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Burger 90210

I live right around the corner from Burger 90210 and was excited when they opened. Until I tried it, that is. Let's see--expensive, overdone burgers, mediocre fries, and disorganized service. As my dad would say, "It's a must-miss."

May 02, 2007
Martwork in Los Angeles Area

Looking for recommendations for Bar Mitzvah weekend

My son's bar mitzvah is coming up in several weeks and I am looking for recommendations for bringing in food to my house for Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday brunch. We are semi-new to the area so I could use a little help. We live in Beverly Hills. For Saturday night I would like to do pizza, pasta, and salad. I think I know where I will order the pizza from so I would like recommendations for pasta and salad. We are from Chicago and are very familiar with Maggiano's so I can always do that as a back up. If possible I would like to find someplace better. Friday night I am open to suggestions--a friend mentioned Versaille which I know is good. Any other ideas?

For Sunday I would like to order fish trays from a deli. What do you suggest?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Mar 05, 2007
Martwork in Los Angeles Area

need restaurant ideas for bar mitzvah party--just moved to LA

Thanks for all your help. I went to see the space at Maggiano's at the Farmers Market which was very nice. Hard Rock Beverly Center is closing at the end of this year so that is out, although several people told me they do a fun party. I appreciate all your suggestions--keep them coming!

Aug 31, 2006
Martwork in Los Angeles Area

need restaurant ideas for bar mitzvah party--just moved to LA

My family recently moved to LA and I have to plan my son's bar mitzvah. I don't even know where to start. I would like some suggestions for fun restaurants I could call that would have space for private events and possibly room for a DJ and dancing--maybe to accommodate about 150 guests. Not too fancy--more fun than fancy is preferred. Thanks in advance!

Aug 27, 2006
Martwork in Los Angeles Area