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NFL Bar needed

Hey everyone,

I am trying to find a good place to watch NFL football (for Sundays or Monday Nighters) that has good food, good beers on tap, real fans and lots of TV Screens. Preferably somewhere in the downtown area, but places in Mississauga or Oakville would work too.

sushi in oakville/burlington?

Try Sakai, in Burlington

Lunch in Kingston...

my vote goes to Woodenheads, really good lunch and authentic wood oven for pizza

new york style pizza in GTA

someone needs to figure this issue out, whoever does and launches a place is going to be a very rich individual

new york style pizza in GTA

thanks for the input, definitely unfortunate that no one has brought this style to Toronto yet...

new york style pizza in GTA

anyone know of a good place to get a new york style pie in the area? I am looking for a classic margarita pizza with only mozzarella cheese, basil, tomato sauce and a very thin crust

i find everywhere around has really thick crust and doesn't offer classic margarita

Oakville Favourites

Bahn Thai is best Thai in the area, Spoon and Fork is also really good and a little cheaper

Summit Garden has very good Dim Sum (Winston Churchill and Dundas)