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Loser Fake-Meat Dinners

I'll never understand why someone would be so hard edged on meat eating, yet choose to eat something highly processed.

Aug 14, 2010
breadnwine in Features

Will This Booze Make You Evil?

interesting comments about what you wake up to at 4am.....did it happen to you

Jul 02, 2010
breadnwine in Features

Orange Bitters

why are you people using some old dried up orange peel. is something wrong with fresh?

Jun 25, 2010
breadnwine in Recipes

Indoor Composting Systems

These gadgets are for people with too much money. I use large rubbermaid totes with some customization. The worms should be kept at 40-70 degrees. I live in AK and our stupid housesitters let the worms go to about -20. I couldn't believe it but some survived. The housesitters survival is questionable. The eggs survive freezing too.

I definitely would not keep this indoors, it drains and attracts fruit flies. I keep it in the heated garage in the winter (45) and outside in the shade in the summer. My method is not for the squeemish but I don't mind dirty jobs. They produce about 40 gallons of rich compost every year which I use when planting my garden.
The only thing I avoid giving them is citrus.

May 07, 2009
breadnwine in Features