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Ice Cream near Rehoboth

The Dairy Barn on Rt 9

This place is about a mile or so up the road when Rt 9 goes toward Georgetown at Nassau/5 Points off Rt 1 (going north). They use Lewes Dairy products to make the ice cream. They serve many flavors. Some are: Pineapple/Orange, Espresso, Chocolate/Coconut/Walnut, Pumpkin Pie, Rum Raisin, and many other more traditional favorites. I don't know how long they will stay open into the fall, but last night they had lines at all the windows.

Pat i

Sep 19, 2010
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

New Crab Place in Lewes/RB area

This is an update to my original post from July, '09.

I had a great night of eating crabs with a group of five last night, mid-September '10.
I think this place knows how to serve crabs, and could hold it's own with most restaurants closer to the Bay.

We ordered two dozen mediums, over the evening, and the server knew how to put the order in. The crabs arrived right on time, with almost all the claws intact, and hot. Not watery or resteamed. Beautiful, tasty fall crabs. This place does it right.

I know I sound like someone who works for the restaurant, but honest, I'm not.

We got a basket of french fries to start, and they were ok. Good that they weren't the battered, sweet kind, just basic fresh-fried frozen fries.

One of us ordered a piece of corn, and said it was good. It arrived wrapped in foil with some butter on the side.

One of us got a house salad, and it had a nice mix of lettuces with decent side veg slices.

They had Smith Island Cake on the board but none of us ordered it (we went out to the Dairy Barn Rt 9 for ice cream).

The servers seem to keep aware of the tables. They move fast, and pay attention. That is important in a crab place, where the buckets need to be emptied and the glasses refilled.

It was a good night. I like this place.

Pat i

Sep 19, 2010
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

Rehoboth Beach: Best Value for the Bucks

Thanks for the responses so far. I'm going to try the fish tacos at El Dorado for sure. And I'm glad to read there is another new place in Milton worth checking out. Thanks for the suggestion,

Nicola's is a favorite of a lot of folks, for sure.

We dined at Cafe Azafran last winter, and I don't think we made the best choices. Thanks for the suggestion to go back and try the small plates.

Keep the suggestions coming.

Cafe Azafran
109 W Market St, Lewes, DE 19958

El Dorado Restaurant
18766 John J Williams Hwy Unit 1, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

Aug 05, 2010
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

Rehoboth Beach: Best Value for the Bucks

I am interested in reading your opinions on the topic of restaurants that offer the best value in near Rehoboth Beach and Lewes
Anyone interested in giving opinions on their top restaurant in any categories of their choosing?

My suggestion is: Just make up a category and give a response. The only rule is, one restaurant for each category. Highbrow, lowbrow, in-between, let's read it.


Jul 20, 2010
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

Looking for updates on Rehoboth/Dewey

Maryct, thanks for the fresh reports. I hadn't even heard of several of the restaurants.
It is good to read some new suggestions, and new opinions.

Jul 20, 2010
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

Delaware eats between Laurel and Middletown?

Yes,Jimmy's is big menu and big portions. That's about it.

If you brought clean clothes to change into (not spiffy, just clean), you might want to drive over from Harrington to Milford and try out Abbott's Grill in downtown Milford. Upscale, it has taken over a corner spot in a 1960's strip shopping center. We had a great meal there while back home during the winter holidays. It may have some connection to Nage in Rehoboth and DC.

19730 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

May 29, 2010
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

I - 95 Corridor between DC and Fredericksburg. (Then west from there)

Hi DT,
I took a quick look at your blog. Since you are staying in Aquia, I suggest Anita's. It is a New Mexico-style restaurant in a converted Hardee's on Rt, 1. It sure doesn't feel like a Hardee's anymore. Pretty good green chili. Lots of pork choices.

Other than that, you might need to head into Fredericksburg. Everybody likes Mack's Ice Cream.

