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Is there a quality lunch spot near I-91 in MA/Pioneer Valley?

People's Pint take Credit cards now

Anything interesting between New London, CT and Worcester on 395?

For Italian-Via (Tuscan Italian), Volturno (Neapolitan pizza), Indian - head down to Rt 9 a couple miles down from Shrewsbury st It easy back to get back on 290. Farm to table(Cero Bistro used be that concept but Im not sure it still does)

Anything interesting between New London, CT and Worcester on 395?

Get off the on Shrewsbury St exit (16)in worcester. You find plenty of places to eat

Rosalina's Kitchen-Worcester

Rosalina's Kitchen will be opening a second location on shrewsbury st. This location will have outdoor seating and serving liquor. Bringing back some real Italian back on Shrewsbury St.

Less common seasonal produce - Worcester area

Try Wegman's

Pre Easter Sat. Night Dinner in Worcester

I think you ask this every year. Ceres has changed chefs and management probably the last time you were there. It's not bad.Also Via is Tuscan Italian cuisine which has a different feel to Contemporary American in which Rick_V mentioned lacks in Worcester. Try 85 Main in Putnam Ct, a half hour from worcester. Very good food. Sonoma...yawn boring

Thanksgiving in Worcester

Buca can not get Italian food right..what makes you think they can do a Thanksgiving right. I think you might be stuck with the regular places open on Thanksgiving that you tried in the past. Most places will do great catering but most are closed as it should be.

Croissants in Worcester

That place in Southbridge is now Sweet in Worcester on Shrewsbury St..She moved a couple of years ago to that location and now moving again in the fall in next to Voturno down the street. It is very good. I tried a couple of weeks ago.

Volturno in Worcester

Finally had the chance to try this place.I try to wait a couple of months before a new place opens but this being my anniversary , both my wife and I are big pizza fans and I always wanted a real Neapolitan pizza place around here.We sat outside , the last table available. Two cocktails..blood orange Cosmo for my wife and I had Negroni(which seems to be popular these days). I too had the grilled calamari over the chickpea puree(hummus). Love the calamari not so much the puree. Then on to the pizza. We had the Funghi pizza. I am with you Rick_V about the dough but still better than any other pizza around here. I then had the lamb(not on the menu online.) I was cook to perfection with a couscous, fava bean mix. Vey good. The chef came from Tomasso's in Southboro . I was never a big fan of Tomaso's but everything coming out the kitchen here look good. I had food envy.The wine list was ok, I like Italian wine but my wife doesn't but we found a wine that we could share.Some of the reviews I have seen from other sites complains that this place is too expensive(which it is) and the pizza was Va bene (ok) due to the the lack of cheese on the pizza like traditional American pizza have. I hope Worcester can appreciate real Italian food instead the mediocre southern Italian American food that is severed nearby.The building, the food, the location, makes this place the perfect place to have a great dinner. I just hope the owners don't dumb it down(menu) for the non foodies. By the way, the service was good not perfect but we didn't really care. With 19 month old twins, we don't go out much anymore so this was a treat for us.

Wine dinners in the Woo

Of course the city calls itself that. It is called marketing itself especially for the college kids. Again, I don't know anyone who actually lived in the city call that and I live in the city. Its like calling Boston...Beantown, which nobody calls that except outsiders. Anyways , I should try those wine dinners, I always thought it was a waste due to the mediocre wines but coming from a chowhound good review, I should give a try.Thanks

Wine dinners in the Woo

Funny, I grew up in Worcester and still live there and not once did I call it the "Woo" or any of my friends or family who all lived in the city.Same thing with Wormtown, Paris of the Eighties, or anything else besides Worcester.

Question is the $60 Pinot what the restaurant was selling if for or was that the retail price. $60 dollar restaurant is usually like $30-35 in a retail shop.

Il Forno West Boylston, MA

I wished this placed stayed in Worcester(downtown) and in Westboro.

