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Greek restaurant in Montreal: Milos

I really don't think this would fit what the OP is looking for.

One can hardly consider Arahova and Milos as being in the same league. Arahova is (very) casual dining; Milos being very high end.

Where are they now--Chef Dave from Le Bienville

if you mean David Pellizzari - he's still there, manning the helm along with his wife. They've renamed as Lili Co. A bit of a change in focus - smaller plates, more organ meats - still great. Favourable writeup in Le Devoir today.

Marché Jean-Talon becoming Loblaws

Not sure that I agree with her points though. When she states:

...Mais pouvez-vous me dire pourquoi j'achèterais des mangues au marché Jean-Talon plutôt qu'à la fruiterie du coin...?

She ignores one very good reaon for this... the MJT works as a nearly-complete one-stop-shopping experience because I can get items that are local and more exotic in one place. I do support labelling to indicate what is/is not local, but I am less likely to make two trips for food shopping in a week and would likely turn my attention to Loblaw's if MTJ became a "local production only" institution.

Help me narrow, please

Had my birthday dinner last night at Salle à Manger and was thoroughly impressed. Main was a cote de poulain (horse) shared between two. Been there a few times and this was the best of the "large plates" I've eaten there.


Bistro Bienville has gone dark

Noticed this while walking home the other night. Restro dark at 9 pm. Mail not picked up outside. A call to their number reaches a message announcing their closure due to a family emergency and that they will reopen only at a later date.

Too bad - I hope all goes well for them - I did like that place.

Restaurant Closings in 2012

Website has a nice message confirming the closure as of March 23, 2012

Restaurant Closings in 2012

There are a number of Java U closures I`ve noticed - like the one that used to be on St. Denis as well.


I would extend your analysis to emphasize the extreme conservatism at the SAQ. I recall about 15 years ago reading somewhere about the SAQ response to the then just appearing flavoured vodkas. In summary the SAQ representative dismissed flavoured vodkas as a "fad" and stating that the SAQ would not stock flavoured vodkas because "vodka is by definition flavourless." Similarly, a few years ago it was impossible to get good tequila or cachaca here, let alone St-Germain and the like.

SAQ really seems to want to sell wine, and puts there marketing emphasis there. And while I'm a big wine drinker, I too am a frustrated cocktail mixer.

Faux Poutine and Other Foods We Hate

Poutine is supposed to be a mushy disaster. The word may be derrived from either "pudding" or "stew". An apocryphal story has the name comming from a French Canadian expression translating as "a Goddamn mess."

I agree that the newfangled stuff is almost always awful but as mentioned earlier Martin Picard gets a pass for foie gras poutine since he invented the whole upscale/downscale poutine thing in the first place.

Feb 29, 2012
buspirone in Features

Big Island - Is the "new" Huli Sue's still as good as the "old" for lunch?

Planning a trip to the BI next month. Last year was our first time and we just stumbled upon Huli Sue's one day at lunch and loved it. Was planning to stop in again this time around but a quick net search shows they've become a high-end fusion-y place, at least at dinner. I gather they still do the BBQ thing at lunch.

Honestly I loved the BBQ but doubt I have any interest in making the trek from Kona for a dinner. Is lunch still the same BBQ good-ness of the old incarnation or am I best to file this as a fong memory and move on?


Jan 06, 2012
buspirone in Hawaii

Do NOT order omakase at Jun i

Funny, I took my parents (from Halifax) there on Sept 23 and had a wildly different experience. We ordered apps a la carte, but asked for an omakase experience after that. We had several services of rolls, sushi and sashimi that left the 4 of us quite satisfied. Admittedly it was not a true omakase in that we gave a fair amount of direction to the waitress, telling her that we are all fairly adventurous in our palates, definitely wanted certain items (e.g. cuttlefish) and that price was no object (we also ordered two fairly expensive bottles of wine). The meal was stunning from start to finish and no one was hungry after. And yes, it was VERY expensive, but since it was a night out for visiting family that's OK.

So I'm not sure what happened in your case, but again, mine was radically different from what you describe.

Blind date.....

Jun I would fit the bill perfectly.

Montreal's gay village

Both are definitely sub-par. The Village is not a great destination for food.

Best and Worst Grocery Store Finds...

Cool Ranch Doritos spotted this weekend at the Angus Yard Loblaws.

For a while I thought there was some kind of Quebec law against these - they never made it into la Belle Province!

Belle Province
20 Rue Brunet, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC J3G4S6, CA

Toque' or Better

Just to add a note of encouragement, I for one still find Toque to be a great experience. Food is top notch and with one exception the service excellent. (once there was clearly an issue in the kitchen resulting in an overlong delay between two courses on the tasting menu).

However the restaurant is quite formal and quiet and just doesn't really seem to jibe with the atmosphere that most people (that I know at least) seem to be interested in when dining out. And this in turn really seems to impact on the food. In other words, the whole experience doesn't seem to be "fun" for a lot of people. Sometimes I wonder if that isn't part of what drives the less-than-stellar reputation Toque has on this board. I'd still recommend it though since that seems to what you want to try.

In other veins, definitely recommend Pied de Cochon, no question. They should be adding their seafood platters to the menu soon (when are you comming?). Personally I also like L'orignal in old montreal and Le Salle a Manger on the Plateau. Milos and Ferriera (suggested elsewhere) are also pretty good.

Just Good Sushi Please.

Ordered in last night - basic stuff - salmon sashimi, some nigiri and basic rolls (i.e. California). Decent for the price and what we were looking for. Only complaint is the presence of carrots in the miso were not really something I appreciated, but this is nitpicking.

Thanks for the tip.

