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Christmas Present Dinner for Parents In Southern CT

Oyster Club in Mystic. Farm to table, it has been open about a year, the chef was the chef at River Tavern for 7 years, and the owner started his career with the Max Rest. Group. They will not be dissapointed!

Dec 10, 2012
aareri in Southern New England

Mexican in New Haven, Hartford, or Providence? or anywhere in-between?

Milagro's in Stonington. TIny little place, great fresh food.... Conchita Pibil, Chicken Mole, chips and guacamole, if they have a taco special, get it!

AMAZING drinks! House infused tequilas, all great! I prefer their "fresh" margaritas, put any margarita there is good. Also have a huge collection(60+) of top shelf sipping tequilas, if the owner, Martin is there he can give you quite the lesson!

It is small though, 7 or so tables and a 8 seat bar, so get there early or be prepared to wait, if it is nice out they have a small outdoor seating area, but I like the vibe inside.

Sep 29, 2012
aareri in Southern New England

Mystic to Old Saybrook lobster lunch

Captain Scott's in New London! It is not sit-down, but if you want delicious whole lobster dinner they do it great. Also hearing good things about Ford's Lobster in Noank, smaller local spot...avoid the tourist trap that is Abbot's.

Sep 14, 2012
aareri in Southern New England

Pita Spot, Mystic?

I just read an article in the Day about a New London food truck (Munchie's) that is very closely associated with the old Diana's
I have not eaten there, but have heard wonderful things

Nov 08, 2011
aareri in Southern New England

Mystic/Groton Aea Oysters, ethnic, etc....

Water St Cafe (Stonington)...hands down :)

Water St Cafe
143 Water St, Stonington, CT 06378

Apr 29, 2011
aareri in Southern New England

Dinner Tonight near the Garden....Go Celtics!

Got last minute tickets to the game tonight....Yeah! Just want a good bar food dinner w/in walking distance to the garden. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Feb 10, 2011
aareri in Greater Boston Area

Where's the best place to get a seafood meal while driving the Connecticut coast?

Stop by Stonington...Exit 91 Water St Cafe, great oyster bar and seafood specials. Cove Fish Mart for fried seafood and lobsters,,,

Water St Cafe
143 Water St, Stonington, CT 06378

Nov 27, 2010
aareri in Southern New England


The Daniel Packer Inne is open on Thanksgiving and has been for years. Very charming and I have heard they do a great job with their holiday dinners.

Nov 17, 2010
aareri in Southern New England

Where to go for casual drinks & conversation Waterford, East Lyme area?

I would suggest the Black Sheep Pub in East Lyme. As long as you avoid the height of the drinking hours (Thurs, Fri, Sat after 9), you should be able to find a cozy corner to tuck yourself into. The food is a little pricier, but nicer than your typical pub food. Quite impressive looking too, lots of wood, leather, and a fireplace or two.

Aug 24, 2010
aareri in Southern New England

Old Saybrook & Mystic, CT

If you mean this Sunday 8/15 in Mystic be prepared for crowds. The art festival is this weekend and can wreak havoc as far as having dinner in Mystic. Take the extra 10 minutes down the road to check out Stonington. There are quite a few options for dinner and drinks that can make for a great Sunday :)

Aug 14, 2010
aareri in Southern New England

New London/Norwich Cupcake Conundrum

That place does have great cupcakes...their cookies are amazing!

Aug 06, 2010
aareri in Southern New England

New London/Norwich Cupcake Conundrum

Lis Bake Shop, Mystic...Haven't tried all the varieties, but every one we've had has been great. Pistachio and Champagne are my favorites :)

Aug 05, 2010
aareri in Southern New England

Pasta Vita, Old Saybrook, CT

We stopped in last weekend and can highly recommend the white clam sauce ($5.95), we picked up a lb of fresh pasta ($3.50) to go with it, it was a great meal for the two of us. For just shy of $10, with lots of pasta leftover we were very happy.

Jul 08, 2010
aareri in Southern New England

wood-fired pizza

It is the same owners as Apizzo, I haven't been and haven't heard anything about it...

59 W Broad St, Pawcatuck, CT 06379

Jun 05, 2010
aareri in Southern New England

Lunch in Mystic?

On a rainy fall day like today I would tuck myself into the bar at the Daniel Packer Inne...

Doughnuts/Coffee Breaks in Connecticut

Off your path, but the best donuts and bagels...and pretty good coffee too, Flanders Bake Shoppe Exit 75 off I-95. Really, really good.

Help needed - Looking for a great seafood restaurant near the casino's in CT.

Water St Cafe ~ Full oyster bar, tons of sefood entrees (not any of the fried variety and no lobster dinner) Plenty of non seafood entrees. Eclectic...but alot of dishes have a bit of an asian flair. It's right in Stonington Boro, about 15 min from the casinos, a picturesque little village...

Restaurants Camden Maine Area

It WAS South by Southwest!! I am soo upset it's closed :( We just had takeout one night 4 yrs ago and still talk about it. They were so packed and it was our last night... I hate it when the good ones don't make it!

What are the best and coolest food businesses and farms in Coastal Maine? From Rockland north through DownEast.

The fresh saurkraut place in Waldoboro.... can't remember the name :(

Barritt's Ginger Beer in R.I. or S.E. Mass?

From what I heard, Gosling's (like the rum) bought out Barritt's, we got the 1st Goslings in and it does have the same taste...

Restaurants Camden Maine Area

Maybe, that is the spot but this rstaurant wasn't Thai, It was just a mix of everything lots of veg options/seafood/ kind of a mex vibe if I remember correctly and they served breakfast as well...I'm guessing it's not there anymore

Restaurants Camden Maine Area

I have wondering for a while...about three years ago we were in camden and found a great restaurant, it was on the main street, had a covered patio on the side of the building(where a band was playing) and was pretty small on the inside. We actually just got take out because we were starving and they were jammed! The food was fabulous...does anyone know the name or if it is still there?? We will be in Maine in a few weeks, and will make the drive to Camden if it is still there...

Stonington/Westerly/Casino Area

Skipper's Dock for a drink...(if it ever stops raining!) Water Street for dinner... Dog Watch for after dinner drinks and dancing...

Greek in Connecticut?

Cafe NV in Waterford. Great Souvlaki and Shrimp Saganaki (sp?). To die for Lemon Chicken and rice soup... great pastries! New London adn Norwich both have Greek festivals the same week in Oct I believe

May 09, 2009
aareri in Southern New England

Best Wings In CT

My vote goes to Hot Rods in New London. They are freshly cut, non-frozen, non-breaded wings. The buffalo are excellent, they come in 10-15 other flavors. They are all good especially the spicy teriyaki, jerk, and dry garlic and pepper. It has a great atmosphere, family friendly sports bar would be the best way to describe it.