Good food in Worcester with a TV

The Boynton is the best place. Good amount of beers on tap and decent pub food.AA is to snobby for a TV. Only Hipsters go there that snob at their noses at sports , TV's, and kids. EVO is good food but not a great place to watch the game. The peoples kitchen is not open on Sat afternoons , I don't think, again not a place to watch the games.Chophouse again is not open on Sat afternoons. Burgers only at the at the bar I believe(late night). Try brew city if you can get seat the bar. Funky Murphy...very average food but great place to watch the games. I haven't been to the Water St restaurants in awhile so try Gumbo? Center bar?

Italian Rum Cake near Worcester

Scano's has been closed for years. The former East side grill and Cafe Manzi's opened where Scano's was on Shrewsbury St. I second Wholly cannoli. Have you tasted their rum cake?One of the best Italian rum cakes I tasted in a long time. All the all old time Italians like it too including my mom and my aunts . You might want to try Cafe Palma's in the same area in Rice sq. Own now by Albanians but still good Italian pastries.

Ceres Bistro Reviews Needed

Th new chef is William Nemeroff. He used to cook Cedar Street Restaurant in Sturbridge. It also has a new manager which probably more important for service and overall experience. Ceres was managed by the Niche group who do well but the service was lacking. FYI..the Mr. Nemeroff was the chef at The people's kitchen when you and your mom went there. Give a second chance! it might be better this time around

Mexcal in Worcester

I second Mezcal, probably the weakest of the Niche group although they did open a second location in Leominister and are planning are going to move where the old shbooms in DTown. Their guac is a reason just to go but for a full meal...Via is a better choice. As for your El Basha question. I never had a bad meal there. It depends what location you go to. I like the Belmont street location as it is closer and much better service. Park Ave....sometimes the service is shaky and parking can be issue for lunch.

Foodies of New England magazine

yes...mostly central mass to be exact. The editor is from Worcester,MA

Good place for lunch with kids around Deerfield? (Perfect Pint / Hope and Olive are current contenders)

If you like burgers try Brick Wall Burgers. There have good beef, turkey, and lamb burgers. Great specialty burgers or build your old. Bart's ice cream is also served there too.The only problem is that burgers are the only thing they serve.Perfect pint is good but cash only might be good for children. Hope and Olive has the better food but Im not sure it caters to children. Mag pie which is also owned by H&O is also good.

Worcester's Best Chef Competition

I have gone three years in a row and the food keeps getting better but I feel that people who vote (Judges and People' choice) are so predicable. I agreed that Rovezzi's was good but Baba sushi wins every year for something. Its raw fish....give me something with substance. Anyone gone to this event and agree with me or I'm just be picky?One more thing..if I see e Chef Alina from Sweet again, I swear Im going jump a cliff. Yes..the cupcakes are good but I have been to her place three times and every time the service was horrible. I had to wait 20 min for a espresso, Talked out of a cocktail to try the bartender's specialty, which was horrible, and was told I to wait two hours for a table.

Sat. night in Worcester- dining tip needed

For fun and funky and cheap(?) , try Beatnik's on Park Ave. Not a whole of offerings but it is good and fun

Worcester, MA: rehearsal dinner suggestions?

I have been to a private party at the Citizen/TPK. It wasn't all that bad ,could be much better. I was thinking for CBNewbie location (downtown Worcester), size ( in which they all acn fit), and price (which might be on the high side but could be negotiable ). CBNewbie did say they went go to Nuovo (Shrewsbury St.) which in my opinion has awful food, atmosphere and staff and that were pricey for CBNewbie . At that time of year, restaurants with that seat capacity are already booked and the good quality (food/service) tend to be on the high side for which CBNewbie is "kinda" on a budget. My suggestion is to try the restaurants that I mention before ,food/service might not be the best but size/price might work. My other suggestion is to have a small dinner for just the wedding party/immediate family then rent out the citizen (wine bar) or KJ Barrons( wine tasting room )for a more relax social gathering for 70+ people that might serve cocktails/horderves. That is a good amount of people for just a rehearsal dinner where food and service might be compromised because of price.

