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Oakville Favourites

Its awful....went on the recommendation of friends and it was a huge disappointment

Oakville Favourites

I finally have a favourite Indian...Suvari on Lakeshore....very good...good portion sizes and priced where you would expect from a decent Indian place

Quebec City (With Teenagers)

Will be in Quebec City for 2 nights and 1 full day Mid July. We will have two teenagers in tow (15 and 17). Any recommendations for casual great eats?. We are staying at the Chateau Frontenac and will be mostly walking around. Thanks in advance.

St. Lawrence Market in Toronto - what's not to be missed?

Check out Kozliks Mustard...Over 35 varieties and a great new dry rub for steaks, chops etc...Very Canadian and very unique. On that note you'll need to try a back-bacon sandwich from Carousel Bakery or the roast beef sandwich from Manos...Churrasco's also puts out a pretty tasty Portuguese chicken

Diners, drive-ins and dives're right...The Vesta!

Sports Team in Ottawa

Will be in downtown Ottawa late July with a Bantam (14 YR old) baseball team for a 4 day tournament. Any recommendations for fun,authentic,reasonably priced dinner spots which
could accommodate 13 boys plus accompanying parents?

Best Indian in TO

My favourite is Bar-Be-Que Hut 1455 Gerrard East

Recommendations for Younge/King Street

P.J O'Briens for an authentic Guiness and one of the tastiest burgers in town

Diners, drive-ins and dives

Mars for weekend breakfast
Mimi's (not around any more) was a classic dive with great food
John's Italian Cafe on Baldwin
People's Food - 2 a.m. chicken salad club fries and gravy complete with late night cash meat delivery in a bucket...I'm sure the night cook is working off some debt owed to the mob

Worst in Toronto

Worst Burger...Hero Burger

Worst in Toronto

Tasting menu at The Fifth Grill...awful...we had to beg them to stop

The Un-Official "Go To" Restaurant Thread

Chez Piggy

Good Kitchen Knives

I did myself a favour a few years ago and bought a Global 8" Chefs Knife....Best knife I've ever owned and I actually look forward to working my chopping board

Planning upcoming T.O. trip - opinions wanted

I'm not a hotel bar/jazz club kind of guy so I'll let others handle that for a reasonably priced steakhouse (so no Houstons, Bardi's, Morton's etc) I've always liked Seniors Steak House 1397 Yonge Street Toronto, ON M4T 1Y4 (416) 924-8366 just below St Clair. Upstairs is cozy and fun and waiter Kostas will keep you well entertained and informed on his opinions on politics, business and the world in general.

Oakville Favourites

Thanks all for the input...Have enjoyed Spoon and Fork before and hope it has not gone downhill. Stoney's is always solid. Did nor know of Sweet Smoke but will definitely try it..same with Bahn Thai and Niwa Japanese.....A few of my favourites..La Cucina...Trattoria Timone...smoked meat sandwich at Fifties Diner...Tako Sushi (they deliver)...Butcher at Florence Meats and the kebabs from Dietrichs...Don't really have a reasonably priced Indian place .

Oakville Favourites

Eat In...Take Out...Italian...Sushi...Curry...Thai...Beef...Pizza? Whats you're favourite in Oakville?

Wednesday Dinner for 12 near UnionStation

Don't know what your budget is but Bardi's Steak House always does it right and is just around the corner from Union Station...(Expensive)

The Un-Official "Go To" Restaurant Thread

Cafe Polonez on Roncesvalles...Best Polish in Toronto...Unbelievable flavour and value


La Cucina (Thomas and Church) has casual elegant pasta, veal, beef etc and never disappoints...Trattoria Timone (AMC Theatre Plaza) also offers excellent Italian (Don't be put off by the plaza address). Spoon and Fork 2345 Trafalgar is right up there for Thai and Vietnamese

Lunch in Kingston...

Well if you want to go right into Kingston down by the waterfront there is really only one place. Chez Piggy 68 Princess Street 613 549-7673... . I've been going there since my Queen's college days in the 80's and always drop by anytime I'm back in Kingston. Situated in an old limestone stable, the historic surroundings only serve to compliment the tasty fare. Never disappointed. Up by the highway you'll run mostly into fast-food chains.