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12 ppl Bay Ridge Sat night - suggestions?

We're looking for something casual. We know Casa Pepe would accommodate us on short notice. We like Gino's too but I think we're too big a party and too late on this one.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Jan 15, 2009
LalaEats in Outer Boroughs

Lebanese in Rockland County?

I have a feeling my friend may have been talking about Turkois Grille. I definitely plan on checking them out, as well as all the other leads you've all given me so far.

I miss Bay Ridge though!

Lebanese in Rockland County?

A friend told me she heard there was a new place somewhere in the county, perhaps Chestnut Ridge?

Anyone have any info?

If not, any recommendations for middle eastern Bergen County or Westchester?

Middle Eastern Catering/Take Out

The party was a success! I think I did OK going through The Family Store.

First I must apologize for not providing pictures. I was too busy running around chasing after my kids and making sure my guests were OK.

About the proposed menu - I was mistaken about the grape leaves. I thought that was included in what he quoted me, but it wasn't. For a caterer's 1/2 tray I paid an extra $40. I'm glad I did, becuae it was the hit of the party!

But what an abundance of food! It was way too much much. We didn't finish half of it. If I go this route again, I would say the party was for a less number of people than is actually attending.

Mostly every item was perfect. The grape leaves were melt in your mouth delectable. The spinach pies were perfection. The meat pies were the best I've had.

The shish taouk (chicken kebabs) were delicious. We had them marinate and skewer them, and we threw them on the grill ourselves. This was the way to go, because we picked up the food well before the party started.

However, Humous was good, but standard. The babaganouj (which no one touched) didn't have that charred flavor I love. When I say no one touched it, I mean not a one. The tray wasn't disturbed. I guess with everything else to choose from, they didn't want to bother with the baba. My family is Lebenese, so I thought this was interesting, although I have often found this to be the case. I am not going to bother with ordering it next time. But I decided to try it myself to see how it was, and it was only OK. The texture was nice. They seemed to have added leban (yogurt), which some people do, some don't. I tend not to.

The tabouli was the other item that was only merely good, not stellar, like the rest of the menu. It was fresh, but not too finely chopped, and lacking in tomatoes. It was tasty, and a plus was that it wasn't soggy like most of the other store bought tabouli I have had - Karam comes to mind. I prefered it to Karam, but it would have been nice to just go the extra step of further chopping and tomatoes.

The tray of baklava was gorgeous. They claim they make their own sweets, but for some reason, I have a hard time believing this. It is my understanding that only a few select bakeries will 'bother' making them. The home cook doesn't usually make their own pastries, nor do restaurants. Granted The Family Store isn't a restaurant per se, but my gut feeling is that they focus on mostly savory items, and perhaps get the pastries made for them. They do offer a kneifa that is outstanding. That would be a killer party treat to splurge on for next time. I feel like that is a sweet offering they actually do make themselves.

Would I use them again? I think I would. I only called them and Tanoreen, and they were the cheaper quote. I may only order items individually rather than having them price out per person. I would skip the babaganouj, make my own humous and tabouli, since it really is very easy, and have them make the savory pies and the grape leaves, which definitely not so easy.

And I would try the kneifa next time!

Oct 02, 2006
LalaEats in Outer Boroughs

Middle Eastern Catering/Take Out

OK, here's my update. I first called Tanoreen. Raiwa first quoted me $20 per person for basic mezza. I thought that was a little expnsive. I wasn't sure if it was because it was Tanoreen, or if it was because it was through a restaurant. So, I decided to try The Family store. I thought a take out place might be a little cheaper.

It turned out they knew my uncle, and we talked business right there.

This was the proposed menu:

Spinach pies (lebenese style)
Sfiha (open faced meat pies)
grape leaves made with lamb
shish taouk (chicken kebobs - 1 skewer per person)
chopped arabic salad
breads, olives, pickles
large tray of arabic sweets, baklava, etc.

For $10 per head! I thought that was a pretty good deal.

I don't know if he gave me a deal because he knew my uncle, or because they're normally this well priced. He made me give 1/3 down as a deposit.

The party is 9/30, so if you can wait that long for a review, check back. I will try to post something about it (maybe take a few snapshots).

Sep 19, 2006
LalaEats in Outer Boroughs

Middle Eastern Catering/Take Out

Glad to hear you're party was a success skigirl. If I go the Middle Eastern route, I will report.

I will say that while i never used anyone to cater a party, my middle eastern family always ate at Sally & George's in Bay Ridge. I think it's the closest to what my Lebanese family cooks. I also can't say enough great things about the Mid East Bakery right across the street!

Sep 18, 2006
LalaEats in Outer Boroughs

Middle Eastern Catering/Take Out

Sorry, I didn't realize the party hadn't happened yet. Thanks for checking back here and for reporting!

Sep 15, 2006
LalaEats in Outer Boroughs

Middle Eastern Catering/Take Out


How did you make out? I'm in the same exact boat - I need to cater a party for 25 people or so.

Who did you go with? What was the menu? If you would be so kind as to post what it all cost, I would truly appreciate it! Thanks in advance.

Sep 15, 2006
LalaEats in Outer Boroughs

Staten Island Caterer for Backyard Party

Any suggestions? It doesn't have to be fancy, but I would like reliable caterers of great quality and for a backyard party at the end of September. There will be about 20 adults and 10 kids.

I would also appreciate any thoughts on great bakeries for a party cake. Thanks in advance!

Aug 28, 2006
LalaEats in Outer Boroughs