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A Great First (& Second) Impresssion at L.A.B.

Went to LAB last night, the service was incredibly strange. They seem to have a new owner who was way way way too intrusive and hovered and asked us where we'd heard about LAB, etc, etc. The apps were good, the tenderloin tartar was a standout. The speztle was really smokey and delicious, and my potato croquettes were just okay (although the tomato chutney they came with was fantastic.) The mains (two of us had shortribs, I had lobster sous-vide) were okay - the ribs were...well, not hot. Which was bothersome. And we got a risotto to share, which was so salty it was almost inedible. They brought back a new risotto, and protested that "They don't use salt in the risotto, so I don't know why it was salty" although the new risotto ...wasn't salty at all. They didn't charge us for the risotto, which we appreciated. Didn't stay for dessert and we won't be going back. Good ideas, bad execution.

L.A.B. (Live and Breathe)
651 College St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

Mad Apples - what happened?

i used to be obsessed with their calimari.

Meet the Chef

the last time i was at Mistura, the chef came out and spoke to each table.

Tutti Matti still open?

it's definitely open, i walked by last night.

Romantic dinner under $100...can it be done??

Just this past saturday, my boyfriend and I ate at Kalendar for $52! We split an appetizer, and each had an awesome pasta (I had sausage fusili and he had beef canelloni). His pasta came with a salad which we also split. Didn't invlude wine, but I had a diet coke, he had a gin and tonic. It was very romantic! :)

An alternative to The Drake please...

I had the fish and chips there and I thought it was great, but maybe things have changed.

An alternative to The Drake please...

The Beaconsfield, it's right next door (well across the street) and I had a great meal there, very nice.

"limited edtion" seasonal offerings--your favorites?

President's Choice Candy Cane Crackle Ice Cream.

Oct 17, 2006
cloverkill in General Topics

Biggest pancakes or omelette?

the pancakes at mel's montreal deli are the size of a dinner plate, which i always thought was pretty big :)

Vitamin Water?

I'm pretty sure it is totally unavailable, but I thought I'd ask here just in case. Is Vitamin Water available anywhere in the GTA?