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EAT's Shrimp and Grits

No ideas, eh?

Well, I found a cookbook by the guy that started Cochon. The rabbit and dumplings I had at his restaurant had a similar 'gravy' as the shrimp and grits at EAT. The cookbook has a recipe for Chicken and Dumplings which I will be making on Friday. Hopefully it's close!

Dec 30, 2009
skydogg in New Orleans

EAT's Shrimp and Grits

My girlfriend and I visited New Orleans this past spring and absolutely LOVED the shrimp and grits at EAT. We would love to try to make this at home, but are having a hard time finding any recipes even remotely comparable. Does anyone have any ideas/links to recipes that would be in the same ballpark? Thanks in advance!


Dec 22, 2009
skydogg in New Orleans

New Orleans Trip Summary

Nice report!

Big Fisherman sounds great. It was one of the things on my list of to-do's that unfortunately didn't get done when we were in NOLA a few weeks ago. It WILL happen next time!

Also next time we're gonna try Coop's Fried Chicken. We really liked Fiorella's but the little wing at coops that comes on their sampler really made us want more to be able to do a fair comparison.

May 28, 2009
skydogg in New Orleans

Tasty Breakfasts in the FQ & Marigny

EAT, for sure. They only do their brunch on Sat and Sunday. Shrimp and Grits FTW!

Stanley's was also very enjoyable and we really had good service.

We ended up not eating at Petunia's cause they wanted $20 for a crepe! And they were going to charge us an extra $3 to share a $20 crepe. Thank you, NO.

Next trip we'll plan better and make it to Elizabeth's for sure!

May 26, 2009
skydogg in New Orleans

Trip report (sorry, super long...I ate a lot!)

Hi5. Well done. I left NOLA on the day you got there. And I'm soooo ready to go back. Next time you do brunch at EAT, some one has to get the Shrimp and Grits Bowl. ZOMG!

We'll check out Rambla next time for sure, ya'll

May 21, 2009
skydogg in New Orleans

Trip Report 5/8 - 5/15

Argh! French 75 was the only bar on my list that we didn't make it to. Next time! I did bring back two bottles of Sazerac Rye Whiskey. This was what they were using at Hermes. I'll be experimenting with them this weekend, trying to perfect my recipe.

May 21, 2009
skydogg in New Orleans

Trip Report 5/8 - 5/15

It seems like some bars feel obligated to dumb-down the sazerac to make it more appealing to Joe Touron by making it a)sweeter and b) bigger (since it's not served on the rocks or in a martini, it looks small).

May 20, 2009
skydogg in New Orleans

Casual, Budget Dinner Sat Night

We ate at Coops two Friday's ago. The Rabbit/Andouille Jambalaya should not be missed!!

May 19, 2009
skydogg in New Orleans

Trip Report 5/8 - 5/15

Back to work today after a great trip to NOLA. It was my first real time there and we had a big list of things to do, and most importantly, eat and drink.

Here are some random comments:

Our flight got in Friday late afternoon. After getting checked in at the Hotel Provencial (loved it btw, will stay there next time too probably) we went around the block to Coops and had their sampler plate. Yum! Jambalaya was just great and so was the Fried Chicken.

Breakfast at EAT. I got the Shrimp and Grits Bowl. OMG. Thank you!! to whoever it was here that recommended that. It was the ultimate in comfort food. This was the only meal I made myself kinda ill with by overeating. I just couldn't stop! We would've eaten there again later in the week if they did breakfast on non-weekends.

Lunch at Parasol's Bar. Roast Beef Po' Boy was killer and the locals and bartender were super friendly. Had a great time hangin' out and drinking cold beer. Will go again.

Dinner at Casamento's. Super fun. Had the raw oysters (giant, fresh, perfect) and the oyster loaf. yes! Fun, off the beaten path place.

Breakfast at Camelia's Grill. Really cool diner. We shared a Western Omelet and the pecan waffle. Both were quite tasty and the service was really friendly. Somehow we managed to find room for sharing a piece of pecan pie, which they fry on the griddle in butter (first crust side down and then they flip it) with ice cream. SOOOO good.

Lunch at Commander's Palace. Turtle soup was terrific. I had a Suger Cane Pork Tenderloin dish. The pork was medium (pretty pink) and sooo melt in your mouth. Overall, was in the discussion for best dish of the trip. Bread pudding was kickass.

Breakfast at Petunia's. We actually wanted to go to EAT again, but they don't do weekday breakfast, so we went to Petunia's to check out their giant crepes. Well, the giant crepes are $20 which seemed like a lot. So, we figure we'd share one. Turns out they charge you an extra $3 for a 'share plate'. This all just kinda rubbed us the wrong way and we ended up leaving after a cup of coffee. I just kinda felt like they were taking advantage of a favorable Frommer's review and I didn't appreciate it. So we went to:

Stanley's for breakfast. We both had a variant of Eggs Benedict. GREAT! Service was super friendly and the place was very comfortable. The breakfast lasted us till about 3pm that day!

ACME Oyster Company for dinner. This was the only time we stood in line and it went quickly. This is one of those, must-do places your first time. It was really good, the service was fast and the place is always lively. I'll go back to Casamento's next time, but probably skip ACME.

Mr. B's Bistro: I had the BBQ shrimp. Really, really good. The other dish was so-so. Not sure if we'll go back here next time. It was very nice and the service was great, just that there's so many places we didn't get to go to...

Jacques Imo- Since we were going to the Maple Leaf Bar for tunes, we decided to go to J Imo's for dinner. Fun, party atmosphere and pretty good food. Not amazing, but plenty good. The waiter brought us a piece of free crawfish/alligator cheesecake that was tasty...

Late night on Tuesday we went to Yo Mama's and had burgers. GF had the peanut butter burger. Heh, it was actually really good. Especially if you like your burgers goopy! Had a fun solo artist peforming too. Beth Patterson. We'll go back there.

Cochon dinner. I had the Rabbit Dumplings. Wow. Talk about comfort food. So good. I'd really have a hard time forcing myself to order something different next time. It was that good.

Muffuletta at Central Grocery..did this twice actually. So convenient and yum! Took two with us for the plane rides home. This was a great idea!

Of course, Cafe Dumond a couple of times.

Oh, had great ice cream at the Creole Creamery. Worth a trip out to it.

Best Sazerac, hands down was at the Herme's Bar. I tried a lot and most were way too sweet. The Bombay Bar was excellent for other reasons as well....

Most fun music experience was Zydeco night at the Rock n Bowl. This is a cool bowling alley with a HUGE dance floor and folks of all ages dancing (really well!) to zydeco tunes. It's basically a Barn Party/Country Bar done Cajun style. Great fun.

I'm probably forgetting some stuff! Thanks to everyone here that helped us put together an amazing vacation!

May 19, 2009
skydogg in New Orleans