thanks! deciding between mama earth and front door

Best fruit/veg delivery in Toronto?

Does anyone have a fruit/veg box delivery service you can recommend?

It's the only way I can be sure I always have enough fresh produce at home for us. (Too busy w/ work.)
Thank you!

Broadview espresso - the real deal!

Has the espresso shop just north of Loblaws, south of Danforth, east side of Broadview, a couple doors down from Pizza Pizza opened up yet?

Best candy store in TO?

thank you! good to know

Best candy store in TO?

Avoid Suckers on the Danforth. Items stale and shop is often out of stock on basics. In fact, every time I've been looking for something specific they've been "sold out." Black shoestring, Ring Pops, etc. Too, when a friend and I asked to taste an ice cream he requested our taster sticks back and double-dipped them for a second taste. And that's the owner. In the east end I head to the Bulk Barn at Leslie/Lakeshore, in that Loblaws plaza.

Petite Thuet - King & Yonge

Meringues so glossy and gorgeous--and enormous! Dry all the way through; little trace of vanilla. Accordingly, may be to egg-y for some.

Beer Bistro..Worth a Visit?

Has anyone been for brunch? Thanks!

Prerna - good Indian at Broadview/Danforth

are they associated with magic oven? is it where magic kitchen was?

Is the new Oliver & Bonacini Café in the old Shopsies (Front St.) open yet?

thank you!

Is the new Oliver & Bonacini Café in the old Shopsies (Front St.) open yet?

Is the new Oliver & Bonacini Café in the old Shopsies (Yonge & Front St., across from Hummingbird) open yet?
Desperate for decent brunch/lunch in those quarters.

Yummy Sunday brunch/lunch near Union Station/Royal York Hotel?

What do you recommend at Beerbistro? I haven't been before.

Best Riverdale/Leslieville/Queen East butcher?

I'm on the hunt for a new butcher. Any tips?
Would love to hear yoru thougths on Rowe Farmers, Blackstone or Queen Meats.

Places you like to buy fruit

I agree. I was avoiding Danfort, but now I love it. And Valley Farms has had a quite decent selection of organic and local lately. Very happy w/ it.