Lunch near Sherbrooke and University

Not sure if this is the right place for someone taking a client out to lunch, particularly one who would have gone to le Parchemin in the past. Its a bit too downmarket (not that that's a bad thing) when compared to what I think the OP is looking for.

Just Good Sushi Please.

Actually I would have to recommend against Tri Express. The sushi is good, and inventive, but not traditional in any sense. Also the way they operate is really unnerving.

1. No liquor license which really undercuts the purpose of going out for a "nice" meal. I usually will want wine/sake or perhaps a cocktail with my sushi. Tea just doesn't cut it for me.
2. Its a small space.
3. Staff have been quite unfriendly when I've been there. Not responsive, made sure we knew they were closing at 20h30 SHARP when we arrived at 19h15 for dinner and just generally have made me feel unwelcome. A caveat - Tri himself is great and none of the above applies to him.

I think Jun I could be your best bet in Montreal, but really its just not something that's available here... and that's OK...

Now if anyone has a great sushi delivery place on the Plateau to recommend I'm all ears.... and I am perfectly willing to order in a meal of dragon roll and some maguro and sake nigiri as long as its good quality.

Tri Express
1650 Av Laurier E, Montreal, QC H2J1J2, CA

Are the World's Greatest Wines Worth the Price?

@ Captainspirou - re: Keller's Boeuf Bourguignon. It does make a difference. Not as apt an analogy as whiskey.

Sep 22, 2010
buspirone in Features

Crappy fruit - what's the story??

I agree that we are not a peach growing region but both Ontario and Nova Scotia have amazing peaches when in season. Its just disappointing to have such great peaches so close, yet sadly just out of reach. Even at JTM I find that only about 30-40% of the peaches are truly worth it.

Also in Ontario I've seen mini-sized baskets for sale that solves the problem of too many peaches for a small household. Haven't seen that here.

Forget the peaches at Costco - uggghhh!

Birthday Dinner Suggestions

Have family comming in to town next week to celebrate a mid-week birthday. We'll be four, large budget, fairly adventureous. We'd prefer to go somewhere with a bit of life on a Tuesday night. Downtown or plateau preferably.

Currently thinking of either Jun I or Ferreira as top candidates. Won't do Europea (been there a lot recently) or APdC (one member of my family cannot eat much fat since her gallbladder was removed). Any other thoughts/suggestions?

1227, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

What is Montreal's Best Greek Restaurant?

No attitude was given. The question was asked in a fairly reasonable tone, knowing full well it was a busy Friday night and that it was very possible that they might have not been able to accomodate us within the requested time frame. If he had just said "sorry, I can't really guarantee a table will be available soon" we would have just said thanks, we'll try some other time.

Sad, I remember eating there years ago and liking it a lot. Fortunately there are many great places to eat in the area.

What is Montreal's Best Greek Restaurant?

Had a terrible experience at Ouzeri a couple of weeks ago. Went as a party of four with no reservation. Walked in and asked how long a wait for a table was (it was a fairly busy Friday night). We were told that it would be 15 min. One of our party was fairly hungry and asked if they were sure that it would be 15 min, since he was not willing to wait too long. The answer we got was "Well its not my fault you didn't make a reservation" in an extremely arrogant tone. It was so offputting that we just left at that moment and ate elsewhere.

So the food might be good, but the attitude was certainly really poor.

4690 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2J2L3, CA

Service at Olive & Gourmando

I have never had anything but kind sevice with a smile at O&G. This is with the caveat that I used to live very closeby and was a regular there for a long time. Went back with a friend a week ago though and was welcomed with open arms.

RIP Bistro Christophe Truffert

I live in the area and while I'm sad to see them close, I wonder if they were not aiming just a little bit too high-end for the neightbourhood. The same with La Gaudriole. Both places never really seemed to catch on to with the locals as a place to go when you don't feel like cooking. My SO, who is not a chowhound and likely representative of the "common man," would steadfastly refuse to even consider eating in either spot saying they looked "too stuffy" for a casual night out. if you can't attract that kind of business then you'll never survive.

Passing of Mila Oh (aka moh)

Mila and I have been affliated with the same large employer for years. And while we never met in person, I had always secretly hoped to meet her in person sometime so I could tell her how much I enjoyed her input in the Montreal boards. So now that we never will meet in the hallways, I would like to publically thank her for all I have learned from her and to convey my deepest sympathies to her family for their loss. She will be missed.

May 26, 2010
buspirone in Site Talk

Barcelona in early May, 2010.

given the address and the description of the doors it is definitely la Tinaja. Great spot.

Apr 21, 2010
buspirone in Spain/Portugal

Duel closed temporarly

Also completely savaged in the Gazette last weekend. Interesting to see two local reviewers have such a completely different take on the place.

La Louisiane: So Disappointing..

scathing review... too bad, I use to like this place when I lived in the area, but that was a few years ago.

I do have to take issue though with the gumbo question. There are hundreds of different recipes for gumbo. All involve a thick soup that is thickened with okra, roux or file and served over rice. It may have been a bad gumbo, but hard to say that it wasn't a gumbo. Personally I for one prefer thick, dark Cajun gumbo to the lighter Creole versions; this is acheived by seriously cooking the roux.

Good, uniquely Montreal restaurant for business dinner?

Agree with La Montee and Ferrera, but would really recommend Europea for an outstanding experience.

Au Pied de Cochon is great as well, and is uniquely Quebecois/Montreal but I am not sure it is exactly what you want. The food is over-the-top rich and the atmosphere can be almost like a tavern rather than a serious restaurant.

As for Fouquet et Fourchette, its fun, but its definitely not in league with any of the above and if you're on an expense account budget I'd give it a pass in favour of one of the above.