Good luck! and Congrats

Worcester, MA: rehearsal dinner suggestions?

I have to agree that Friday nights in June might be tough as grad parties, rehearsal dinners are very popular. Most of those places are kind of the high side per person but you might to check out Coral Seafood, Buca de Beppo, Dino's,Ritual as someone metioned,Peppe's does do private parties for the night. If you looking for downtown TPK/Citizen(high side), Vina Bene(low side).Just curious why so many people for a rehersal dinner?

Sat. night in Worcester- dining tip needed

Even better then Cafe Espresso is Rosalina's Kitchen. Same area. This blows Cafe E away as far as Italian food. Its nothing fancy and it is BYOB but you really want to try real Italian food..this it. Im Italian and this was the closes thing to my grandmother's cooking. Look at the menu. The ricotta puffs are to die for and even better is the fried cannoli. My wife and I are very pretty picky when it becomes to Italian as we cook it all the time. VIA and the Sole might have the fancy drinks and high prices but sometimes a hole in a wall place will blow you away .

People's Kitchen in Worcester

I have seen both phelana and your review of the place before. I have been there three times and have all been good but not "knock your socks off" excellent. I review on food, cleaness,service, and location. The food has always been good, no complaints there. It was clean, but the cigar smoke can be a bother if you go there at certain times. Service is good, kinda chatty but helpfull , which speaking from a former waiter, is a good thing. Location can be tricky. I grew up in worcester and by the username ...on shrewsbury st.I remember Shrewsbury st when it was just a couple Italian-American restauants. I wish there were more places like this in downtown. We need to support places like this, I I just went to Ceres bistro this past weekend and I thought was very good. I saw phelana review of TPK and her mother's dislike of her burger at Ceres. I had great food and service. I usually will give a restaurant two/three times before I give a review. I say go to TPK and think of it as if you never went there before. Then after your dinner , then compare it to the last time you were there. I would't go because of parking(the restaurant hires a valet service,if you have a problem , I would take up with the valet service , not the restaurant and dirty glasses. Even the best of the best, have off days.

Worcester Lunch or Dinner

For a early dinner, try the The People's kitchen above the Citizen in downtown. Its the same group who do Bocado's and Block five. Classic food with a twist. She love it

82 Winter Street, Worcester, MA 01604

ideas for eating in Worcester?

Piccolo's is not open for lunch, I believe. If you going for Italian for your boss, go with Via over Chioda's. Via has a good selection of Italian wines and the food is good especially the price for lunch. Also try The citizen and the people's kitchen upstairs. The citizen has great panni's and its a wine/cheese place but without the snobs. Armsby Abbey is not worth it. Yes..great beers selection, best in the city but the food and the SERVICE is sub par.

Armsby Abbey
144 Main Street, Worcester, MA

Good place to eat away from the crowd after college graduation in Worcester

Im not sure when graduation will end but Im thinking around 2 ish. If that is case , it going to be very hard to a good place to eat for a Saturday lunch. Most of the places that I was going to recommand doesn't open untill dinner (4:30). If you chose to eat later, there are plenty of places but lunch is going to be tough

Calling All Worcester Area Foodies...

55 Peal is changing hands..lets just hope that food stays the same and the building

Dinner Friday Night in Worcester? [moved from Greater Boston board]

I wasn't digging on Bocado's at all. In fact I love that place but if you willing to drop some money because you have to order many dishes to share. It might not be the best place. i do like wine list too. As for pan-fry steaks at Willy's, Most Steakhouses do that that first, They sear them them put in the oven, I even saw on the Barefoot Cantessa show, where is was trying to make a"steakhouse" steak and did the very same thing that and they put tons of butter on them.

82 Winter Street, Worcester, MA 01604

Dinner Friday Night in Worcester? [moved from Greater Boston board]

111 is too noisy..I agree. If you want steak or sushi..try Willy's SteakHouse in shrewsbury. Bocado is great if you not really hungry. Via is good but over priced except for lunch. Don't even try Rhino..way overpriced.

82 Winter Street, Worcester, MA 01604