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Seeking Pig Roast Catering, Central NJ, for a Backyard Wedding

Jbs barbecues..fro
West cape may..north Carolina style..uummy

Jun 10, 2015
lovetalkinfood in New Jersey

Mandoline Versus Food Processor [moved from Home Cooking]

I bought myself a Benriner a couple of years ago and I can't figure out how to use it. very frustrating. can't get the top slidy thing to work.. I've had people at my house who say just don't use it but I really would like to learn to use it the right way and then take it from there. The levers are confusing to me and I can't seem to get the right pressure down. If someone could direct me to a youtube video that would show me how to use a Benriner that would be cool.

Apr 02, 2014
lovetalkinfood in Cookware

What kind of soup?

Sunday is my day to put on a pot of soup.. I prefer a vegetarian soup but ive made split pea and black bean and tomato white bean and minnestrone all lately..suggestions? Maybe a fish chowder?

Jan 25, 2014
lovetalkinfood in Home Cooking

What cookbooks have you bought recently, or are you lusting after? January 2014 edition! [Through January 31, 2014]

Do you have a LeCreuset dutch oven? It would cook the same way.. which is fabulous and hot and even..

Jan 15, 2014
lovetalkinfood in Home Cooking

"Free" Meals -Use it Up


Guilford, Madison, shoreline area

Lenny and Joe's fishtales off 95..I think in Madison..the best lobster clams etc

My Fried Chicken Experiment: Crispy but Bland

Lots of black pepper

Feb 24, 2013
lovetalkinfood in Home Cooking

Any decent food off the pike between Boston and upstate New York?

oh darn, i was just going to recommend Lenny and Joe's Fish Tales in Connecticut but realized it was n't where you were going... but if you're in the area ( I think Madison, Ct) it's worth a lobster roll, fish sandwich, combos, clam chowder ever!

What to Look for in Wooden Salad Bowls

I have at least six. All from thrift stores or yard sales. Love them all

Dec 10, 2012
lovetalkinfood in Features

6 Months of Terrible Food Since Relocating to Rahway, NJ

Formosa in Newark. For Portuguese. Yum

Dec 09, 2012
lovetalkinfood in New Jersey

Can I make impossible coconut pie with coconut milk or cream?

Definitely coconut. Is the way to go

Nov 19, 2012
lovetalkinfood in Home Cooking

The yogurt section at the supermarket is freaking me out!

Just tried siggys this week. Expensive. But tasted worth it

Nov 19, 2012
lovetalkinfood in General Topics

10 Inch or 12 Inch Stainless Fry Pan?

yeah but the lid is nice on that other one...

Nov 13, 2012
lovetalkinfood in Cookware

Super Duper Magic Cleaning Solution

Put a little dish soap on a wet rag and nuke for a minute. Leave door closed for awhile. Should come right off

Nov 03, 2012
lovetalkinfood in Cookware

what are you making today?

we just wash ours under running water right after use, cleans right up, don't let it dry on then you have to get out the toothbrush, clean up is easy!

Oct 11, 2012
lovetalkinfood in Home Cooking

what are you making today?

don't buy a cheap juicer- waste of money-- get an omega! the best and great service if you need it..

Oct 10, 2012
lovetalkinfood in Home Cooking

Share the best single thing you ate TODAY!

Babel from bakery. A block away. Yummy

Aug 24, 2012
lovetalkinfood in General Topics

Mandoline Versus Food Processor [moved from Home Cooking]

I have a bran which I researched and wanted forever but still haven't quite mastered. I want to is hard

Aug 24, 2012
lovetalkinfood in Cookware

New Generation Pressure Cooker advice?

I bought a Hawkins Futura about fifteen years ago and Love it! It is anaodized aluminum , a non stick finish and I have never even had to replace the gasket- a great product

Apr 07, 2012
lovetalkinfood in Cookware

Sweet Carrot Risotto

Just made this tonight with a little herb bread crumb encrusted code and green beans... yummy

Feb 19, 2012
lovetalkinfood in Recipes

Chinese take-out boxes

I found them in my local Dollar Tree at the holidays, alas I didn't find make those home made treats that I was hoping to for gifts..

Feb 08, 2012
lovetalkinfood in Metro Portland

Pressure Cooker: Stovetop vs. Electric

love my hawkins futura- quality product

Jan 25, 2012
lovetalkinfood in Cookware

Electric Pressure Cooker with Stainless Insert?

I love my Hawkins Futura pressure cooker I've had it for at least 15 years - it is awesome, was an expensive purchase - about $120 back then but the finish is perfect , it's very safe, and I've never had to replace the gasket..

Jan 25, 2012
lovetalkinfood in Cookware

I want to love my slow cooker, can you help?

I agree- I call it fallin off the bone chicken, season with adobo, sliced onions, rstd peppers, usually skinless chicken thighs, yummie

Jan 07, 2012
lovetalkinfood in Home Cooking

Finding a Turducken??

They have them in Shop Rite~

Dec 23, 2011
lovetalkinfood in New Jersey

Medicinal soup

go for miso somewhere!

The Tastiest Canned Tomatoes

The Jersey Fresh canned tomatoes are the best- I buy them by the case down here in Cape May County- at shoprite in the winter and at Marlboro Market and Legates Farm market during the season. You hardly need anything to add anything to make a wonderful spaghetti sauce.. Love them..

Feb 05, 2011
lovetalkinfood in Features

Le Creuset - fit of the lid

My lid fits tight, that's the beauty of lecreuset and I even think I bought mine (20 years ago) at an outlet..

Jan 29, 2011
lovetalkinfood in Cookware