If you decide to stay on the state routes instead of taking the interstate to get to I-81, you will probably go through Louisa on Rt 33. Obrigado is probably the best choice for lunch there. On the main street across from the old courthouse.

Or if you take the interstate and want lunch west of Charlottesville, try Crozet Pizza.

Or in Staunton, go to the I-81, Rt 250 intersection and go east on 250 for 1/8 of a mile to Rowe's Restaurant for dining like your grandparents liked it.

Crozet Pizza
5794 Three Notch D Rd, Crozet, VA 22932

Obrigado Restaurant
109 W Main St, Louisa, VA 23093

May 29, 2010
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

Review--Vacation meals in Williamsburg, VA

I don't know about the Cheese Shop, but the other four establishments drcmk described are lower priced, even for a tourist town. BTW, It is the Old Chickahominy House (not Inn), it is only open for breakfast and lunch, and it may have a wait depending on the hour. But it's worth it.

Another suggestion: In CW, Chownings Tavern has table games and might be a good choice to make a reservation for supper. It shouldn't be too expensive (but the food won't be outstanding, either. However, you are going for the atmosphere, and that may be the best CW choice for the whole family).

There is a free ferry across the James River (beside Jamestown), and from there it is a couple of miles drive to Surry, home of the Surry House Restaurant. Peanut Soup and Peanut Pie. Surry is also the home of Edward's Virginia Ham, sold at high-end deli counters across the USA. The ferry ride alone is worth the time. Take something to attract the seagulls.

If you happen to have a Member Card for your local public radio or tv station, I recommend ordering the one for Virginia (for only a shipping charge, I think). There are several local Williamsburg restaurants included with 2 for 1 deals.

May 29, 2010
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

Best Mexican in Richmond

La Casita in Northside on Brook Rd.
It is slightly more California-style Mexican than your average Richmond restaurant.
There is no lard in the beans, less grease, less salt.
The original owners were from Mexico City with roots in Lebanon, and the menu is still pretty much the same.

Note, this is a suggestion for the best in Richmond, not for a really great Mexican restaurant. I don't think there is one in Richmond.

May 29, 2010
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

[Richmond] Food Carts near MCV?

I sometimes work around MCV, and would like to see your recommendations for food carts nearby. I have found the garden at the Valentine Museum, and could carry food there, but the cafe there is overpriced and limited. Thanks.

May 29, 2010
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

Friday road trip -- Rt 11 or 81 between Front Royal VA and Lewisburg WV

Did you find anything worth posting?

May 29, 2010
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

luray caverns down skyline drive to charlottesville then on to hawks nest park in WV

I can't recommend a specific restaurant, but downtown Lewisburg W VA might be at about the right distance for your meal before you get to Hawks Nest and has several choices. Take a look at Yelp or Tripadvisor. I'm not sure where Hawks Nest is located, but Fayetteville might have some decent restaurants, too, but not as many choices as Lewisburg. Other than those towns, good luck in W Va.

May 29, 2010
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

BBQ/Southern/country food pilgrimage from DC to Western Virginia

Hi sammana14,
Oh, I hope you don't go to a Waffle House, unless it's at 2:00am. You'll be lucky to find instant grits there, and probably no biscuits. There should be a decent local breakfast place in most towns. If you end up on I-81, Rowe's in Staunton is a 3 meals a day place. Homemade breads, pies, old lady waitresses. It's on Rt 250 east just off the I-81 exit. You'd do okay at an Iron Skillet Truck Stop or a Cracker Barrel (actually has areally good southern breakfast, and fine beans and greens for lunch) if you can't find a local breakfast place.

I can't help you with out of state-style BBQ. But Virginia BBQ (Fredericksburg and other locations) serves both NC and VA-style sauces, and it's passable.

