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Nominate: Best Pizza in Minneapolis-StPaul (if you say Dominos, you are banned from chowhound 4 good)

I will nominate Flaherty's Arden Bowl in Arden Hills, Snelling & Co. Rd. E. If you're into artsy-fartsy/trendy pizza, you already have your favorite place and I wish you well. But if you're into old-school pizza the way it was meant to be, you must try Flaherty's. Theirs can compete with the best of 'em. (Word of advice, if you like your cheese golden brown in spots as I do, you gotta order it well done.)

Getting psyched for the Fair (MSP)

I will be back for Sausages by Cynthia (I've seen them for years but never tried one until last year...fantastic! They were across from the Dairy Bldg.) Also will be back for these tamales that I got from a vendor that was in the southeast corner of the International Bazaar. They were handing out samples, which I gratefully accepted and walked away with, until I took my first bite and stopped dead in my tracks. I HAD to turn around and buy some. TDF!!

Food stops between duluth and mpls?

I will definitely second Gordy's Hi-Hat in Cloquet and TJ's Country Corner in Mahtowa. Neither are exactly "on the way", but the short drive out of the way is worth it in both cases. At Gordy's I can never decide if I want a burger or a fish sandwich...they are both excellent. Last time I was there, Gordy his own self was still taking orders at the counter after all these years. TJ's is a charming old-school general store that sells many varieties of their own homemade sausage, very good. For breakfast I like the Red Shed in Pine City. I imagine their other meals are good also, just haven't been there at any other time of day.

No water cookware: interchangeable recipes?

Yes, the vapor lock is a feature of this type of cookware. It would be defective without it. There are several videos available on You Tube to demonstrate this type of cooking. Hope this helps.

May 04, 2009
Ackackadack in Cookware