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Catering in montreal-Top 3 mid-high range 60 people in home

Tuck Shop does catering and I've heard very good things.

See the website.

Best Montreal or Québécois or modern Canadian for Philly foodies to try

It featured pretty prominently the one time I was there... I highly suspect it will be on the menu in some form or another. I don't think its seasonal.


Sparkles has them.

Food Trucks 2013

Does this mean it's "as bad" or "as difficult" in NYC as Montreal - or just expensive? As far as I can tell, the bulk of the criticism wrt the food truck regime in Mtl has been targeted at the bureaucratic nightmare involved and the unnecessary rules and regulations surrounding it, which basically just perpetuate the original problem - that the resto lobby in Mtl. has too much sway with councillors to protect their business.

I'm getting from the article that it's expensive in NYC but everything is relative...and most things are exorbitantly expensive in NYC, particularly when it comes to starting businesses. It's a barrier to entry - you need to come up with big amounts of startup capital - but the article seems to suggest you can still turn a profit, and that other than the costs to obtain a license to sell in a particular spot, there isn't an undue amount of red tape.

Just my $0.02

Montreal - long airport layover, suggestions?

This thread just reminds me how shameful it is that we don't have a quick rail link between Trudeau and downtown.

Real Neapolitan pizza margherita in Montreal ?

I also like Napoletana for what it is. A fun atmosphere in Little Italy and a BYOB (very handy). That being said, ironically, despite its name, it isn't really Neapolitan style pizza. The crust is much thinner and crispier...maybe something closer to Roman style.

The closest thing I've found to real Neapolitan style is Bottega. Magpie was OK but way too saucy. The entire table was damp from two pizzas.

Brief Week-end Trip report - Montreal - Nuit Blanche 2013

Ha - so very true, Cosmos being a great example.

Fortune Dumpling pancakes are AMAZING!

Tried Fortune Dumplings a couple of weeks ago and thought it was just OK. I prefer the dumplings at both Qing Hua and Mai Xiang Yuan in Chinatown, and with QH so close by, I wouldn't really have any reason to go back to Fortune (although the interior is very nice, bright and clean and the open kitchen is a nice touch).

Tried the pancake and while it was decent, it just wasn't really my speed.

Service was very friendly and I wish them much success nonetheless.

Montreal Restaurant Help needed

I don't think APDC is open for lunch.

Patisserie Belge Closed??

Passed by today and it was closed - with a sign thanking the clientele. A very big loss for the neighborhood. I had been going for there for more than 15 years.

Anyone been to Scarpetta on Park?

Got a pretty favourable review in the Gazette last weekend:

Any thoughts?

Where can I find Vergnano coffee beans?

According to their website, In Gamba is supposed to carry them but I went today and the woman working there (who admittedly didn't seem to know what she was doing/talking about) said they didn't have them (this despite having an enormous Caffe Vergnano-branded clock right next to the front door - maybe not the best marketing technique...)

Anyway - can anyone tell me where I might find them?


Prosciutto Wanted

PA has vacuum-packed sliced Canadian prosciutto on sale. Quality is decent.

Marché Jean-Talon becoming Loblaws

Talk about a misleading title.....

McGill wasteland?

The little bar area at Thomson House has good prices and decent service.

Otherwise, despite the lack of other options nearby, Thomson House is a waste of time for food. I have also found that the service is terrible. There is usually one interesting dish on the menu - otherwise it's just pre-assembled food that has been sitting there all day. And I don't find the atmosphere that endearing either. Beautiful mansion on the outside yes - but pretty run-down and basic on the inside much like all of McGill's Golden Square Mile mansions.

First time visit, special occassion

For the last request, Whisky Cafe in Mile-End. Pricy but very nice atmosphere and probably the best cigar lounge in the city.

Coffee in Little Italy on a Saturday morning

It should be open by 6:30 at the latest, especially on a Saturday morning in late summer when there will be so many people going to the market.

I think it's the best coffee in the city - but of course that is a combination of objectivity and having grown up going there all the time. The quality varies slightly depending on who the barista is, but on Saturday they usually have at least one more "senior" person working the bar. In any event, I don't think you can be disappointed by the coffee there.

Coffee in Little Italy on a Saturday morning

Caffe Italia

McGill wasteland?