May 29, 2010
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

Where to dine- best of Staunton, Lexington or Roanoke?

nyctripper makes me want to try the Staunton Grocery. I, too, live near Richmond, and had never spent enough time to find a good restaurant in town.
I recommend either Staunton or Lexington, as nice towns for an overnight visit. Lexington has a compact downtown with several good restaurants within walking distance, and VMI and Washington and Lee (two colleges, one military and one liberal arts) also in the area for strolling. The Hampton Inn is in downtown, as are severel B&Bs. Sorry, we haven't stayed overnight there. Below is a description of a restaurant we enjoyed in Lexionton:

The Southern Inn,
37 S Main St
Lexington, VA 24450

The Southern Inn is in a period restaurant space in the middle of Lexionton's business district. Two sides, one dark booths with tile floor, one tablecloths. Moderately-priced entrees.

Good wine list with lots of by-the-glass choices for about $5.50 to $9.00.

My arugula 1/2-sized salad was delightful, with lots of citrus adding a nice contrast, and a dressing that paired well with the greens.
My spouse enjoyed the house-made Bleu Cheese dressing on his house salad.

Ample slices of batter breads made up the bread basket. One seemed like a cheese Sally Lund, the other had nuts and was mildly sweet.

Apparently the menu changes with what is in season, as much as possible.
The friendly server recommended the scallops with grits and spinach to me, as she said she had just served it to another customer and it looked great.

I found the scallops and sauce too salty, but loved the sides. The scallops were tender.
When she inquired about our meal, I did tell the server of the saltiness, and she really wanted to make it right. I did not wish to eat or waste another entree, however, as the sides satiated me.

Next time we are back in Lexington, I am going to feel drawn back the the Southern Inn to order just the arugula salad and a heaping portion of the grits and sauteed spinach. It was that good!

My spouse enjoyed his dense, pork and beef meatloaf (I think there was sage in the seasoning), and we traveled with the other half of his meal back home in hopes of a meatloaf sandwich with mashed potatoes tomorrow.

Great atmosphere in a remade old town restaurant.
Fine service.
Good food, probably better with careful ordering.

The Staunton Grocery
105 West Beverley Street, Staunton, VA 24401

Southern Inn
37 S Main St, Lexington, VA 24450

May 29, 2010
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

Waldorf Md. " Here I Come!"

Captain Billy's and Gilligan's have both been suggested for crabs. They are both at Pope's Creek. Cap. Billy's is the older, more traditional crab house. Indoor, with windows on the water. More varied menu, and probably better side dishes. Gilligan's has indoor and open air seating, music and volleyball on the weekends, a good place to take a group for crabs and beer. By the way, the later in the season you go, the bigger (and maybe less expensive) the crabs.

Lewes DE Trip Report (a little Rehoboth and Dewey too)

We went to Agave a day after the December snow, and the place was still busy for supper.
We found the menu very meat-heavy. Vegetable sides were costly. Chips and salsa, even,
The atmosphere was great, as we snagged one of the few tables.

About the pizza debate, Growing up, I loved Louie's the best, and would always get a slice during a day at the beach. But I would also go to Grotto's often, once we moved up to a more northerly beach (we called each section of the sand separated by a jetty a "beach."
Nicola came later, and since the flavor of the pizza was different, and we were used to Louie's and Grotto, we came to love the Nic-a-boli instead of comparing another pizza.
My spouse and I have since then raised our kids on Grotto during trips home, and we have two who love the stuff and one who doesn't care for it.

Is Louie's now available fresh and hot? Last summer I saw the former Beach Luncheonette advertising Louie's, and so I know that spot just north of Rehoboth Ave on the boardwalk is the new home of Louie's. Does anyone know if it is predictably fresh and hot?

Now if George's Fries will just re-open.

Another Virginian from southern DE

Dec 26, 2009
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

Rehoboth Beach mid-price restaurants?

I grew up eating Louie's! That was when his place was south of Rehoboth Ave.
I'll have to give it a try again, now that it has resurfaced in the former Beach Luncheonette (sp). Thanks for the memories.
Pat I.

