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Who Makes The Best Banh Mi Sandwiches?

I think that's called a hoagie.

Singaporean Food in LA Anyone?

don't forget, chicken in the u.s. tastes different than elsewhere bc it's raised purposely to be bland. so there's only so much you can hope for. :)

West Los Angeles -- Tonight!

Tavern on San Vincente. Absolutely delicious. BTW, Literati 2 doesn't exist any more. It's now Cafe Literati, which is completely ordinary and extremely boring food-wise.

Casual Lunch Saturday in Santa Monica; Help!

rose cafe, urth cafe, shutters, bread and porridge. i think any where in sm is casual -- especially in the summer when tourists think its ok to show up in a bathing suit to any location within walking distance of the beach. you'll prob be overdressed coming from a soccer game.

What to do with Wahoo (Ono)??

Thank you all! I tried it this weekend, and you're right, it is a firm dense fish. Holds up very well in the form of kabobs too.

Jun 30, 2009
snackwrangler in Home Cooking

What to do with Wahoo (Ono)??

Thank you so much! I live in the city and don't have a bbq grill. Could I broil it instead?

Jun 26, 2009
snackwrangler in Home Cooking

What to do with Wahoo (Ono)??

My father-in-law gave us a bunch of frozen Wahoo steaks from his deep-sea sports fishing trip. I'm not sure what to do with them, and all the recipes I've found on the Internet are from sports fisherman sites (e.g. marinate it in lemon juice, grill it and serving it with tartar sauce or mayonnaise). Any other more sophisticated uses for Wahoo? I'm not even sure what it tastes like.

Jun 25, 2009
snackwrangler in Home Cooking

Happy Hour/Cheap Eats in Downtown L.A.

Quest for LA's best croissants

Apparently Chowhound doesn't want me to post a link to my t-w-i-t-t-e-r blog about my CroissantQuest. If you'd like to follow it, look it up under croissantquest.

But I digress. I just ended Week 2 of my mission and I am sad to report that I was only able to try 3 croissants.

Bottega Louie: the first croissant of the week and it's a good thing I took notes bc it was kinda forgettable. Taste and flakiness was good, but not great. Nice and light though.

Amandine: I love the almond croissants at this place. and the banana chocolate tart. and that raspberry thing. I've been coming here for years, yet I never tried a plain croissant. Turns out it does not hold up on its own without the glorious almond, chocolate or chocolate almond fillings. In fact, it was flavorless. Good flakiness and texture though. I'm still not sure if the "Japanese" style croissant should have it's own category for consideration.

Susina: the croissant is probably the ugliest thing in the case. But it had nice butter flavor and flakiness. Kinda dense in the middle.

This week's winner is a tough call, and I'd have to say it's a tie between Amandine and Susina.

Quest for LA's best croissants

I'm keeping this quest alive with an on-going, unofficial survey of LA's croissants. I'm only trying plain croissants, because chocolate and cheese mask a lot of problems.

This week's samplings: Anisette, Bread Bar, La Petit Boulangerie, and La Boulangerie (via farmer's market).
Anisette: great flavor, great flakiness, greasy, weird dense inner core.
Bread Bar: decent flavor, good flakiness, light and not greasy. Not exceptional but good.
La Petite Boulangerie: (I had low expectations, but I figure it had to be included some day) flavorless, decent flakiness, bready.
La Boulangerie: terrible; no butter flavor, no flakiness. I had to throw this one away.

This week's winner: Anisette wins for flavor, but Bread Bar wins in the overall performance category.

The quest continues...

Korean food for visiting Koreans who have been starved of good Korean food the last 4 months

Toad House? (Pork only)

Oceanfront Dining in Dana Point Laguna Beach area

Chart House, Cannons and Wind and Sea are all boring surf and turf places with great views... and kinda beat up. Surf and Sand Resort is nicer and is right on the water. Ritz and Montage are nicest. Las Brisas has a great view, but is not nice unless you are already drunk. If you go further north, there is Javier's which has a good ocean view, but a very Real-Housewives-of-the-OC feel to it.

How stinky is French raclette cheese?

I just bought some from Trader Joe's and it smells like feet with mild overtones of vomit. There is no obvious mold on it, but there is kind of a barely noticeable brown edge to it. I didn't notice til I got home and took off the wrapper that the "Packed on" date was 5/2/2009. Is this how it's supposed to be??

May 14, 2009
snackwrangler in Cheese

Quest for LA's best croissants

Oh, I'll have to swing by that market. Thank you.

Quest for LA's best croissants

I had a very strange side effect after eating a Europane croissant. This sounds ridiculous, but I smelled like butter afterwards. Sort of like if you eat too much garlic, it comes out your pores? I swear it happened with the butter croissant. I washed my hands and my face, and I doubt I got croissant in my nose... Perhaps just collateral damage when eating a good croissant?

Quest for LA's best croissants

I'm a bit of a croissant snob, and hate the idea of wasting calories on adequate or even above-average croissants. Most are bland twisted versions of bread with a ton of butter. I don't mind discarding the dense doughy inside that sometimes lurks within, but isn't there a place that has a perfect croissant? Let's postpone the chocolate, almond and cheese croissant quest for another time. So far, my favorites are Anissette and Pain du Jour. Any other suggestions?

Graduation dinner spot for ~10 near UCLA?

if these OC folks are like my OC relatives who love to hate LA, then i suggest the restaurant at the getty (in yo' face, bowers museum! where's your monorail?). if they're super trendy, into celebrity sightings and sushi, then katsuya in brentwood ($$$$). if they like a spectacle, then I'd say rock sugar at century city mall. the last 2 are kinda loud.