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Corduroy Fixed Price- deceptive

Thanks for all the responses. I know they do have an a la carte menu, b/c I was surprised to see that it was all prix fix. The waiter said they had one. However, as I said before, I didn't ask for it since we planned to do 3 courses anyway. I just think that unless their prices went up significantly since the menu posted online, it's now more expensive than it used to be.

Corduroy Fixed Price- deceptive

I just went to Corduroy on Saturday night and enjoyed the food- lived up to the comments on this board that the food is simple and relies on the quality of the ingredients. I also had read that they have a prix fixe option, however when we arrived, we were only given the prix fixe menu. I asked the waiter if there was an a la carte menu, and she said it was the same and dissuaded us from seeing it. Since we were planning on 3 courses anyway, we stuck with the prix fixe.

Looking back at the web when we got home, I think we got ripped off- 3 of the 4 of us would have paid less a la carte for the same items. My dinner would have been $48 a la carte- I paid $59 ($55 + a $4 surcharge for the cheese dessert, which is the same price as all the other desserts on the a la carte menu).

In addition, previous posters said that Corduroy charged $15 for corkage- we were charged $25.

An otherwise enjoyable evening that is now tainted because I feel that we got "taken."