Dec 08, 2009
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

Rehoboth Beach: New restaurant website (Dec, 2009)

There is a new website highlighting weekly specials and cheap deals on various days in the RB and Lewes area.

Here's the link:

Note that these specials will change, and will mostly dry up by May.

Pat I.

Dec 08, 2009
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

New Crab Place in Lewes/RB area

The Surfing Crab is on Rt 1 (the main road) a couple of miles north of Five Points (where Rt 9 and Rt 1 cross). It's north of all the congestion, where you feel like you are leaving the commercial areas. It's a blue building on the east side of the highway.

My Sussex County relatives suggested we meet there tonight. They got there early to order all-you-can-eat crabs with unlimited sides for $30 each. They said the potato salad and corn were good. I just ordered a 1/2 dozen medium crabs for $20.

The all-you-can-eat is a good deal.The servers were easy-going and quick to bring more crabs and beer (just basic national on-tap choices and bottles). The crabs were heavy and had all the claws. The screened porch and picnic table setup was good; you share tables with others, and the servers are there often to empty the bowls of crab shells and check on you.

While I was there, I saw a local Sussex County State Delegate and his wife order a dozen Jumbo crabs, and several other folks came up and spoke to them. It looks like this is becoming a place that is popular with local folks, even though they know the crabs may not be local.

Jul 19, 2009
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

Rehoboth Beach mid-price restaurants?

Look at the Cape Gazette's restaurant specials (local newspaper). There probably won't be much during July, but take a look.

Arena's usually has a burger night, even during the summer, and their platter is really big enough for two. The atmosphere in the Rehoboth location is fun, for a group, if you don't want to hear each other too well. There is a new location with an outside patio on Rt 1 between Dewey and Rehoboth (right beside Big Fish Grill, which is another good choice, as folks have said).

Stoney Lomen: see if there are specials on weeknights. If you like fish, it's a decent place for the money.

Mariachi: Spanish and Latino
It has an upstairs rooftop dining area, a half-block from the ocean. We had a good meal there two years ago. It wasn't too expensive, then. Much more reasonable than most restaurants in town, and the rooftop setting made it very nice, and probably fun for kids. It hasn't been discovered, so you might have some luck getting a table in July.

Italian: I can't remember the name of the restaurant, but as you come off the main highway into Rehoboth, in the first little shopping center on the left (east side, the same center with Beautiful Foods), there is a small Italian restaurant. We have had several good meals there.

Boardwalk Food:
Don't miss the french fries. George's Lunch on the boardwalk south of Rehoboth Ave or Beach Lunch on the boardwalk north of Reh. Ave.

Pizza: The best way to have a slice of Grotto Pizza is to order a "cut" and eat it on the boardwalk, or order a pie and take it down on the sand. Just keep it protected from the seagulls. Don't eat in the restaurants; the atmosphere isn't so great. If you want pizza for supper, get it delivered and add a homemade salad, just like at home. Or go to Grand Slam Grotto north on Rt 1 (as the other poster suggested), and just go with the feel of a Chuckie Cheese crossed with a bar. It's okay, actually, and better than the ambiance at the beach Grotto restaurants.

Breakfast out:
Retro Cafe. Friendly service. Large portions of good food.. Split an order between two people. Indoor and outdoor seating, 1/2 block from the ocean. Please note, I don't mean greasy breakfast food, I mean pretty good food. Eggs and such, yes, but it's not Bad Diner food.

Jul 04, 2009
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

Best Restaurants in Rehoboth/Bethany Beach?

Hi, VaTechLuv, I can't comment on Bethany, but you asked about Rehoboth as well.

First of all, I want to say that these are beach towns, and the restaurants need to turn a profit in a few months and cater to vacationers' tastes, so please don't expect big city choices. But that said, there are good meals to be had.