Universel on Peel below Sherbrooke has decent breakfast.

Where to watch NFL games in montreal?

To be absolutely sure that particular Giants game will be on, you can go with Champs at the expense of horrible food. That is one place that will definitely have every game available. They have decent deals on pitchers but the beer list itself isn't great by any stretch of the imagination. Champs is on St. Lawrence just below Rachel.

Also, as mentioned above, Station des Sports on St. Catherine and Fort would probably show it as well.

If the local American affiliate of any of the networks is showing the Giants game (FOX possibly, as CBS usually shows the Patriots), then you can ask for it to be turned on at any pub/resto that has a TV and might have better food.

5 days in Montreal - help us shorten our restaurant list!

When you go to the jean talon market take the time to make the five minute walk to Caffe Italia. The coffee is better there than at any of the other places mentioned herein. In my opinion anyway. And it is a Montreal institution.

Help me decide where to redeem my free meal

So I was gifted one of these "Smartbox" gift cards that offers me a free meal at one of a variety of choices. I hate using gift cards at restaurants, but I would feel even worse turning down a free meal, so I digress....

There's a couple of dozen choices and at this point I'm trying to decide between Lemeac and Les Infideles. The food at Lemeac interests me more but Les Infideles has the advantage of being a BYO (which would make the entire evening THAT much cheaper...).

Here's the link with the list of the available choices, in case anyone would like to suggest something they think is even better:


Any good Cafes in Montreal?

Myriade definitely has great coffee, but I'd personally feel bad spending 4 bucks and taking up a table in that tiny space for hours to study, especially for the next 6 months as the terrace will be closed. It's a small business that needs quick's not a huge place with a thousand locations like Starbucks or Second Cup. If you want to take up a table for a while, sacrifice better coffee and just go to run of the mill chains. When you want to enjoy a good coffee, go to Myriade.

Map of Great PIZZA joints in Montreal


65 Rue Saint-Zotique E, Montreal, QC H2S1K7, CA

Trip Report - 4 Days in Montreal

Wow, your day 2 was truly epic. I think I'd be full for a week. Thanks for the report.

Anyone noticing effects of the new receipt regulation?

....or Cosmos.

Jul 17, 2011
berbatov in Food Media & News

Anyone noticing effects of the new receipt regulation?

Absolutely agree with you. +1

Jul 17, 2011
berbatov in Food Media & News

Anyone noticing effects of the new receipt regulation?

Yeah, I agree. On the one hand I'm glad that the restaurant owners who WERE skimming are hopefully going to have to pay their fair share. I know through many associates in the industry just how common (and in some cases substantial) the evasion was. On the other hand, Quebec has chosen a typically stupid way of tackling the issue. The registers are extremely expensive and even though they are partially subsidized in some cases, the upfront cost needs to be covered immediately and completely by the owners. The article was just a sampling, but I can see how this is going to have a huge effect on small businesses.
And really, in the end, its always the consumer who is going to bear the final cost, as is exemplified by the recent increases. The alternative is that a lot of Montreal favourites might have to shut their doors - that's just how common and widespread the skimming was.

Jul 17, 2011
berbatov in Food Media & News

Baked goods in Montreal...

Like I mentioned in the thread about rugelach and babka, I love Cheskie's and especially their cinnamon danish.

The Polish donuts from Wawel (I go to either St Mark downtown or Sherbrooke in NDG) are also a personal favourite.

Anyone noticing effects of the new receipt regulation?

The new law has nothing to do with including tax or not, that was just an additional change Napoletana had made.

The new law which is coming into full and total effect November 1st is that all restaurants (with very few exceptions) must purchase and use a Revenue Quebec approved register (at substantial cost) and produce new standardized receipts for all transactions. It's going to be all digitally monitored by Revenue Quebec (the machines have to send monthly cash reports).
The government brought these new regulations in to combat all the undeclared, under the table cash flow in the restaurant industry. It's extremely common (or perhaps was) that restaurant owners skim off the top to lower declared income. They are finally cracking down on it.
Here's a link to Revenue Quebec's explanation:

And here's a story in the Gazette about how it's hitting some small-businesses hard:

And all related is the fact that I've slowly been noticing many places are increasing their prices accordingly - that is to make up for what was previously partially undeclared income.

Jul 17, 2011
berbatov in Food Media & News