About crabs: You asked about eating them at your rental house, and I think if you can find a place near Bethany (or even the few miles to Rehoboth) that will take your order and steam them for you, for your pickup at a certain time, that is a good way to go. Just be clear that you don't want any crabs re-steamed (that have been sitting around). Also, count the claws as you pick them, and if they haven't included two per crab, that is one sign that the place may be slack or had a bad day (but it's not a big deal, if you were happy with the crabs in general). I know you asked about steaming them at your rental house, but you probably won't have the right equipment to do it as well as a crab house or seafood market can do. With crabs, temperature of the meal is less important than quality of the steaming.

A couple of places to pick crabs around Rehoboth:
1) Claws. I was surprised to find a place on Rehoboth Avenue (summer of 2008) that felt like a crab house. We had good crabs, and good service. The atmosphere was upbeat. I'm not sure it is still around this summer; I checked the website but it hasn't been updated in a few months, so it would be better to check before going.

2) Lazy Susan's, on Rt 1 north of Midway Shopping Center (about 3 miles north of Rehoboth, I'm guessing). I haven't been to the new place on the east side of Rt 1. Some reviewers on other sites give it mixed reviews, but those people seemed to be expecting a full-service seafood restaurant. Good crab houses aren't often also good "seafood restaurants," in my opinion. You go for one, or the other.

Note: you are at the ocean, not the bay, so crab houses aren't as plentiful as on the Chesapeake.

Other Rehoboth restaurant favorites:

Cafe Sole (small place with small patio, also)

Stoney Lomen (basic better-than-pub food but ask about nightly specials if you go during the week, you may get a relative deal)

Cultured Pearl (for a big night out, I agree with Lewes17266 this may fit your vacation. Call and reserve a rooftop table, if the temperature isn't too hot)

Breakfast: Retro Cafe ( great service, they will split an order and plate it nicely, and before or after the meal, you can walk 1/2 block to view the ocean at the boardwalk).

Beach boardwalk food:
Cafe Pappillon (crepes, etc, in the open air. Gotta do it once a summer).

Fries: Beach Lunch/Luncheonette just south of Dolle's or George's Lunch one block south of Rehoboth Ave (both on the boardwalk)

Grotto Pizza (beardwalk or Rehoboth Ave): just a regular "cut" (slice), to sit on the boardwalk and enjoy (watch out for the seagulls). Eat it fresh, but don't eat in the restaurants.

Ice Cream: Kohr Brother's Soft Serve (next to Dolle's on Rehoboth Ave) I know, I know, but where else can you get mint chocolate chip soft serve?

Other: Dolle's caramel popcorn. The popcorn is really good when fresh. All natural, but look at the ingredients, because it's not all good for you. This is a family-owned business from way back, and it has changed little in many years. The building was rebuilt in 1962 after the March storm, but they saved the (then) brand new taffey machine.

Jul 04, 2009
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

All Things Ramps

"chicken thighs with Ramps and Morels in a White Wine Cream sauce" ?!

Wow, I think that either you are a great mountain gleaner, or the chicken thighs were the cheapest ingredient. I'm impressed you found both morel mushrooms and ramps around the city.

About ramps: Back when I lived in western NC, I had a friend who had grown up in Henderson, NC, home of a local spring ramp festival. She told me that back in her elementary school days, pulling and eating a ramp in the morning was an easy way to get the rest of the day off from school. The teacher would send a kid home.

Where to buy stone ground hominy grits in Baltimore

Ashland Roller Mill, 1 1/2 hours south of DC, markets grain products under the names Patrick Henry and Byrd Mill. I live in Ashland and only use Patrick Henry cornbread mix for southern-syle (not sweet) cornbread.

Here's the link for ordering stoneground grits:

urgent- need dc rec for seattle wife for tonight

The later in the season, the better. Late June is still a little early, but the crabs will be running, just not too big. Our bay crab numbers have been way down, but so far it looks like there are more, this year. I live in an hour south, so I can't recommend any places in DC, but I will warn you that even some DC restaurants serve LA crabs, since the bay's crabs are fairly scarce.

I recommend posting an inquiry specifically about crabs.

Woodbridge Restaurants

There is at least one Anita's in the area. New Mexico-style mexican. There is one on Rt 1 just off I-95 in Aquia, in a converted fast food building. They actually made it comfortable and even cozy.

Best in Charlottesville, VA

We had a great meal with a group of eight at Mas Tapas. Fairly expensive, the vegetarian choices are some of their best (don't miss the roasted tomatos, of all things). Sometimes there is quite a wait, and I have read some comments that suggest that the staff exercise preferential seating, yet we have talked to several Charlottesvillians who say it is their favorite restaurant.

I don't know the town well enough to recommend anything stong on locavore.

May 08, 2009
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

Seeking recipe for Old Mill (Delmar, MD) hush puppies

I don't know the Old Mill's recipe, but I grew up nearby, and have lived in NC and Va since then, so I am pretty familiar with hush puppies. How would you describe the hush puppies? Delicate or rustic. Smooth or with corn kernals. Sweet or not so. Savory or not.
I can suggest a couple of local mixes that you can probably order to arrive fairly fresh. I think fresh cornmeal is important with any cornbread product.
I suggest Byrd's Mill (also known as Patrick Henry corn meal products) from the Ashland Va roller mill.

Also, Miracle Maize (by Little Crow Foods out of Warsaw, Indiana, of all places.

If you want a sweeter product, try Autry's Mill out of NC.

May 05, 2009
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

Noodles and Company?

I really like Noodles & Co., as a fast food alternative. There a choices to allow you to customize your order, and they have organic tofu. When I eat fast food, I try to find a way to maximize the vegetables or fruit. At Noodles, if I am eating lunch, I like the Chinese Chop Salad with a piece of flatbread. A good variety of vegetables, and very filling. But I have to pull out the carrots. I wish they wouldn't use those bleached, already-prepared carrots. I keep forgetting to say "hold the carrots."

May 05, 2009
consaacs in Chains

Pet Friendly in Ocean City, MD?

Sorry I'm responding in early May, but in case this is good info for others, Arena's second location on Rt 1 in Rehoboth (on the main road driving north from Dewey Beach) welcomes dogs on the front patio. There is a pergola overtop, so there is some shade. And they have a community dog water bowl and a big jar of milkbones. I think it is open from morning until night. Good sandwiches and breakfast. We took our dog there during a visit to RB twice last weekend. I know it's not in Ocean City, but it might be worth the easy trip up through the state parkland of Delaware, if you can't find enough places in MD.

Also, Key Box Road south of Dewey, in the Seashore state park, used to be dog-friendly, with a 6-ft leash. I bet it still is. There is a fee. And all of Dewey Beach is dog-friendly with dogs under owners control (I think that means even off-leash) before 9 and after 6 even during the summer. They ask you to get a local town dog license....but who's checking. And at the north end of Rehoboth (drive as far north along the ocean as you can), go into the Seashore State Park (Gordon's Pond area) and drive to the north end of the parking lot. Dogs are welcome all year on a 6-ft leash on the beach from that point, north. There is a fee to enter the park.

May 05, 2009
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic

Rt 13 in DE?

I agree Meding's is a good idea, but it's on Rt 113, not Rt 13. It would take you out of the way.

About the response from drtrubits:
The Fire Dept BBQ is great, and has a few picnic tables. I don't know if they start cooking before Memorial Day, though, and I think it is only one day during the weekend. I can't remember if it's Saturday or Sunday. You will see signs if it is open.

If they aren't cooking, I agree, stop at Jimmy's on Rt 13 in the next town south, Bridgeville.
If chicken and dumplings are on the menu, it is the local comfort food. That and the sticky buns.

May 05, 2009
consaacs in Mid-Atlantic